Proactive shipment tracking until delivery

Customer Service is the one key feature that’s lacking in most dropshipping service businesses today. Sourcingbro’s tracking and support service creates a positive customer experience, which is critical for a sustainable business.

How it works

Watching over the shipment during transit

Every parcel that we ship out is meticulously tracked on a daily basis. Unusual shipments, such as the ones that are stuck, or the ones that are slow, are spotted early and prompt follow up action is taken.

Timely shipment status updates

Sourcingbro keeps you updated about shipment status at all times. Deliveries, delays, transition times, you will always have the most recent updates about your packages.

Accountability for every package

We consider it our responsibility to ensure that every package is delivered successfully. If the package is damaged in transit, or lost, we will refund you, or reship to the customer for free.

A customized dashboard

Stay updated with your business status with our customized dashboard. It gives you a streamlined view of the inventory status, shipments, costing and delivery times. We also send out weekly reports on email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a drop shipping quotation valid? Does a quotation have an expiry date?

Because the shipping price changes often, all the quotations are valid for 14 days.

How can I know that my stock is low?

We have an automated system that sends you an email when the stock and balance is low. Alternatively, your account manager will inform you as well.

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