What is Corrugated Boxes and How You Can Import From China

What is Corrugated Boxes and How You Can Import From China

Do you want to know what is corrugated boxes and how you order them from trusted suppliers in China? Read on as you’ll discover these answers in this article.

This article will shed light on the following:

  • What corrugated boxes are.
  • Difference between corrugated boxes and cardboards.
  • How to order for corrugated boxes from verified Chinese suppliers.

What are corrugated boxes?

Corrugated materials are made up of three different sheets (or layers) of container board. These container boards are like thick paperbacks. The layers include an inside liner, an outside liner and fluting found in between. Two sheets are found on the outside.

These sheets are flat liners while the third sheet (which is found in the middle) has a rippled shape. When these sheets are glued together, a corrugated fireboard sheet will be obtained. The container board provides strength.

When the corrugated fireboard sheets are formed into boxes, then we have corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are suitable for shipping since they can be easily customized, very strong and durable.

They are also widely recyclable; they are used for many purposes ranging from shipping to product displays. Although they start out brown, it is possible to transform them into various colors with designs, text and graphics printed directly on them.

Corrugated boxes are designed to withstand load (hence, strength is taken into consideration when designing them). They are designed to handle different sizes, shapes and levels of pressure from different items that they are being shipped with.

Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated paper (i.e. papers that contain rows of air columns). These columns make the paper stronger than with the air acting as cushion. The ridges found in the corrugated boxes offer different strength and flexibility depending on what the box will be used for.


Image source: fibrebox.org

Corrugated boxes are used in the food industry due to their high quality and safety. The boxes are also eco friendly. They are the best options for those looking for cheaper and durable shipping options.

Not only are they eco friendly, they are also cost saving and easy to use because they do not have dangerous and sharp edges.

Difference Between Corrugated Boxes and Cardboard Box

When you are selecting the materials that you will ship your products in, it is important to know the type of packaging that you’re getting so that you don’t create a bad image for your business.

Cardboard is a thick paper stock or heavy paper-pulp. They are often used for cereal boxes and greeting cards.

Corrugated boxes, on the other hand, are best used for shipping. Corrugated boxes must be used when you want to handle important shipping tasks.

They are ideal for packaging due to their durability, lightweight, cost-effectiveness, product protection capability and environmental friendliness.

The Role of Corrugated Boxes in Amazon Drop Shipping

Shipping products to customers has a unique set of challenges for e-commerce merchants. It is paramount to be able to ship your items safely to your customers. It is also important to minimize the shipping cost by managing the dimension of the package used (without affecting your brand image).

If you are an Amazon seller, you need to pay attention to proper packaging as it is very important to your bottom line. This is because your product packaging will create the first impression about your brand to your customers.

This form of impression is very difficult to reverse and you may lose your customer to a competitor if he or she receives a damaged order.

Corrugated boxes are effective in protecting your goods while in transit. They can also help to promote your brand and increase your profit from Amazon drop shipping. These forms of boxes fit any e-commerce requirements.

How to Order for Corrugated Boxes

I’ll explain this section by walking you through how I bought the boxes from a supplier in China.

Go to www.1688.com. This website is the Chinese version of www.alibaba.com. When you get to the site, type in “corrugated boxes” in the search bar. When I did that, I got many suppliers as shown below.


To select the right supplier, I followed the following rules:

  • I ensured that the location was in Guangdong province so that I can get the package on time. This is because I’m located in Shenzhen and I don’t want to wait for 3 to 5 days before getting my package.
  • It must be free shipping. Some buyers do claim that they offer free shipping but they will ask you to buy 68 Yuan worth of goods. Since I need just few samples, I need to find a supplier that offers real free shipping.

After taking the points above into consideration, I got two suppliers and ordered for the corrugated boxes below:

  • One #3 box 420 * 210 * 270mm
  • Two#4 boxes 350 *190 * 230mm (Single-corrugated and Double-corrugated)
  • Four #6 boxes 260 * 150 * 180mm (Single-corrugated and Double-corrugated with different hardness)

Note: Hardness KK > AA in China

Supplier A:


Supplier B:


I paid 13.26 Yuan to Supplier A and 13.59 Yuan to supplier B for 7 corrugated boxes. The prices are very close and both offer free shipping.

I got the two packages the following day. Here are the packages:


Supplier A’s package looks more professionally packaged but supplier B’s package came broken.


When I measured the weight of the corrugated boxes, I discovered that the weight of single corrugated boxes with AA hardness were 109g and 97g for suppliers A and B respectively while the weights for double corrugated boxes with KK hardness were 214g and 177g for suppliers A and B respectively.

Measurement of the width of the Double-corrugated cartons


While dealing with both suppliers, I made the following observations:

  • Communication:Their responses were quick and both had great excellent service.
  • Price:They both offered prices that were very close.
  • Weight and width:Supplier A’s product had better weight and width than supplier B.
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):Both suppliers offered of 1.
  • Custom requests:If you want to print or do other customizations on the boxes, Supplier A required a minimum order of 2000 pieces for each size while Supplier B required a minimum order of 800 pieces for each size.
  • First time printing fee: Both required 200 Y Supplier B requested100 Yuan as handling charge when order amount is below 1500 Yuan for each size.

Comparing Price With Papermart

You can get the best prices from www.1688.com. To prove this, let’s head over to www.papermart.com and compare the prices.

Pricing on Papermat

As shown in the image above, the unit price of the corrugated box is 0.69 dollar (which is 4.75 Yuan) and we got a unit price of 1.68 Yuan and 1.72 Yuan from Suppliers A and B respectively from www.1688.com.


I believe by now, you must have gotten the basic knowledge about corrugated boxes and while they are important in packaging your imported products. Also, you must have known those factors that you need to have at the back of your mind while searching for suppliers of corrugated boxes in China.

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