Sourcingbro Serivce- The Best Hassle Free Way to Import From China

Sourcingbro -The Hassle Free Way To  Source From China       

Tired of Having the Same Sourcing Complications Annoying Problem?

Sourcing from China, the global manufacturing hub has opened up billions of possibilities for businesses around the world. Today, right from large scale corporations to small and medium sized businesses and even individuals successfully source products from the Chinese marketplace.

And it’s more lucrative than you can ever believe. But lucrative doesn’t equate to being easy.

It never was and never will be. Geographical, social, cultural and language barriers only add to the many challenges that one faces while sourcing any product from China.

Everybody wants to jump into the business and rake 7 figures each month.

But very few of them actually spend time researching about the potential pitfalls of jumping head over heels.

Unlike a few years ago, there aren’t a few thousand suppliers to choose from. Today, the number of suppliers in China has quadrupled. review by customer (1)

Source: Sitejabber

Source: Sitejabber

And sadly, not every one of them is as trustworthy as you’d like them to be.

Let’s face it. You are sitting in a different country, possibly in a different time zone and speaking to someone in a country halfway across the ocean. You know nothing about them. You don’t even know whether they really are what they are portraying themselves to be.

Your ally, is the internet and it isn’t a great one, is it? 

The Whole Process Can Also Be a 

HUGE Challenge For Beginners

If we were to sum it up in a few points, here are some of the things that you need to be aware of while sourcing from china. In fact, you need to be well versed in these.

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Avoid Scam

Spotting and Avoiding a scam

Avoid Scam

Factory Verification





Order Processing and Follow Up

Order Processing/ Follow Up

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection



That’s where we step in. We are Sourcingbro. Your one-point-contact for everything related to the Chinese marketplace.

Sourcingbro works as a seamless extension of your business locally in China and helps you procure the best products at the best prices without being ripped-off. More importantly, you can focus on your core competencies while you leave the sourcing to us.

The Common Problems of Sourcing from China​​​​

We don’t mean to dissuade you or portray a negative picture of the Chinese marketplace. It remains one of the safest and most ethical business destinations in the world. But, as is the case with any other country in the world, there are unscrupulous businesses in China as well.

The last thing that you’d want to do is deal with one of these businesses because it will be a critical waste of your hard earned money, time and effort.

Let us quickly take you through some of the common problems that new businesses face while sourcing from China.

Scamming: Irrespective of whether you are a small businesses or you resell items on Amazon and eBay, the possibility of you being scammed is a real one. Some companies may try to manipulate or mislead you about product quality and then send you out a substandard product. In worse cases, some companies just disappear without sending out the product at all. Customer complaints are ignored and imagine having to fly down all the way to China to deal with an online order gone wrong.

Poor customer service: There is nothing more annoying than poor after-sales support. It may be due to something as simple as the inability to converse in English or French. In other cases, it may just be a customer service rep that is poorly trained or no knowledge of what their company sells or doesn't have access to your particular order. 

Factory Verification: One of the most, (if not the most) important variable is a verified manufacturer. How do you know that the manufacturer is in fact, not a reseller who’s selling to you for a profit? Also, how do you know that the manufacturer adheres to the quality norms, he claims to adhere to?

Guanxi: Guanxi in China stands for ‘building relationships’. That’s an idea that’s at the core of Chinese business methodology. As much as they desire to make money, they still believe in relationships. Unless you have the time to build a relationship gradually, there’s always the risk of being fobbed off.

Sourcinbro aims to help you avoid all of these problems, making your entire business transaction a glitch free one.

Let me ask you some questions...

Have you imported from China before but the experience was riddled with problems?

​​​​Are you struggling to branding your sites or stores?

Are you looking to source products cheaper and faster?

Do you need all-in-one “supplier” that can hold your hand to through the whole process?

If You Answered Yes To Any of These Questions, Then You are at the right place. We, at Sourcingbro have just the services for you.

How Does It Work?

We offer several different packages for product services in different price ranges, so that you can pick what fits your budget and needs. Since your satisfaction and business are what is important to us, we will work with your individual needs based on what package you choose. 


The working process of Sourcing Bro includes the following steps:

Step 1: Choose the Package You Need

-If you’re just getting started and want to test samples from multiple suppliers, our BRONZE package is perfect for you.

-If you’re buying a small volume of products from different suppliers and are looking to save money on shipping and payment transactions, then choose our SILVER package.

-If you just want one “Supplier” to help you manage everything in China, then our GOLD package is best suited for you.

Step 2: Submit Your Request

Post a detailed description of the products you need, the prices you expect and the kind of quality you are looking for.

Step 3: Get an obligation-free quote within 2 days

Our team of experts will scrape the marketplace for the best suppliers and provide you with an obligation-free quote within 48 hours.

Step 4: Place Your Order

You can choose the quote from the supplier that aligns with your budget and business needs. After choosing your supplier and confirming all the details that you provided us with, you can then proceed to place your order.

Step 5: Our Charges

We charge, a very nominal percentage of the product price as our service charge. You can trust us on this, it will be worth a lot more than every dime you spend on it.

Step 6: Sit back and receive updates from us

We’ll handle the entire transaction from end to end. Right from technical processes like quality control, production, product Labelling, packing, inspection to the logistical aspects like shipping to your place or Amazon warehouse. You can sit back, read the timely updates from us and receive your order at your warehouse.

"These guys has given my group the ability to forge into new opportunities never experience before. All of the support and professionalism experienced on this site has been nothing short of amazing. We look forward to working for many years with partners we have found so far and hope to find many more. It’s such a pleasure to do business with such upstanding person. Just wish I could say the same for others.

- Jerome 

What Are Our Typical Charges?

We are sure that you’d like to know more about our pricing plan because in the end, it has to be worth the service we provide and cheaper than you having to fly down to China and source these products yourself. Right?

Here’s an overview of our pricing plans.

The Bronze package: This one is a fairly basic package, and involves you ordering any 10 items for testing and it includes repackaging and pre-arranged freight services for your convenience. Our charges for this is $49, in addition to the shipping expense and the product cost.

The Silver Package: We also call this the Order Consolidation Service and it is more expansive, allowing for ordering unlimited number of items with the same repackaging and freight services as the previous package. We charge a reasonable $99 for all these services, in addition to the shipping expense and the product cost. 

The Gold Package: This one is a special, Full Sourcing Service, with unlimited item quantity and comes with not only repackaging and freight services, but also has supplier verification, inspections, and payment arrangement for suppliers ahead of time. Our charges start at a very reasonable $100, in addition to the shipping expense and the product cost.


Sample Consolidation

Item quantity: 10

  • Re-packaging (Cardboard Only)
  • Arrange Freight Services (Shipping Cost Not Included)
  • Product Sourcing
  • Warehousing 30days
  • Supplier Verification
  • Inspection
  • Arrange Payment for Suppliers
  • Customs Clearance


No credit card required.


Order Consolidation

   (Packaging under 1m³)

  • Re-packaging (Cardboard Only)
  • Arrange Freight Services (Shipping Cost Not Included)
  • Warehousing 30days
  • Arrange Payment for Suppliers
  • Product Sourcing
  • Inspection
  • Supplier Verification
  • Customs Clearance


No credit card required.


Full Sourcing Service

Item quantity: unlimited

  • Product Sourcing
  • Supplier Verification
  • Arrange Payment for Suppliers
  • Inspection
  • Re-packaging (Cardboard Only)
  • Warehousing 30days
  • Arrange Freight Services (Shipping Cost Not Included)
  • Customs Clearance


No credit card required.

Gold Package(Full Sourcing Service) Details

The service charge starts from $100- a fee that is very friendly for small businesses. The total payment to be made is the sum of the product amount, service charge and the domestic shipping fee.

That is,

Payment=Product Amount + Service Charge + Shipping Fee

The minimum amount of order is $2000. The service fee depends on the order amount as shown in the table below:

Order Amount

Service Charge

Payment Term



100% payment when place order.







60% deposit and balance against before deliver.





$80,001 upwards


What Other People Say

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Working with Sourcing Bro has been a rewarding and professional experience. Everyone involved has been attentive and followed through with their commitments and expectations. The management has been reliable. It was important for us to have a backup management group with manufacturing sources at a cost effective way.

SourcingBro has surpassed all this. We will never stop using them, they have got all we needed in this importation biz from China.

Max Pennel
30days money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For whatever reason if you are not happy with Sourcing Bro's Service, just let us know and we will happily and promptly refund your money.​

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


  Jack Zhou

About the Author

Jack is the founder of Sourcing Bro. He found his calling in the international trading industry after changing several different jobs. Today, five years later, he is among the most respected and most experienced sourcing business providers in China.

During his stint and experience in the industry, he saw that overseas buyers still struggle to have a hassle free business transaction in China and he decided to devise certain solutions that they needed. This is what gave rise to his business which he named Sourcing bro.

Who Is This Service For?

Sometimes, we receive emails from individuals who want to know whether Sourcing bro is the right platform for them, considering that their order values are usually quite small. Well, here are the answers.

Import Newbies

Import Newbies

If you have never imported from China or attempted to build a success importation business, this service will be like having a trustworthy local partner, who can take you through the entire process.

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners/Online Sellers

If you have tried to import from China before but did not succeed due to lack of cooperation from the supplier, poor product quality or due to lack of communication, Sourcing Bro will help you to fix the above problems.

Importer Wanting to Scale

Importers Looking to Scale

If you have imported successfully from China, but you have a varied product line and are finding it too difficult to manage multiple suppliers, then we can help you focus on marketing your business, while we manage the suppliers easily.

Still have unanswered questions? Here’s the complete Sourcingbro FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a legal company?

Are there only MOQ required from suppliers?

How soon can we get started?

Do you really provide 30 days money back guarantee?