Dropshipping fulfillment services at
transparent cost

Sourcingbro’s dropshipping fulfillment services will ensure thatyour package is picked, packed and shipped to precision, every single time.

How it works

It’s crucial to reduce error rates when you are scaling a business.  Sourcingbro will ensure that every shipment from the supplier is counted and verified, before it is stored safely in the warehouse.

Make smart packaging choices

The right packaging material not only keeps your product safein transit, but also translates into reduced shipping costs.  Sourcingbro chooses the best option every time.

Pick, pack & ship

Sourcingbro verifies and scans every shipment before it is picked, packed and shipped. We hate it as much as the customer does, when they receive an incorrect product. We strive to avoid these instances.

Automate tracking number updating

Sourcingbro integrates into most commonly used dropshipping platforms like Shopify. Tracking numbers are automatically updated into your store and shipments are tracked until they are delivered. You do not have to worry about CSV files anymore. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for fulfillment?

We have a single price for fulfillment. This includes pick, pack and packaging material as well as shipping fees. You can request a quote here.

Do you ship my orders out same-day?

If you have stock in our warehouse and your orders are in before noon, Monday through Friday they will be shipped the same day. Otherwise orders will ship on the next business day.

How can I change orders?

You can assign the task in our support system, or send a direct message to your account manager. He/she will take care of it.

Can I cancel my order after it has been shipped?

As long as our shipping partners haven’t process it and sent it to airfreight, we can cancel it.

Can you make custom packaging?

Yes, custom packaging or insert card is available. Please reach out to your account manager to get more details about it.

Will you put invoice or receipts along with the parcel?

No we don’t put anything in the parcel.

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