Sourcingbro Serivce- The Best Hassle Free Way to Import From China

The Best Hassle-Free Way To   Import From China       

Tired of Having the Same Sourcing Complications Annoying Problem?

           You Can Easily Find Suppliers In China            But...... You Can Encounter Some Costly Problems! review by customer (1)

Source: Sitejabber

Source: Sitejabber

The Whole Process Can Also Be a 

HUGE Challenge For Beginners

To Successfully import from China requires you to be proficient at a large scope of varied activities such as.....

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Avoid Scam

Avoid Scam

Avoid Scam

Factory Verification





Order Processing and Follow Up

Order Processing/ Follow Up

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection



Knowing how to do these and do these in the right way for your import business is vital.

This is why we decided to start Sourcing Bro as a solution for you...

Common Problems You Face

When you're looking for product sourcing, whether you're a small businesses or resell items on Amazon and Ebay, you need to know that you're in good hands. Scamming happens far too often with product sourcing. That's one of the reasons we went into the business.

I've seen how bad some Chinese companies treat their customers. Security is something every business owner should have, no matter how big the business is. You work hard to maintain your business, and you deserve to feel secure with your suppliers.

It's all too common for product sourcing companies to be manipulative and convince people that they are dependable and honest, only to send out the wrong product and then ignore customer complaints. Some have also been known to take someone's hard-earned money and send them no products at all.

Terrible customer service is another problem a lot of people like you face. Likely, you have your own stories about how infuriating it can be to try and talk to poor customer service representatives. You don't want to talk to someone with no knowledge of what their company sells or doesn't have access to your particular order.

Working with someone who can't speak English well enough to understand your problem is not only frustrating, but it's bad business for both of parties. You want someone you can trust so that you can spend your time managing your business.

“Sourcingbro has allowed us to expand our catalog offering by more than 30 products. The clear and concise supplier and products catalogs make it easy to search for, and find the type of qualified manufacturer we want to use. Providing the buyer with access to suppliers company information, certifications, product listings and more, is the most valuable resources on this site. We will continue to use SourcingBro and expand our dealings using only your site. Highly recommended!

- David

The Solutions You Need

Security and clear communication are fundamental parts of a reputable product sourcing company. we aim to give you the kind of service that is not only satisfactory, but will make you want to continue working with us.

Sourcing Bro, offers product sourcing without the problems that most of our competitors have. We offer factory verification for all of our products, so that you know you're going to get what's advertised in the condition it was listed as, not something completely different or of poor quality.

We work hard to have consistent quality control so that you don't have to worry about it. To maintain our high standards, we have our own quality inspection service, because no one should buy a product that they plan to resell and have it be a mystery product in an unknown condition.

We will work with you personally on your problems to get your product to you so that you can get it to your customers in turn. There's no excuse for running a company based on communication that cannot handle a call when the wrong product has been sent out. Problems with your order is our problems, and we want them fixed for the sake of our business as well as yours.

When you order from Sourcing Bro, you can expect expedient order processing and follow-up from us. You will be kept updated about where your order is in processing, when it shipped, and when it should arrive. These are things you need to know so that you can provide dependable service to your customers. We want to make sure you get what you're looking for, when you expect it, so that you can feel comfortable ordering from us.

"Jack has given my group the ability to forge into new opportunities never experience before. All of the support and professionalism experienced on this site has been nothing short of amazing. We look forward to working for many years with partners we have found so far and hope to find many more. It’s such a pleasure to do business with such upstanding person. Just wish I could say the same for others.

- Jerome 

Our Services

We offer several different packages for product services in different price ranges, so that you can pick what fits your budget and needs. Since your satisfaction and business are what is important to us, we will work with your individual needs based on what package you choose. 

  1. The first package, Sample Consolidation Service, is fairly basic, and involves you ordering 5 items for $49, complete with repackaging and pre-arranged freight services for your convenience.
  2. The second package, Order Consolidation Service, is more expansive, allowing for unlimited item quantity for $99 with the same repackaging and freight services as the previous package. 
  3. The third package is special, Full Sourcing Service, with unlimited item quantity starting at $100, and comes with not only repackaging and freight services, but also has supplier verification, inspections, and payment arrangement for suppliers ahead of time.


Sample Consolidation

Item quantity: 10

  • Re-packaging (Cardboard Only)
  • Arrange Freight Services (Shipping Cost Not Included)
  • Warehousing 30days
  • Supplier Verification
  • Inspection
  • Arrange Payment for Suppliers


No credit card required.


Order Consolidation

Item quantity: unlimited    (one shipment)

  • Re-packaging (Cardboard Only)
  • Arrange Freight Services (Shipping Cost Not Included)
  • Warehousing 30days
  • Arrange Payment for Suppliers
  • Supplier Verification
  • Inspection


No credit card required.


Full Sourcing Service

Item quantity: unlimited

  • Product Sourcing
  • Supplier Verification
  • Arrange Payment for Suppliers
  • Inspection
  • Re-packaging (Cardboard Only)
  • Warehousing 30days
  • Arrange Freight Services (Shipping Cost Not Included)

From $100

No credit card required.

Gold Package(Full Sourcing Service) Details

The service charge starts from $100- a fee that is very friendly for small businesses. The total payment to be made is the sum of the product amount, service charge and the domestic shipping fee.

That is,

Payment=Product Amount + Service Charge + Shipping Fee

The minimum amount of order that can be placed is $100. The service fee depends on the order amount as shown in the table below:

Order Amount

Service Charge

Payment Term

$100- $1,000


100% payment when place order.







60% deposit and balance against before deliver.





$20,001 upwards


What Other People Say

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Working with Jack and his group has been a rewarding and professional experience. Everyone involved has been attentive and followed through with their commitments and expectations. The management has been reliable. It was important for us to have a backup management group with manufacturing sources at a cost effective way.

SourcingBro has surpassed all this. We will never stop using them, they have got all we needed in this importation biz from China.

Max Pennel
30days money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For whatever reason if you are not happy with Sourcing Bro's Service, just let us know and we will happily and promptly refund your money.​

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Jack Zhou

About Founder

Jack is the founder of Sourcing Bro, he found his passion for international trading industry after he changed several different jobs and he started his journey over 5 years ago.

During his buying experience he saw there still has lots of challenges for oversea buyers and the solutions they need give birth to his business-Sourcing Bro. 

Who Is This Service For?

Import Newbies

Import Newbies

If you have never imported from China or attempted to build a success importation business, this service will take you through all the process you need to know on your first try.

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners/E-commerce/Amazon Sellers

If you have tried import from China before but did not succeed due to supplier’s cooperation, product quality and communication amongst others, this service will help you to fix above problems.

Importer Wanting to Scale

Importers Wanting to Scale

If you have importing from China successfully but you have lots of different product line and want to manage your suppliers well, this service will let you hands-free and focus on marketing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a legal company?

Are there only MOQ required from suppliers?

How soon can we get started?

Do you really provide 30 days money back guarantee?