Top 9 Oberlo Alternatives for Dropshippers in 2023

Oberlo is one of the top dropshipping automation services in the market provided you host your dropshipping store on Shopify.

But what if you want to host the store on a different platform altogether? How about WooCommerce or Wix, both of which are also equally popular?

That’s where Oberlo Alternatives come into the picture. Today, we’ll be talking about the best Oberlo alternatives available in the market. Our aim is to help you find services that match up to Oberlo in terms of features and cost-effectiveness.

Let’s get started.

What are the Best Oberlo alternatives?

Listed below are the top Oberlo alternatives that are available in the market today. We have also highlighted the top features of each one that separates it from Oberlo.

1. Dsers

Automated Aliexpress Dropshipping


Oberlo’s big draw is that it offers a streamlined way to connect to and dropship products on the Aliexpress platform. Dsers offers a similar service, but it also caters to stores hosted on Woocommerce, WordPress and other ecommerce platforms.

If you plan to source from Aliexpress and host your store on one of these platforms, Dsers will make life simpler for you. Let’s look at the key benefits that you get from Dsers.

Key Benefits of using Dsers:

Bulk Order Management – Even if you use Oberlo to dropship from Aliexpress, you have to manually place the orders. With Dsers, you can automate this process by bulk-creating orders with a single click. What’s incredible is that there’s no limit to the number of orders you can place.

Aliexpress generally limits this to about 20 orders at a time. With Dsers, you can place hundreds.

Manage Multiple Stores – Dsers makes it possible to manage multiple dropshipping stores, each connected to Aliexpress on the backend. This feature comes in handy if you’re running a dropshipping business using multiple ecommerce platforms.

Automate everything – Dsers offers complete automation from head to toe. Right from mapping products to pre-selecting shipping providers to price mark ups, you can set rules and forget. The app does the rest.



Dsers offers an excellent free plan which lets you manage 3 stores and up to 3K products with automated mapping and bulk order placement.

If you run multiple stores, you can go for the advanced plan that’s priced at $19.90 per month or the Pro plan at $49.90/month.

Our thoughts:

Dsers is a great Oberlo alternative for those who want to dropship on other platforms apart from Shopify. The automation features are top-notch and it’s priced very attractively when compared to Oberlo.

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2. Alidropship

Automated Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce


Alidropship is a plugin that you can install on WordPress or WooCommerce to automate the dropshipping process. Just like DSers, it sources products from Aliexpress.

But automates most of the tedious bits, such as order placement, tracking information collection and imports.

It also offers some great add-ons which can be clubbed to further improve the functionality of the plugin.

Key benefits of using Alidropship:

Filtering & Automation – Alidropship allows you to filter the products on Aliexpress by categories, price, shipping time, seller rating and more. You can also automate order placement, tracking information collection and product imports.

This makes the process of setting up and running your dropshipping store a lot simpler.

Themes & Customization – Customization is a key part of dropshipping that often gets overlooked. Alidropship covers this extensively with a set of themes that you can use for your store and a wide range of customization options.

You can tweak the themes to match your brand, or create your own from scratch.

Add-Ons – We love the add-ons that Alidropship features. These are not part of the basic plugin subscription. But even with the nominal additional charge, the automation that it brings to the table is worth it.

For instance, the ‘Sellvia’ add-on bundle automates selling on Facebook marketplace, Google marketplace and lets you upsell products to name a few features.


Alidropship offers a free trial for 7 days after which you will be billed at $19/mo. It’s $180/year if you subscribe for the annual package.

Our thoughts:

If you don’t have multiple stores to manage and are looking for something simpler, then Alidropship might be a better choice than Dsers. That said, this is completely scalable. So anytime your business grows, you are not shoehorned or limited by the number of products you can source. It’s unlimited.

3. Modalyst


Modalyst is one of the direct competitors to Spocket. They have a comprehensive directory of suppliers, many of whom are based in the United States and offer branded products.

So, it’s like skipping the whole supplier verification process and the branding bit too. You get US dropshipping suppliers, at no extra effort. We also like many of their features which are designed for a hands-off approach to dropshipping.

Here’s a look.

Key benefits of using Modalyst:

More than 1 Million US Dropshipping products – Modalyst has one of the largest dropshipping directories with US based suppliers who offer both branded and unbranded products, giving you more variety to work with. There are sellers who also offer custom branding, or Private Labeling services. So, it’s as extensive as you want it to be.

One Click Exports – Modalyst allows you to export your dropshipping products with one click, that too in formats that are tailored according to the sales platform that you plan to use for selling it. For instance, you can create a list of the products that you want to sell on eBay, select eBay as a template and hit export.

Then just import with one click on eBay and everything is laid out perfectly. The images, text, everything is bespoke to eBay’s listing specifications. It supports most such marketplaces.

Set Pricing and offer free shipping – Modalyst gives you complete control over your listings, which includes price markups. You can easily set your own prices by marking up the cost including shipping costs and offering free shipping on the listings.



Modalyst, like most of the competition, has three tiered pricing plans. They are one of the only ones who have a completely free plan which lets you source up to 25 products. Rather than a monthly fee, you pay a flat 5% transaction fee, which is excellent if you want to test the waters with dropshipping before subscribing.

The Start Up plan is priced at $35/mo and lets you source 250 products. That’s much better value than the competition offers. Lastly, the Pro plan is priced at $90/mo and gives you access to unlimited products.

Our Thoughts:

We like many of the features that Modalyst provides, and it’s a great alternative to Spocket. There is a free plan for starters and no subscription fee, which makes it easier to test whether dropshipping works for you or not.

4. Dropified

One Click Import from 80+ Suppliers


Both the services we have reviewed so far are dedicated to sourcing from Aliexpress. But a smart dropshipper would know that Aliexpress is not the be-all, end-all of product sourcing.

Enter Dropified. This tool connects to more than 75 suppliers, including eBay, Walmart, and Amazon to bring you products from a variety of sources. This allows you to greatly expand your reach, as well as potential profits.

Key Benefits of using Dropified:

Razor Sharp Filtering – Sourcing from 75 supported platforms can be overwhelming. You will bump into millions of products, a lot of them duplicates and poorly rated.

Dropified brings some much needed order to the chaos with its razor sharp filters for product sourcing. You can search by price (minimum and maximum), category, shipping time and a plethora of other parameters. This makes it very easy to find products that are profitable and popular.

Automated Product Imports – When you are sourcing products from different stores, often the product descriptions and images can be in different formats, resolutions and aspect ratios.

But Dropified ensures that there’s no need for copy pasting. Everything is imported smoothly in just a couple of clicks.

Import Reviews – Reviews help build trust in the minds of customers. They also provide key information about product quality and performance that can be difficult to get otherwise.

Dropified helps you import reviews with just a couple of clicks, making it easy to build trust quickly.



Dropified offers a 14-day free trial after which they charge $19/mo + 3% transaction fees on the Build Plan. This is ideal for beginners and lets you run 1 store.

The Grow plan is priced at $47/mo and lets you run 3 stores. You get unlimited sourcing and all other features with this.

Our Thoughts:

Dropified is a great tool for expanding your product sourcing horizons. If you are looking to source from other platforms in addition to Aliexpress, then you should definitely give this tool a try.


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5. Woodropship


Woodropship is Woocommerce’s answer to the growing number of Shopify dropshippers. It has a dedicated plugin for Woocommerce and WordPress that can help you import thousands of products from Aliexpress in just one click.

It offers some pretty powerful automation tools too. Here’s a look.

Key Features:

Unlimited Product Imports – Many dropshipping software limit the number of products you can import from their chosen marketplace. Woodropship does not have such a limitation and lets you import as many products as you want from Aliexpress.

Variant Mapping – Sometimes, different suppliers have different variants for the same product. Woodropship’s variant mapping tool automatically maps variants from different suppliers to the correct WooCommerce product variation. This saves you the trouble of manually doing this for thousands of products.

Bespoke Dropshipping Store – Woodropsip has a paid service where they can design a custom dropshipping store that matches your branding and business needs. From imports to tweaks to research, a qualified team will take care of everything for you.

Our thoughts:

Woodropship is an excellent toolkit for entrepreneurs who want to start dropshipping on the Woocommerce platform. It offers a wide range of features and automation tools, and lets you import an unlimited number of products from Aliexpress.

At just $49/mo, their Pro Plan is also very affordable and should be enough for most small businesses.

Solution alternatives to Oberlo

Sometimes, you don’t need a software as a service to replace one. There are some great solutions that are viable alternatives to Oberlo, that offer pretty much the same automation and more features, with some caveats.

Let’s look at these, shall we?

6. Sourcingbro


SourcingBro is an experienced dropshipping agent in China that aims to bring personalized attention into the business.

If you have worked with sourcing agents before, you might have noticed that most agents have a ‘transactional approach’ towards business.

Will they source products and complete fulfillment for you? Sure. They will.

But it will lack the ‘care’ that you are probably looking for. That accountability that you seek in case your packages go missing. The reliability you look for, in case your packages get stuck and you need to be alerted of special cases.

That’s the void we aim to fill. We don’t let contractual clauses come in the way of our service. Even if it means that we have to go out of our way to fulfill a shipment.

Every parcel, every single product that we source, every vendor that we speak to, is in YOUR best interests.

Our vision is to support ecommerce-businesses grow in a sustainable and efficient way.

Here’s a look at our key offerings.

Key benefits of using SourcingBro:

1. Sourcing

You probably have spent a lot of time finding the winning product. But what if we say that we can better the price you are getting for that product? Let us sweeten the deal a little. What if we say that we can find a better quality product at the same price or even lower?

Sourcingbro has an extensive network of factories and manufacturers in China. Think of this as a vetoed list of manufacturers who have multiple, effective communication channels, reasonable production lead times, favorable MOQs & quality that matches your existing vendor.

2. Private Labelling

Sourcingbro can be your guide and partner while transitioning from a general dropshipping store, to a dropshipping brand. We can help you with private labeling your product, as well as using a predictive inventory stocking model, where risks are low.

You stock only as much as you can sell. That way, even if an advertising platform shuts you down, you are not left reeling under the loss.

3. Fulfillment

Our team works with brands large and small. Right from one-man operations clocking 8-10 sales a day, to large organizations doing 1000-sales a day, our fulfillment services are flexible. We will securely receive and stock the inventory for you in our warehouse in China.

Sourcingbro’s team counts and verifies every shipment before it is organized in cases/pallets. When we receive the order, the team will pick, pack and ship to precision. Oh, did we forget to mention that we will also assist you with picking the best packaging for your shipment?

4. Shipping

Sourcingbro has a battle-tested logistics network that covers 48 countries across the globe and is steadily expanding. We deliver to the US and busy destinations in the EU within 5-10 days. More importantly, there are solutions in place for all the pre-shipment and post-shipping problems that merchants encounter frequently.

Currently, there are four shipping options for our clients. These are small parcels, Express Shipping, Sea Freight & Air Freight. Using the delivery duty paid (DDP) method makes the process seamless with no unexpected charges to deal with, no customs and clearance problems either.

5. Customer Support

Tracking every package, every day, tops our to-do-list. This allows us to spot unusual shipments, such as the ones that are stuck, or the ones that are slow, and take prompt remedial action. If the package is damaged in transit, or lost, we will refund you, or reship to the customer for free.

6. Custom Dashboard

We create a custom dashboard with a project management system that gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire supply chain. Deliveries, delays, transition times, you will get timely updates about everything. Apart from this, you also get a clear number about how much you were spending with us so you can track all the expenses correctly.

Our Thoughts:

Sourcingbro can be the on-ground partner in China that you always sought, but never knew where to find. Our services help you automate dropshipping sourcing and fulfillment while you focus on generating sales. That’s how dropshipping should work, right?

7. Spocket


Spocket is a dropshipping platform that connects the entrepreneur (you) with dropshipping suppliers from all around the world.

However, suppliers in the US & the EU account for 60% of their catalog. So, if you are targeting the US and looking for domestic dropshipping suppliers, Spocket is a great place to start your search.

Key benefits of using Spocket:

Easy searches – Spocket’s USP is the ability to search and narrow down on suppliers based on location, product type and delivery time. In general, they deliver US and EU orders in 2-5 days. But you might be able to find suppliers who deliver in one day as well.

Easy Integrations – Spocket can be integrated effortlessly with Shopify as well as other ecommerce software. Once the integration is over, you can import products with one click, make changes, mark up prices and process orders automatically.

Try Samples – One of the best features is that you can try out sample products yourself before you pick a supplier. This takes away one of the biggest challenges that dropshippers face while sourcing suppliers. No more guesswork.

Pick Winning Products – Spocket has a trending products search which is a great way to know what products are doing well for other dropshippers. Once again, eliminate guesswork.



Spocket offers three tiered pricing plans all of which are available at a huge 50% discount if you subscribe annually. The Starter plan is available at just $24/mo, the Pro plan at $57/mo and the Empire at $79/mo.

The number of products that you can source depends on the plan you choose though.

Our thoughts:

Spocket is one of the best US dropshipping suppliers that you can try from. They have a top rated customer support team, easy website integrations and product sourcing capabilities.

The pricing is excellent too, especially if you subscribe annually instead of paying monthly. It’s currently used by 30000 dropshippers around the world.

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  • 8. Ecomdash

    User friendly tool that bridges suppliers and dropshippers


    Ecomdash is not a conventional dropshipping automation platform like Oberlo is. However, it is one of the best tools if you source directly from suppliers in any part of the world.

    It lets you connect to multiple independent suppliers, as well as platforms like eBay and Amazon and automate the entire workflow, so that each order goes to the right supplier without manual intervention.

    Let’s look at the primary benefits of using Ecomdash.

    Key benefits of using Ecomdash:

    Source from unlisted suppliers – There are thousands of dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers who are not listed AliExpress or similar platforms.

    Ecomdash gives you access to these suppliers, so you can source unique and innovative products that are not available on other platforms. This can give you a competitive edge in the market.

    Generally, sourcing and automating dropshipping is tedious when you work with independent suppliers. But Ecomdash lets you import a supplier’s inventory via SFTP/FTP or HTTP location in CSV or TXT format. The order details are then sent to them automatically via SFTP/FTP and emails.

    Automated Order Fulfillment – Ecomdash lets you connect your store with unlimited suppliers. There’s no limit to the number of suppliers you can source from. Normally, the more suppliers there are, the more difficult it gets to automate the dropshipping workflow.

    But Ecomdash makes it easy. You can set rules for every product category, down to the variant level. So that whenever an order is placed, it automatically goes to the right supplier.

    Automated syncs – Ecomdash lets you sync tons of data without manual intervention. That alone will save your time and boost productivity by 100x. You can sync inventory levels across multiple warehouses, integrate 3PL services, route orders for Amazon FBA, list products with variations across multiple sales channels, and sync tracking details, to name a few.

    Even that is just scraping the surface of the automation features that Ecomdash offers.



    Ecomdash offers what they call a Freemium plan. This is a feature rich plan that lets you place up to 30 orders a month and sell on unlimited sales channels with complete automation.

    If you like what you see or are doing more sales than that, then you can go for the pro plan that starts at $25/mo for up to 100 orders a month. The price keeps escalating as your orders grow. So, it’s a scalable and affordable service.

    Our thoughts:

    In many ways, Ecomdash is a next generation software. It does not have the limitations of Oberlo and offers tons of flexibility, especially if you source from independent suppliers directly.

    If you are looking for a complete automation solution that goes beyond the ecommerce B2B & B2C platforms and plugins, try Ecomdash.

    9. Salehoo


    Salehoo is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms out there currently.

    This New Zealand based service was started by former dropshippers and it has quickly expanded to a massive company with over 1.6 million products across different categories.

    It has recently expanded into a dropshipping automation software bundle by the way. This means that if you seek a completely automated fulfillment service, Salehoo has that for you as well.

    If that’s not enough motivation, we are sure you’ll love the pricing.

    Key benefits of using SaleHoo:

    8000+ Vetted Suppliers – Salehoo boasts of an extensive directory of vetted suppliers to source from. That alone is completely worth the money, as sourcing good quality suppliers is a major challenge in the dropshipping industry.

    It’s a total of 1.6 million products.

    Easy Contacts and sorting – Salehoo makes it easy for dropshippers to connect with sellers, even if English is not your first language. There are pre-made email templates that you can use to get conversations started. Everything happens in a couple of clicks.

    Also, you can sort sellers by warehouses in the US for much quicker shipping.

    Find Winning Products – One of the Salehoo services is called ‘Market Research Labs’ and it allows you to analyze sales data to help narrow down on the winning product.

    This again, is an excellent feature for new dropshippers who are looking for a head start, without testing different products themselves.

    Unlimited Support – Salehoo offers unlimited 24/7 customer support, which is vital for dropshippers who need assistance in the online world.


    Salehoo has an amazing pricing plan that is based on lifetime memberships. That means you can continue to use the platform as long as you’d like, even after your business grows by leaps and bounds.

    The Lifetime Pricing for the Salehoo Directory is just $127 and it is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. The Salehoo dropship automation software starts at $27/mo for the basic plan and $97/mo for the Premium plan.

    Our thoughts:

    Salehoo with its extensive list of vetted suppliers around the world, is one of the best options in this list. You can actually sort a supplier with a US warehouse, which is one of the best features we’ve seen in a similar service.

    Conclusion – To Sum it Up

    Oberlo is definitely one of the top choices if you seek dropshipping automation.

    But the alternatives that we have listed are equally good if not better. Dsers is the top choice if you are looking for a one-click solution, especially if you run multiple stores.

    The unlimited order placement feature alone, can make it completely worth it. If you seek a more hands-off approach to supply chain automation and prefer personalized attention, Sourcingbro is the best bet.

    We hope that this helps you pick the best service or solution for your dropshipping business. Good luck.

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