Scale faster, worry less

Tired of working tirelessly to find winning products just to run into supplier issues, quality complaints, and chargebacks? We’re here to change that.


If you’re…

  • Serious about growing your eCom business
  • Receiving over 10 orders per day
  • Tired of chargebacks, payment processing issues, and corner-cutting suppliers

Sourcingbro offers a stress-free way to transition from dropshipping to brand building that can last for years.

Unlike commonly used dropshipping apps and platforms that produce more frustration than profit, we provide a comprehensive solution for finding and managing suppliers in mainland China, cutting the long process time with faster shipping while providing real-time tracking.

As a result, chargebacks drop to a nearly zero percent.

What it helps them achieve

Sourcingbro can help you achieve the following:

  • Direct connections with hundreds of suppliers/manufacturers while keeping your brand  confidential (We never share your info with anyone)
  • Build a solid infrastructure that can scale with you
  • Transition from a generic dropshipping store to a real brand with minimal investment
  • Increase customer retention rate, reduce chargebacks, and decrease support tickets
  • Run your business with confidence with a true partner that is reliable and responsible.

What members are saying

Since I started working with Sourcingbro my chargeback ratios has dropped far beneath of what it was before and my customer return ratio is nearly up to 30%.

How it works

Sourcingbro gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Sourcing: We can find suppliers for any product by tapping into our extensive database of factories while ensuring the MOQ fits your needs
  • White & Private Labelling: We can assist you with branding your product with a custom logo and packaging at reasonable prices
  • DFY inventory management: We’ll take inventory planning and forecasting off your hands
  • Fulfillment: We ship everything from one place while maintaining quality and brand standards
  • Dashboard: You get metrics that are important for your business, not overwhelmed with irrelevant data
  • Shipping updates: You get real-time shipping price updates for each SKU and can take action when necessary
  • Personalized Support: Assign tasks, leave comments, upload files and track any ticket status while keeping everything organized. We offer all our clients 24/7 support via a customized system

How much does it cost

  • Starting at $1000 as a minimum investment on inventory
  • Sourcing : Quoted
  • Fulfillment:
    • First item pick fee per order: $1
    • Additional items per order: $0.35
    • Shipping: Please refer to the latest shipping cost here
  • Any additional cost?: No setup fees, inbound receiving fees, storage or any other hidden fees! We’re trying our best to be as transparent as possible with pricing


1. Can you do sourcing only?

No, at the moment we only do sourcing & fulfillment together. Alternatively, you can just use our fulfillment services if you have suppliers already.

2. Why do I need to purchase inventory?

We require an initial investment(Starting at $1000) to cover the first 7 days worth of inventory to prevent interruption in our fulfillment services. That way you can rest assured that all the orders will be fulfilled on time since we replenish inventory beforehand to avoid a bottleneck.

How to get started

If you’re a Shopify or Woocommerce merchant shipping at least 10 orders a day and you’re interested in building a long-term e-Commerce brand that can run for years, schedule a call using the calendar below, and I (Jack) will meet with you on Zoom to see if we’re a good fit.