Top 13 Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers in US & UK

It is estimated that the women’s clothing industry will grow by 4.81% each year from 2021 to 2026. This shows that this is a fantastic time to get into this dropshipping niche, if you still haven’t.

But it’s not merely women’s clothing, mind you. Clothing is a very broad niche with endless sub-niches to expand into, with booming marketplaces globally. Athleisure for instance, is a rapidly expanding sub niche.

Today, we will take a look at the top dropshipping clothing suppliers in 2021.

What are the Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers?

Here’s a look at the top 13 clothing dropshipping suppliers in primary markets like the USA, China and Australia.

The United States of America is the largest market for women’s clothing and therefore offers a fantastic opportunity for dropshippers. Here are the top US dropshipping suppliers that offer both variety and favorable features.

1. Tashaa Apparel


Tashaa Apparel is an LA based women’s clothing manufacturer. They are known for their trendy and vibrant clothing line, which draws inspiration from the catwalk fashion trends in Miami, LA and NewYork.

Tashaa is one of the largest wholesale suppliers for clothing in the USA, catering to multiple retailers currently, who either partner with them using the dropshipping program or buy in wholesale and then dropship themselves.

Key Features:

Trendy Clothing – Tashaa’s catalog of clothing is extensive and covers the latest fashion trends across most categories like outdoor wear, sports, party wear, bodysuits, bottoms, dresses, skirts, cardigans and more. The focus is solely on the US marketplace and the trends and designs mirror the fashion choices of the style-conscious Gen-Z.

Unique Designs – Tashaa works directly with designers in the fashion hotbeds of USA. So, a lot of their designs are original. But they also create stunning lookalikes, which command a huge fan following.

Also, this means that you can capitalize on hot trends before the competition jumps into the fray.

Great after sales support – Tashaa offers multiple customer support options including email, Whatsapp and Social Media platforms. So, you know that there’s accountability, which is vital for any dropshipping supplier.


Tashaa claims that their prices are 60-80% lower than the prices offered by other US wholesalers. That said, we are unable to verify their dropshipping prices because one has to fill an application form to be granted access to the program.

Our Thoughts:

Tashaa is a great choice if you want to tap into the vibrant ‘must have’ fashion clothing niche. They have an extensive range to choose from and are direct manufacturers with the focus on boutique styles and unique designs.

2. Printful

Best for Print On Demand


Printing on Demand is one of the top dropshipping niches currently and it is expected to touch $10 billion in sales by 2025. That’s just the T-shirts niche, mind you. Imagine what the demand will be for other personalized stuff like jackets, mugs and swimsuits to name a few.

Many dropshipping suppliers want to cater to this massive market. We are going to look at the top option.

If you are creative and want to put your ideas out there for sale without the hassles of a conventional ecommerce business model, Printful is the solution. This is an on-demand printing service that allows you to create your designs and put it up for sale on various channels.

It practically offers all the tools you need to get started and create an on-demand dropshipping storefront.

Here’s a look at the Key Features:

Key Features:

Multiple Design tools – If you are looking to create designs from scratch, Printful offers everything you need to create mockups without the need for any graphic design skills. There are numerous premade templates available that can be used to create your designs.

If you subscribe to Printful Pro, you also get free stock images as well as advanced tools like background removal.

More than 307 products – Printful is not limited to Apparel printing, although that is one of their primary offerings. But you can get your custom designs printed on almost 307 products. These include stickers, phone cases, tote bags and pillows among other things.

No Minimums – Generally, any Print on demand service has an MOQ. But Printful does not. You can even get started with 1 sale, without ever stocking inventory. Goes without saying that they handle the entire fulfillment process for you.

Custom Packaging – Again, this is not common among other POD services. This allows your customers to get their products shipped in custom printed packaging which gives it a personal touch and makes them feel special.

Fulfillment centers around the world – Printful has fulfilment services in US, Mexico, Europe and Australia. This allows you to offer fast shipping in most of the key marketplaces for dropshipping supplies.


Printful has no monthly subscription charges for the normal dropshipping business. You can practically register an account for free, create your designs and start using their services.

You have the option to select your supplier for the product, add a markup price and list it for sale.

Printful Pro on the other hand costs $49/mo, which is peanuts if you consider the kind of services on offer.

Our thoughts:

Printful is hands down, the market leader when it comes to printing on demand. The industry is booming and this is an excellent way to get started with it. It’s free, like we said. So you can test the waters without risking any investment.

3. Trendsi


Fashion is one of the evergreen business niches. But one common gripe that dropshippers have while sourcing apparel from Aliexpress is that the quality is circumspect and the sizes are all over the place.

That’s why you need a domestic supplier for the US. One that understands the US market and delivers quality products. And that’s exactly what you get from Trendsi.

Trendsi is a massive online marketplace for wholesale clothing that allows you to select products from their catalog, brand it and resell it on your ecommerce store, all without handling inventory or fulfillment.

They offer every category of apparel from jeans to Tshirts, from sweatshirts to undergarments.

The best part is that new products are added every single day and the catalog keeps expanding.

Key Features:

Designer Brands – A lot of the suppliers on Trendsi are actually large designer brands with massive brand recognition in the US. Brands like BB Dakota, MOSCHINO & more. So, you can either pick one of these & start selling with a markup, or you can source an unbranded product and white label it.

US Shipping 2-5 Days – Trendsi has suppliers not solely in the United States, although the bulk of them are. They offer 2-5 day shipping within the US and 5-10 days if you source from an international supplier.

The good part is that if you are looking to tap quicker deliveries in the USA, Trendsi has you covered.

Custom Invoicing – The Trendsi dashboard allows you to create custom invoices for your customers. It is an excellent feature if you are using the platform for reselling white labeled dropshipping products. It ensures that the branding is consistent.

Multi-Channel Integration – Trendsi offers a huge variety of sales channel integrations with one-click integration and imports for most of them.


There are no contracts or signing up fees, which makes it an ideal platform for dropshipping with a shoestring budget.

Just like Printful, Trendsi earns when you make a sale. However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent for you. The prices are reasonable and affordable. You can expect to make up to 20% profits easily.

Our thoughts:

Trendsi is a real game changer for dropshippers targeting the USA fashion market. It offers everything you need to get started with a dropshipping business in this lucrative niche.

There are brands, the option to create your own brand and never invest in inventory. If you generate huge volumes, they offer you a personal sourcing agent too.

4. My Online Fashion Store


My Online Fashion Store is a wholesale clothing supplier based in Los Angeles with over 5000 items ready to ship from their warehouse.

They source from local manufacturers, restock best selling items twice a week and offer a bona fide paid dropshipping membership program.

So if you want to calculate the pricing or your profit margins up front, this may be a better option because you don’t even have to fill up a form. You can just check out the prices on CCWHOLESALECLOTHING.COM.

Key Features:

200 Items added weekly – My Online fashion store has 4500 SKUS ready to ship at all times. Besides, they add 100-200 new items every week. These are the trending items in the market, so you can always be ahead of the competition.

There are various categories with clothing for all seasons – winter, summer and fall/spring. So, there’s no worry about sourcing popular items throughout the year.

Free Marketing materials – MOS also supplies free marketing materials like banners, logos and promotional videos at no extra cost. This saves a huge hassle while trying to set up a storefront fast. Also, their marketing materials feature American models.

True to Size – Since they source from US based designers and manufacturers, the sizing is accurate to the US standard sizes. This is one of the problems that dropshippers face while sourcing internationally, from China in particular.

Priority Shipping – All products are shipped from their warehouse in LA. They also offer priority shipping to get your items faster to your customers.


MOS dropship has four membership tiers that you can choose from.

  • Standard Membership – $19/mo, which is best suited for selling on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Shopify Membership – $29/mo which is best suited if you have a Shopify store and want to sell MOS’s products on the store.
  • Wix Membership – $29/mo which is best suited if you have a Wix store and want to sell MOS’s products on the store.
  • Inventory Source Membership – If you want to sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shift4shop and other leading marketplaces, you can connect your MOS dropshipping account with Inventory Source for fast uploads and syncing.

Our Thoughts:

My Online Fashion Store is a terrific choice for those who seek priority shipping, free marketing materials and free returns. Their catalog is second to none and they make it easy to set up a store and start selling.

5. Fashion TIY


Fashion TIY is one of the largest wholesale clothing suppliers in the USA, with a catalog of more than 100000 products to choose from.

Also, they claim that they deal directly with factories and over 10000 suppliers, which means that the pricing is at least 70% cheaper than what you get from other wholesalers.

The feature list doesn’t end there.

Key Features:

Complete quality control – Fashion TIY does the heavy lifting for you and handles quality control at their end. Every product undergoes a quality check at the warehouse before it is shipped.

Huge Catalog – Fashion TIY is one of the only clothing suppliers in the United States that boasts of 100000 non-repeating products. This means that these are actual 100K products, not just 10000 products and their variants. That’s a huge catalog to choose from. What’s more is that the catalog is updated every day. So, you can be rest assured that you are not missing out on any trends.

Fast Shipping – Fashion TIY has partnered with leading logistics providers all around the world including DHL, UPS, FedEx, Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, USPS & DHL Ecom, which allows them to offer fast shipping to all their customers.


Now here’s the big draw. Fashion TIY is 100% free. There’s no monthly membership fee or recurring charges. You just pick the product and buy it. You pay for the product cost and the shipping fee. They even have a VIP membership which gives you access to 3 coupons every month.

Even that is currently free, but subject to approval from the team. That alone will be a great motivator for new businesses to try Fashion TIY.

Our Thoughts:

Fashion TIY is one of the best suppliers in the clothing niche within the United States. They have more than 100K individual products, no membership charges and some of the best pricing amongst wholesalers.

Best Dropshipping Clothing Supplier in China

If you are not looking to source domestically from the United States, then China is the next logical option. China is one of the largest clothing manufacturers in the world and sells wholesale products to buyers all around the globe.

Here are our top recommendations for sourcing clothing from China.

6. AliExpress


This is almost a no-brainer choice, right? AliExpress is probably the largest online marketplace in the world with over 500 million products being sold on it at any given time.

And since these are items coming from individual sellers, you have access to a great variety of clothing to choose from. One common problem dropshippers faced while sourcing from Ali Express was Chinese sizing.

But now, there are thousands of sellers who offer clothes in true US and global sizes.

Key Features:

Huge Variety – In the clothing dropshipping industry, it’s critical that you manage to stand out from the competition with unique and trendy designs. Thankfully, AliExpress has hundreds of sellers with unique designs. The best part is that there are tons of product variants for each design, giving you plenty to choose from.

So if it’s a common design, chances are that Ali Express will have at least 10-20 different suppliers selling the exact same design.

Free Shipping – Many Aliexpress sellers are now offering free shipping on selected, high value items. Also, this is not limited to ePacket anymore. Some sellers have free DHL and UPS, as well.

No MOQ – Generally, sourcing wholesale from China requires you to place $500- $1000 minimum orders. But not with AliExpress. Now you can get started even if you are generating just 1 sale a day.


Aliexpress is a free marketplace where anyone can register and start dropshipping within minutes. The barrier for entry is super low. That said, not all suppliers on Aliexpress are wholesalers or manufacturers.

Some are third parties who act as middlemen between the sellers and customers. So you may not always find the lowest cost. You will have to do a fair bit of comparison and shopping to find good prices.

Our Thoughts:

AliExpress is an excellent way to source clothing from China at wholesale prices. There are no minimum order requirements, free shipping on many items and a huge variety of suppliers to choose from.

Moreover, you can easily sync Aliexpress with a variety of ecommerce software.



DH Gate is another popular e-commerce sourcing platform based in China that has some key differences when it comes to sourcing.

While Aliexpress is primarily a B2C marketplace, DHGate is a mix of B2C & B2B vendors. This means that you might get access to B2B wholesalers who are looking to dropship.

That can translate into better prices. However, DH Gate also has some other advantages which we will list below.

Key Features:

Better option for replicas – DH Gate is one of the few sourcing platforms that does not ban replica clothing. Most ecommerce stores ban replicas and may not stock such items in their dropship store.

But DH Gate has nearly 30% of its inventory dedicated to replicas, including watches and handbags. So if you are looking for these types of products, DH Gate may be a better choice than Aliexpress.

Tons of options – It is estimated that there are more than 13 million products listed on DH Gate for sale. That’s one of the largest catalogs for sourcing wholesale clothes.

You can find anything from fashion apparel to sports gear and even kids clothing on DH Gate. So if you are looking for variety, DH Gate is probably the best place to start your sourcing efforts.

Free Shipping – Just like Aliexpress, DH Gate also offers free shipping on selected products. These may be epacket or China Post mind you. But if you are not hung up on fast delivery times, this is a good opportunity to save some money on shipping.


DH Gate is also completely free to register on, and use. Just like Aliexpress, you can order with very low MOQs. The pricing is almost on-par with Aliexpress too.

Our Thoughts:

Since both these platforms are free, you can use DH Gate as an alternative to Aliexpress. If you are unable to find a product on Aliexpress, then you can always check if it is available on DH Gate.

Also, you can compare the prices.

8. Banggood


Banggood is one of the lesser known ecommerce marketplaces that has an extensive range of products to choose from. It’s not as extensive as Aliexpress is. But it does offer some key advantages that might help you immensely.

For starters, Banggood ships products from their own warehouses. They are the supplier directly. And they have warehouses all over the world, including the US. Aliexpress on the other hand is like a platform that connects you and the supplier.

That’s one advantage that you have with Banggood. They have ample inventory in stock and you are dealing directly with them.

Key Features:

Highly Discounted Prices – Banggood has a list of items on highly discounted prices. We are talking up to 70% less than comparative ecommerce marketplaces. You might be wondering, what’s the catch? Well, there’s none. You see when you check prices on Aliexpress, there will be sellers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, everyone with listings. But Banggood is one entity that controls inventory.

Hence, they are able to offer better pricing on selected items that may be in stock, or that they are trying to clear fast.

Quicker Delivery – You can actually filter the item by the warehouse that it will ship from. This makes it very easy to select products that are shipped much quicker than the products on Aliexpress.

For instance, if you want to avail of an upcoming holiday boom in sales, just pick products from a warehouse that’s closer to the target market.

Easier to deal with – Aliexpress is more user friendly. But you still will spend a fair bit of time vetting sellers and speaking to each one. Banggood on the other hand is the only entity that you will be dealing with. So, it’s generally a much more smooth process.


Banggood offers incentivized pricing depending on your lifetime purchase. As you purchase more and your cumulative LTV increases in the form of credits, you qualify for more and more discounts depending on the membership tier.

There are five levels of the membership and here’s the discount on clothing that you get with each level.

  • Level 1 – 10% – $0-3999 – So even if you place one order, you qualify for 10% discount on clothing
  • Level 2 – 12% – $4k-9.9k
  • Level 3 – 15% – $10k-24.9k
  • Level 4 – 20% – $125k

Our Thoughts:

While it’s not as extensive as Aliexpress is, Banggood offers some distinct advantages that you cannot overlook. For one, there’s a possibility of faster shipping and easier dealing.

Secondly, they have more control over the inventory.

9. Maxuce


Maxuce is one of the largest ecommerce clothing platforms with a wide range of options to choose from, in a plethora of categories.

Right from undergarments to bikinis to plus sized clothes to athleisure, Maxuce’s range is huge. This means that even if you are unable to find a product on Aliexpress, there’s a good chance that it will be available on Maxuce.

Key Features:

Huge Variety of trendy clothes – If you are dropshipping fashion, then Maxuce is your best bet. They have the biggest range of trendy clothes to choose from, including the latest trends that hit the catwalk.

The navigation is very streamlined too. So you can actually filter it by new arrivals and straight away select the ones that you want to list.

Western Models – Maxuce’s products are photographed and modelled by westerners. This makes it a lot easier to list and sell the products on ecommerce marketplaces if you are targeting western countries.

Bonus points for images without watermarks. You can add your own logo and reuse.

Top rated customer care – One of the areas where Maxuce scores big time is in customer service. They actually have a responsive and helpful support team that will go out of their way to take care of customers even before they buy or after they buy.


Maxuce is free to register as a dropshipper. There are no membership prices or tiered membership levels like some of the other marketplaces that we discussed.

However, we were unable to find out the exact discounts they offer. So we are unable to comment on how much you can markup the prices.

Our Thoughts:

Maxuce is definitely one of the marketplaces you should have in your radar when dropshipping fashion. The price, the range and customer service are all top notch.

Best dropshipping clothing supplier in UK

The UK is a booming marketplace for dropshippers in the clothing niche. There are numerous online fashion and clothing outlets that you can choose from to dropship fashion in the UK.

Let’s take a look at some of the best:

10. Style Centre


Style Centre is one of the UK’s largest clothing suppliers for dropshippers. They boast of a catalog of more than 16000 items that ship from the UK. So, there’s no dearth of merchandise to choose from.

They also have a dedicated paid dropshipping service. So you can be rest assured that it has been designed from ground up for dropshippers. Here’s a look at the Key Features:.

Key Features:

Product Photography – Style Center has a dedicated team of in-house product photographers. So they have pictures that are high quality and consistent across the whole catalog.

You can source these from their Instagram account ‘@style_centre_wholesale’ and reuse with your own logos. So, you are not using stock photos, which increases eyeballs and the chances of conversions.

Clearance Sales – They run a dedicated clearance section which has items up to 50% off and more. You can list these products in your online store at normal prices which increases the margin by a fair bit.

Also might be a great way to increase CTR during holiday season sales.

Huge Variety – The huge range of 16000+ items means that there’s a lot to choose from. Regardless of the product category, you can definitely find it on Source Center. Since the products are manufactured within the UK, they are true to UK size.

Also, the products are shipped without invoices from their warehouse in Scotland.


Style Center has a paid dropshipping membership which is £30 a month. In addition to this, they charge 20% VAT, £5.00 next day fully tracked and insured UK shipping & £5.00 Fulfilment fee.

So, if the product cost is £5.00, then the total cost will be £5.00 + £1 (fulfillment) + £5.00 shipping + £5.00 fulfillment fee. So, the total is £16.

Our Thoughts:

With an extensive range of products and a dedicated dropshipping service, Style Center makes it easy to start out as a dropshipper in the clothing industry in the UK.

You just need to pick the products you want to list and focus on sales. They handle the rest.

11. Clothes2Order


Clothes2Order is one of the oldest customized clothing brands in the UK. They boast of a TrustPilot rating of 4.6 based on 18345 reviews as of today. That’s no mean feat.

Their popularity is based on an excellent order fulfillment process & a battle-tested logistics network in the UK which allows them to get orders out faster than any of their competitors.

Here’s a look at some of the Key Features: you might find useful.

Key Features:

Custom Clothing API – Clothes2Order offers an API that you can connect with your website to make the checkout process faster for customers. They never leave your website and will complete the entire checkout process on your site.

Everything about the order fulfillment is completely automated. The inventory is synced automatically, so you never run the risk of overselling.

No MOQ – Clothes2Order doesn’t have a minimum order quantity. You can start dropshipping as soon as you sign up and get your first order.

Top Rated POD service – As one of UK’s top rated Print on Demand service, there’s little that could go wrong with Clothes2Order. Regardless of whether you are a creator looking to bring your designs to life or an entrepreneur who wants to scale with branded dropshipping, you can trust Clothes2Order.


There are 3 prices that you need to be aware of when you dropship from Clothes2Order.

  1. There’s the product cost
  2. There’s an application charge for printing or embroidering the logo/design on the product
  3. There’s a one-time set up charge for customizing the design

Since it can get tricky to get a hang of the pricing for first timers, Clothes2Order offers an ‘Instant Quote’ service. You can contact them and they’ll send you an instant quote for any design that you want.

Our Thoughts:

With the customization API, it’s easier than ever before to integrate Clothes2Order on your website. The customer gets a seamless shopping experience and can easily buy products from you within minutes without leaving your site.

Best dropshipping clothing supplier in Europe

Europe continues to be one of the key markets for ecommerce. Companies are looking at ways to expand their online presence with the majority of the focus on emerging markets like Monaco, Norway and Denmark.

As a result, there has been an increase in demand for European clothing suppliers & drop shipping services such as those listed above. Here’s our top recommendation.

12. Brands Gateway


Brands Gateway is Europe’s top dropshipping supplier for luxury clothing as well as for a variety of other items. They list more than 90000 products with weekly updates to the catalog.

As many as 250 new products are added each week. But that’s not all. Brands Gateway is the most feature-rich dropshipping service that we have come across for Europe.

Key Features:

More than 70 Luxury Brands – Brands Gateway’s 90000 items are primarily major luxury brands in Europe. There are in fact 70+ luxury brands including Armani, Cavalli, Galliano, Nialaya & more.

What’s more is that there’s up to 90% discounts on these branded products which is phenomenal. There’s brand recognition which makes it easier for you to sell the products on your site.

5-Day Deliveries Globally – Brands Gateway can get items to your customers within 5 days. That’s not merely within Europe mind you. It’s globally. So, shipping within Europe will generally be quicker than that.

No MOQ – There are no minimum order quantities for dropshipping from Brands Gateway. So, you can start dropshipping within minutes of signing up with them.

Free Product Photos – You can get as many product photos for your products as you need. These are professional photos mind you. Not stock images. Just let them know the SKU of the product and they’ll send it along without any extra charges.


Brands Gateway has three pricing plans that you can choose from.

  • It is €590 (BILLED QUARTERLY).
  • It is priced at €1,695 (BILLED YEARLY)
  • Or, €295 (BILLED MONTHLY).

You can currently avail of a 20% discount on this price regardless of the tier you choose. The services are many, including no MOQ, automated order placement & a dedicated account manager.

Our Thoughts:

Brands Gateway is almost a no-brainer choice for anyone who’s dropshipping clothing from Europe. The choice is massive and it includes a broad spectrum of categories.

And with no MOQs, you can start dropshipping at your convenience immediately after signing up.

Best dropshipping clothing supplier in Australia

Finally, we have reached down under. Australia is one of the top growing countries for internet retail. But, finding a good dropshipping supplier who has clothing which can be sold to customers in Australia is relatively difficult.

Here’s our recommendation.

13. Wholesale Bay by iDropship


Wholesale Bay is a premium fashion and apparel supplier from Australia. They offer thousands of products in a whole gamut of categories. Their clothing range is extensive and covers most of the popular varieties including trending fashion products.

Here’s a look at their Key Features:.

Key Features:

1-Day Australian Shipping – Wholesale Bay ships to all major cities of Australia. The shipping time ranges from 1-7 days within Australia. Major Cities get 1-2 day deliveries which is excellent. Most orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours.

Huge Variety – Wholesale Bay has thousands of items in categories that include tops, bottoms, dresses, sleepwear, shoes & more. They also let you filter by clothes that are ‘Made in Australia’.

If you want to use that in your advertising, this makes it easy. You can harp on sourcing from local vendors and supporting local communities.

Helpdesk – Wholesale Bay has a support team which is available during office hours on call. They operate via email & can be contacted for product queries or an order placed.

Very few ecommerce suppliers actually offer a full-fledged helpdesk. The helpdesk is basically a repository of self-help tutorials which can be very helpful for first timers.


Wholesale Bay is free to use. There are no hidden fees or costs. You simply need to pay for the products that you order which are completely transparent.

Our Thoughts:

Wholesale Bay is a simple drop shipper from Australia. They have great customer service, fast shipping & an extensive variety of clothing available to choose from in their catalog.

The delivery times are very quick. So, if you want to get quality clothing from Australia on auto-pilot, this is one of the best choices out there.

What are the Benefits of Clothing Dropshipping

Confused about which dropshipping niche to get started with? Clothing offers more benefits than most other industries and niches.

Here’s a look at the top reasons to consider an ecommerce store in this niche.

1. There’s Insane demand that’s fueling growth

Guess how much the global apparel and clothing market revenue was in 2020? $1.5 trillion! That’s all set to burgeon to $2.5 trillion in the next few years. 24.71% of this share goes to fashion and footwear.

This means that fashion clothing is probably the most lucrative dropshipping niche out there currently.

2. It’s a Broad Category

Clothing products are not limited to specific genders or age-groups. There is an ever increasing demand for clothing from both men and women, along with kids & babies too!

This means that you can feasibly sell almost any type of clothes in your store. And since these products are high-margin, you can easily get better margins than other products typically generate.

3. Easier to Promote

Look around you. Social Media is crammed with fashion trends. People are sharing selfies of themselves dressed in new apparel or at a party or event wearing something special.

People share outfits on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest all the time – giving you ample opportunities to promote your clothes to them. Also, unlike other products where you may need to invest in promotional videos and other marketing material, even a simple image may suffice to promote clothing.

4. High Quality Sourcing

There’s no dearth of wholesale clothing suppliers that offer high quality clothing for every international market.

You’ll often find that quality is rarely an issue and brands offer a variety of choices for all budgets. This means that you’ll have more options when it comes to finding good quality products.

5. Logistics is Simpler

Clothing is generally lighter weight and less prone to breaking or sustaining damage. They can be easily packed in small packages for a less expensive shipping cost.

Your shipping partner will also have a smaller footprint to deal with, which means you may get better rates from them.

6. Huge Opportunity to Scale

Clothing is a niche with a huge opportunity to cross sell and upsell. With just one clothing item in your catalog, you can sell a lot of different add-ons and accessories with it.

A simple T-shirt or dress may need belt buckles or wallets to be sold along with. And this is exactly what most people do in their store. There’s shoes, accessories, sneakers and so much more. This means massive opportunities for commissions and recurring revenue.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Clothing Dropshipping Supplier

All things said and done, there are some factors that you need to consider before you settle on the perfect clothing supplier for your dropshipping business.

Here’s a rundown of the most important ones.

1. True to size

Sizing is one of the most important factors to consider while sourcing clothing. You need to ensure that the supplier is able to deliver clothes that are true to sizes of the target country market.

For instance, Chinese suppliers on Aliexpress often list clothes for Asian sizes. These are extremely small as compared to American and European sizes. It can lead to a lot of returns.

And this isn’t just true for Aliexpress. There are suppliers who even state their clothes in inches rather than the metrics system used in most other countries. Make sure you cross-check sizes before you place an order with them so that there are no size issues later on.

2. Easy Returns

It may not seem like it. But Apparel is one of the niches where you generally deal with a lot of returns. There are many reasons including sizing, which we just mentioned.

But there’s more. Color discrepancies, customers not liking the fit, and of course, damages. You need to ensure that the suppliers have a hassle-free return policy in place, so that the customers are able to return their items in case they aren’t satisfied.

3. Fast Shipping Options

Nobody likes to wait for a month anymore to receive their order. That’s why epacket is practically dead now. You need to find a supplier who will deliver your orders as soon as possible.

Many suppliers offer fast shipping options these days, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. One way to look for quicker shipping is to check where the product will ship from. A warehouse closer to your target market might mean quicker delivery times on your end.

4. Quality

The success of your dropshipping clothing store depends largely on the quality of the products you sell. When it comes to clothing, it boils down to fabric quality.

You need to not only ensure that the supplier is capable of providing you with clothes at a suitable price, but also clothes made from good quality fabric. Like any fast fashion brand, your customers are more likely to return items if they aren’t up to quality standards.

5. Profit Margins (Pricing)

Every dropshipping supplier out there wants you to believe that they offer better prices than their competitors. You need to get down to the numbers before you start placing orders with them.

The prices need to be low enough to cover the marketing costs, and still allow you to generate a decent profit after the mark up. This will depend largely on your sourcing skills and your marketing expenses. But this is a good starting point for your research.

To Sum it up

As you step into the lucrative clothing dropshipping niche, sourcing will play a critical role in your success.

We hope that this guide will help you find a supplier who is able to provide you with high-quality clothes at a price that covers all the costs and allows for healthy profit margins.

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