Top 13 US Dropshipping Suppliers of 2023

Dropshipping from the US offers many benefits such as faster shipping and better communication to name a few.

But many dropshippers are unable to find the right suppliers for their winning product, within the United States.

In this post, we will take a look at the 13 best dropshipping suppliers in the US.

We have also segregated the dropshipping suppliers according to the industry/niche for your convenience.

Let’s dive in.

What Are the Best General Dropshipping Suppliers in US?

We will start with general dropshipping suppliers, who supply an extensive range of products in different categories.

If you have an ecommerce store with multiple products, or are just looking to test the waters first, you will be able to find an ideal supplier in this section.

  • Spocket – Vast Catalog with 60% US & EU based Dropshipping Suppliers
  • DropCommerce – 8500+ Vetted US Suppliers
  • Inventory Source – Easily Import Full Product Data
  • Salehoo – 1.6 Million Products
  • Modalyst – One Click Product Exports for Various Sales Channels
  • Doba – 430K Products that Ship from the US
  • Merch Mixer – 2-Day Shipping in the US

1. Spocket


Spocket is a dropshipping platform that connects the entrepreneur (you) with dropshipping suppliers from all around the world.

However, suppliers in the US & the EU account for 60% of their catalog. So, if you are targeting the US and looking for domestic dropshipping suppliers, Spocket is a great place to start your search.

Key Features:

Easy searches – Spocket’s USP is the ability to search and narrow down on suppliers based on location, product type and delivery time. In general, they deliver US and EU orders in 2-5 days. But you might be able to find suppliers who deliver in one day as well.

Easy Integrations – Spocket can be integrated effortlessly with Shopify as well as other ecommerce software. Once the integration is over, you can import products with one click, make changes, mark up prices and process orders automatically.

Try Samples – One of the best features is that you can try out sample products yourself before you pick a supplier. This takes away one of the biggest challenges that dropshippers face while sourcing suppliers. No more guesswork.

Pick Winning Products – Spocket has a trending products search which is a great way to know what products are doing well for other dropshippers. Once again, eliminates guesswork.



Spocket offers four tiered pricing plans all of which are available at a huge discount if you subscribe annually. The Pro plan is available at just $49.99/mo, the Empire plan at $99.99/mo and the Unicorn at $299.99/mo.

The number of products that you can source depends on the plan you choose though.

Our thoughts:

Spocket is one of the best US dropshipping suppliers that you can try from. They have a top rated customer support team, easy website integrations and product sourcing capabilities.

The pricing is excellent too, especially if you subscribe annually instead of paying monthly. It’s currently used by 30000 dropshippers around the world.

Check out indepth Spocket Dropshipping Reivew

2. DropCommerce


DropCommerce is an ecommerce platform for entrepreneurs looking to get into the dropshipping business and target the US market exclusively.

They have a vast catalog of vetted US dropshipping suppliers (8500+ to be precise) and one click integration with your Shopify store.

This means getting started with a domestic dropshipping supplier is as simple as search and import.

Key Features:

US Suppliers – DropCommerce has over 8500 vetted US dropshipping suppliers including small, medium and large suppliers with an extensive range of products in different categories. Many of these are branded products too, which means that it’s more likely to generate sales as compared to unbranded ones.

Integrations – The integration is one click and you can import products from suppliers in a few minutes. If you are looking to import a huge volume, you can quickly export the products into a CSV file and the customer support will import it for you.

Seamless fulfillment – DropCommerce ensures that order processing and tracking is seamless. Orders are synced automatically with the ecommerce platform you use. So there’s no need to worry about manual data entry errors.

Top Rated Customer Service – There’s one thing that’s consistent about the DropCommerce reviews on the Shopify store. It’s about the customer service. There’s always someone ready to answer your question, no matter how trivial it may be. And it’s good to know that the responses are prompt.



DropCommerce has three tiered pricing plans. The Basic one costs just $19/mo and lets you source up to 25 products with fast US Shipping. This is an excellent option for new dropshippers looking to sell 10-20 products only. You don’t get access to branded invoices with this plan though.

The Growth Plan is priced at $49/mo and there’s a Professional Plan at $80/mo. This gives you access to unlimited products and is excellent for large brands.

Our thoughts:

DropCommerce is a good choice for dropshippers looking to sell products in the United States. The pricing plans are straightforward and customer service is top notch.

3. Inventory Source


Inventory Source is a fully stacked dropshipping automation software which comes with multiple service offerings. One of these is US Direct, an exclusive supplier network of verified suppliers in the United States.

You can choose to sign up for Inventory Source as a standalone software, which gives you access to 200+ Pre Integrated suppliers, or go for the whole bundle, which offers a lot more features.

Key Features:

Full Product Data – Most dropshipping platforms offer limited product data only, which can often lead to discrepancies. Inventory Source offers complete product information, which makes it easier to select the right one. Many a time, product information such as images need to be in sync with the sales platform you use. This is a great way to ensure that you are selecting the right option.

Top Brands Across Niches – US Direct connects you directly to top brands across niches in the United States. Just like the other options, this is a hassle free way to find a US vetted supplier for your dropshipping business.

Multi-Channel Selling – Inventory Source allows you to source products from different suppliers and sell successfully across multiple channels. You can also build custom workflow rules for order routing according to seller or warehouse or other preferences.

Product Mapping – Inventory Source lets you map multiple products using different parameters, such as the ASIN or the UPC.



Inventory Source offers a 100% free Directory account that gives you access to their directory of dropship suppliers, including access to supplier information. That’s amazing.

If you are looking to use the inventory automation software, that’s priced at $99/mo, while the complete bundle is priced at $199/mo. Even the top tier pricing plan is not too expensive considering what it brings to the table.

Our thoughts:

Inventory Source is a good way to find reliable US based suppliers for your dropshipping business. They offer a 100% free Directory account which lets you search for products based on your needs, which is hands down the best feature.

But the automation tools are top notch too. If anything, the pricing might deter a few dropshippers to go for the full bundle.

4. Salehoo


Salehoo is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms out there currently.

This New Zealand based service was started by former dropshippers and it has quickly expanded to a massive company with over 1.6 million products across different categories.

It has recently expanded into a dropshipping automation software bundle by the way. This means that if you seek a completely automated fulfillment service, Salehoo has that for you as well.

If that’s not enough motivation, we are sure you’ll love the pricing.

Key Features:

8000+ Vetted Suppliers – Salehoo boasts of an extensive directory of vetted suppliers to source from. That alone is completely worth the money, as sourcing good quality suppliers is a major challenge in the dropshipping industry.

It’s a total of 1.6 million products.

Easy Contacts and sorting – Salehoo makes it easy for dropshippers to connect with sellers, even if English is not your first language. There are premade email templates that you can use to get conversations started. Everything happens in a couple of clicks.

Also, you can sort sellers by warehouses in the US for much quicker shipping.

Find Winning Products – One of the Salehoo services is called ‘Market Research Labs’ and it allows you to analyze sales data to help narrow down on the winning product.

This again, is an excellent feature for new dropshippers who are looking for a headstart, without testing different products themselves.

Unlimited Support – Salehoo offers unlimited 24/7 customer support, which is vital for dropshippers who need assistance in the online world.



Salehoo has an amazing pricing plan that is based on lifetime memberships. That means you can continue to use the platform as long as you’d like, even after your business grows by leaps and bounds.

The Lifetime Pricing for the Salehoo Directory is just $127 and it is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. The Salehoo dropship automation software starts at $27/mo for the basic plan and its $97/mo for the Premium plan.

Our thoughts:

Salehoo with its extensive list of vetted suppliers around the world, is one of the best options in this list. You can actually sort a supplier with a US warehouse, which is one of the best features we’ve seen in a similar service.

5. Modalyst


Modalyst is one of the direct competitors to Spocket. They have a comprehensive directory of suppliers, many of whom are based in the United States and offer branded products.

So, it’s like skipping the whole supplier verification process and the branding bit too. You get US dropshipping suppliers, at no extra effort. We also like many of their features which are designed for a hands-off approach to dropshipping.

Here’s a look.

Key Features:

More than 1 Million US Dropshipping products – Modalyst has one of the largest dropshipping directories with US based suppliers who offer both branded and unbranded products, giving you more variety to work with. There are sellers who also offer custom branding, or Private Labeling services. So, it’s as extensive as you want it to be.

One Click Exports – Modalyst allows you to export your dropshipping products with one click, that too in formats that are tailored according to the sales platform that you plan to use for selling it. For instance, you can create a list of the products that you want to sell on eBay, select eBay as a template and hit export.

Then just import with one click on eBay and everything is laid out perfectly. The images, text, everything is bespoke to eBay’s listing specifications. It supports most such marketplaces.

Set Pricing and offer free shipping – Modalyst gives you complete control over your listings, which includes price mark ups. You can easily set your own prices by marking up the cost including shipping costs and offering free shipping on the listings.

Modalyst Pricing:


Modalyst, like most of the competition, has three tiered pricing plans. They are one of the only ones who have a completely free plan which lets you source up to 25 products. Rather than a monthly fee, you pay a flat 5% transaction fee, which is excellent if you want to test the waters with dropshipping before subscribing.

The Start Up plan is priced at $35/mo and lets you source 250 products. That’s much better value than the competition offers. Lastly, the Pro plan is priced at $90/mo and gives you access to unlimited products.

Our thoughts:

We like many of the features that Modalyst provides, and it’s a great alternative to Spocket. There is a free plan for starters and no subscription fee, which makes it easier to test whether dropshipping works for you or not.

6. Doba


Doba manages to stand out from the competition by offering a 30-day free trial of their entire dropshipping platform.

You don’t even need a credit card to access the trial. You can sign up with an email and take a detailed tour of how the platform works, the kind of products you can sell and how the whole thing works.

Doba helps businesses find bulk suppliers, get wholesale prices and create dropship batches quickly without having to leave the software interface.

Key Features:

Almost 430,000 US based products – As of today, Doba has 430,000 products from US suppliers on its platform. Their directory is constantly updated too. But 430K, is a huge number of US based products in different niches.

Chances are that you can very easily find your winning product without doing much research on your own. You can either rely on the search functionality or use filters to find products related to your niche.

They have separate searches for “Hot Products”, ‘New Arrivals’ where you can see popular searches based on price, popularity, and other metrics.

Multiple Integrations – Doba offers 8 one-click integrations with ecommerce platforms as well as API access on their higher tiered pricing plan. The integrations cover most of the major marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon and more.

Automated Rules Galore – From automated order fulfillment to price markups based on preset rules, you can create complete workflows that will be executed step by step. This practically lets you run the entire ecommerce business on autopilot.

Pick Up Products in the USA – Sometimes, customers are way too eager to receive the product and are willing to pick it up themselves from a warehouse near them. In such cases, your dropshipping business can quickly become a local pick-up business too. Doba offers the ability to pick up selected products from warehouses in the USA.

These are prepaid orders with a prepaid label attached to them and a great way to attract more customers.



Doba offers one of the most affordable pricing tiers in the ecommerce space. They have a Start-Up plan which lets you connect one storefront and source as well as list up to 500 products. This is priced at $24.99/mo when billed monthly and just $14.99/mo when billed annually.

The business plan is billed at $49.99/mo and lets you list 5 storefronts, while the Enterprise plan is billed at $299.99/mo, and gives you unlimited access to everything.

Our thoughts:

Doba is one of the newer dropshipping platforms in this list, but certainly manages to stand out with a set of unique features. The 30-day free trial is a great place to start, and the affordable pricing plan for businesses makes this an exciting option to consider.

7. Merch Mixer


With over 50K branded products that will ship directly from the United States, Merch Mixer is one of the top choices for dropshippers looking to target the US exclusively.

They have products in over 34 categories, which covers the majority of niches and verticals in the marketplace.

Also, they offer pretty much all the automation features that you expect from a service like this. So, it’s pretty hands-off, if that’s the primary criteria you seek.

Key Features:

2-Day US Shipping – Customers around the world hate waiting for 25-days to receive their product. Those days of dropshipping are done and dusted. With Merch Mixer, you can now get products within 2-7 days in the US. You can also search for the products depending on the warehouse location and delivery time.

This takes the guesswork out of the entire process.

Massive Product Catalog – Merch Mixer has over 50K products in 34 product categories, which makes it one of the larger catalogs for wholesale suppliers. They are constantly expanding their directory with new suppliers so you can expect this number to grow soon enough.

Reports suggest that their new updated catalog will list 1 Million + US based products, which will be a huge overhaul. By the way, these are branded products. So, the chances of making a sale are much higher with these than with unbranded stuff sourced from China.

Automated Inventory Updates – One of the challenges that dropshippers face with new marketplaces is lack of automated inventory updates. You spend hours selecting the right products with ample inventory only to find out later that the products are out of stock. This will no longer be the case with Merch Mixer because it offers automated inventory updates on all your product feeds.

The moment the inventory goes out of stock, the product listing turns inactive.



Merch Mixer is another dropshipping platform that has a completely free plan as well. You don’t pay anything up front, get to source 25 products. The caveats are that there are no discounts on the products, nor do you get access to their exclusive product catalog.

Their Pro plan is priced at $49 and gives you a 2-5% discount on product price as well as 100 exclusive products. The Premium Plan is priced at $70/mo and gives you unlimited everything.

Our thoughts:

Merch Mixer is an effective way to break into the US market and compete with international ecommerce giants like Amazon with branded products and fast shipping.

Plus, you get to try it all out for free so there’s nothing to lose here.

What Are the Best US Niche Dropshipping Suppliers?

The dropshipping platforms that we listed are excellent choices if you are looking for general suppliers. However, there are certain niches where these suppliers might lack in their product range.

Also, dropshipping in some niches are better off with businesses that have more industry-experience.

If you are keen to start a niche dropshipping business, then below we have listed the top ones for you.

8. Printful

Best for Print On Demand


Printing on Demand is one of the top dropshipping niches currently and it is expected to touch $10 billion in sales by 2025. That’s just the T-shirts niche, mind you. Imagine what the demand will be for other personalized stuff like jackets, mugs and swimsuits to name a few.

Many dropshipping suppliers want to cater to this massive market. We are going to look at the top option.

If you are creative and want to put your ideas out there for sale without the hassles of a conventional ecommerce business model, Printful is the solution. This is an on-demand printing service that allows you to create your designs and put it up for sale on various channels.

It practically offers all the tools you need to get started and create an on-demand dropshipping storefront.

Here’s a look at the key features

Key Features:

Multiple Design tools – If you are looking to create designs from scratch, Printful offers everything you need to create mockups without the need for any graphic design skills. There are numerous premade templates available that can be used to create your designs.

If you subscribe to Printful Pro, you also get free stock images as well as advanced tools like background removal.

More than 307 products – Printful is not limited to Apparel printing, although that is one of their primary offerings. But you can get your custom designs printed on almost 307 products. These include stickers, phone cases, tote bags and pillows among other things.

No Minimums – Generally, any Print on demand service has an MOQ. But Printful does not. You can even get started with 1 sale, without ever stocking inventory. Goes without saying that they handle the entire fulfillment process for you.

Custom Packaging – Again, this is not common among other POD services. This allows your customers to get their products shipped in custom printed packaging which gives it a personal touch and makes them feel special.

Fulfillment centers around the world – Printful has fulfilment services in US, Mexico, Europe and Australia. This allows you to offer fast shipping in most of the key marketplaces for dropshipping supplies.


Printful has no monthly subscription charges for the normal dropshipping business. You can practically register an account for free, create your designs and start using their services.

You have the option to select your supplier for the product, add a markup price and list it for sale.

Printful Pro on the other hand costs $49/mo, which is peanuts if you consider the kind of services on offer.

Our thoughts:

Printful is hands down, the market leader when it comes to printing on demand. The industry is booming and this is an excellent way to get started with it. It’s free, like we said. So you can test the waters without risking any investment.

9. Trendsi

Best for Fashion Dropshipping


Fashion is one of the evergreen business niches. But one common gripe that dropshippers have while sourcing apparel from Aliexpress is that the quality is circumspect and the sizes are all over the place.

That’s why you need a domestic supplier for the US. One that understands the US market and delivers quality products. And that’s exactly what you get from Trendsi.

Trendsi is a massive online marketplace for wholesale clothing that allows you to select products from their catalog, brand it and resell it on your ecommerce store, all without handling inventory or fulfillment.

They offer every category of apparel from jeans to Tshirts, from sweatshirts to undergarments.

The best part is that new products are added every single day and the catalog keeps expanding.

Key Features:

Designer Brands – A lot of the suppliers on Trendsi are actually large designer brands with massive brand recognition in the US. Brands like BB Dakota, MOSCHINO & more. So, you can either pick one of these & start selling with a markup, or you can source an unbranded product and white label it.

US Shipping 2-5 Days – Trendsi has suppliers not solely in the United States, although the bulk of them are. They offer 2-5 day shipping within the US and 5-10 days if you source from an international supplier.

The good part is that if you are looking to tap quicker deliveries in the USA, Trendsi has you covered.

Custom Invoicing – The Trendsi dashboard allows you to create custom invoices for your customers. It is an excellent feature if you are using the platform for reselling white labeled dropshipping products. It ensures that the branding is consistent.

Multi-Channel Integration – Trendsi offers a huge variety of sales channel integrations with one-click integration and imports for most of them.


There are no contracts or signing up fees, which makes it an ideal platform for dropshipping with a shoestring budget.

Just like Printful, Trendsi earns when you make a sale. However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent for you. The prices are extremely reasonable and affordable. You can expect to make up to 30% profits easily.

Our thoughts:

Trendsi is a real game changer for dropshippers targeting the USA fashion market. It offers everything you need to get started with a dropshipping business in this lucrative niche.

There are brands, the option to create your own brand and never invest in inventory. If you generate huge volumes, they offer you a personal sourcing agent too.

10. Blankabrand

Best for Dropship Cosmetics


Cosmetics, or Beauty is an evergreen niche with an unending demand for quality products. Unlike a few years ago, it’s not limited to females either. There’s a staggering demand for men’s grooming products and cosmetics too.

So, if you are unsure of which niche to get started with, here’s one of the top choices and we have just the right US based supplier for you too.

Blankabrand is a wholesale supplier for cosmetics that are manufactured in the USA and Canada. However, these are not branded cosmetics. They are plain unbranded ones which means you can actually White label them and get into the massive branded dropshipping industry.

In case you are unaware, branding is the key to build a sustainable dropshipping business. Blankabrand lets you get started with it without the huge upfront costs associated with such a business.

Key Features:

Pick & Sell – Blankabrand offers you everything you need to set up your cosmetics store and start selling right away. They have a huge range of products for every category from foundation to lip colors, all at affordable wholesale prices.

There’s one-click integrations and complete order fulfillment. It’s as simple as selecting the products and starting to sell.

Your own brand or theirsPrivate Label dropshipping is a very lucrative business model if you know what you are doing. Blankabrand offers you everything you need to private label, including US made unbranded products and a logo designer. Just pick a product, paste your logo and start selling.

However, in case you are new to it or don’t want to create a brand, they have you covered too. Blankabrand also provides their product range under their own brand name.

Automated Order Processing – Blankabrand handles the complete order fulfillment allowing you to focus only on the important part, generating more business. The complete order processing and fulfillment is automated.

No MOQ – This has to be one of the best features. There are no MOQs. Even 1 sale will be fulfilled by Blankabrand at no additional cost.



Blankabrand has three plans. The Free plan lets you source 10 Blankabranded products and test them. You cannot customize or white label these.

The Growth Plan is priced at $29/mo and gives you access to unlimited Blankabranded products and 10 custom ones.

The Scale Plan is priced at $59/mo and gives you access to their entire catalog, which is unlimited everything.

Our thoughts:

Blankabrand makes it super easy to get into the evergreen beauty industry without breaking the bank. It’s perfect for dropshippers who don’t want to invest in branding right away.

No fulfillment, no inventory management, just pick and sell.

11. Dropship Beauty

Best for Dropshipping Beauty Product


Cosmetics is a part of the beauty products industry. But it’s not the only product category in this massive niche that’s always in demand. There’s a staggering demand for every type of beauty product, from makeup to skincare and hair care products too.

The right supplier could help you tap into any category in the $770 billion dollar industry.

Dropship Beauty is a reasonably new entrant in this space and it offers 100+ beauty products that you can source and sell. The products are primarily in the hair care category and are sourced from around the world, including India.

While 100 might not seem like much, there are some products that are very difficult to source due to quality constraints. Also, we like some of their other features.

Key Features:

High quality hair extensions – Dropship Beauty offers high quality hair extensions, wigs, eye lashes and more, which are sourced from temples in India, where hair is donated as part of an offering.

The raw hair is of the finest quality and undergoes complete processing before it is used to create wigs and extensions. Many customer reviews suggest that it is as good as some of the premium brands.

All prices are wholesale – Dropship Beauty provides you access to around 100 products at wholesale prices. This means that there’s a good opportunity to earn about 30-40% profits or even more with every sale.

Branded Dropshipping – If you subscribe for their pro and advanced plans, you can private label any product from their catalog. You can either use their integrated logo designer, or send in your own custom logo and branding kits to be used on the products and packaging.

Ships from the US – All products are shipped from their warehouse in Atlanta, which means that you can offer 2-5 day shipping within United States.


Dropship Beauty has three different types of plans depending on your requirements. The Free Plan is for stores that generate up to 25 orders a month. The Advanced Plan is for stores generating under 100 sales a month, billed at $9.99/mo. The Pro Plan is priced at $19.99/mo and gives you access to unlimited orders as well as premium features.

Our thoughts:

Dropship Beauty is a great wholesale source for hair care products shipped from the US. It also allows you to private label any product for a very nominal subscription fee.

It’s perfect for beginners who want to start their beauty products store with branded goods rather than generic ones.

12. Green Dropship

Best for Dropship Organic Products


Health is a $3 trillion dollar industry and consists of several sub-industries that combine to form the sector. Organic food is one such category that’s rapidly growing in demand, especially in the USA and Europe.

However, it is vital to find a supplier that meets not just, the stringent quality standards but also sources the products from sustainable local farms. We have just the thing for you.

Green Dropship is a massive dropshipping catalog of organic products that are manufactured in the USA. It includes products in the Food & Beverage, Beauty & Body Care, Vitamins and Supplements, Health & Wellness, Baby Products & Household products, categories.

That’s an extensive list of products to choose and sell from.

Key Features:

Wholesale Prices – Green Dropship is one of the few suppliers that offers legitimate wholesale prices for its products. Many suppliers out there are actually retailers masquerading as wholesalers and the prices are not really competitive.

But with Green Dropship, you get real wholesale prices with ample scope to mark up.

Huge Catalog – The catalog contains over 20000 organic products from 3318 USA manufacturers. This means that it includes some of the bestselling organic brands in the market, like Yogi Teas, Dr. Brown, Vegan Rob, Jim’s Ogranic and more.

The brand recognition is already there. You just pick and sell for a profit.

Trending Products – With such an extensive catalog, it’s not uncommon for dropshippers to feel lost. What products to sell? From where to source them? Is the supplier legit? How much markup is acceptable?

Green Dropship provides trending products using its own algorithm. This takes the guesswork out. You know that this product is doing well. It eliminates a huge part, which is research.


Green Dropship has three tiered pricing plans.

The Free Plan lets you browse the catalog but not import products or sell them. The Basic Plan is priced at $40/mo and lets you process up to 100 orders a month.

They have a $100/mo pricing plan as well, which is unavailable currently. Both these plans require a $149 annual membership fee though.

Our thoughts:

There are very few quality suppliers for branded organic products in the USA. Green Dropship is one of the only ones with an extensive catalog and excellent features too.

The pricing is a little tricky given that there are two charges. Also their higher tier plan is currently unavailable.

13. Pet Dropshipper

Best for Dropship Pet Supplies


Pet Supplies is a massive industry and there’s a steady demand for quality pet products. What makes this a very advantageous industry is that it’s very broad and has a strong emotional quotient attached to it.

People love pets and it’s no longer limited to dogs and cats. The world of pets is steadily expanding and there’s no dearth of what you can sell.

Pet Dropshipper is a huge dropshipping platform for pet goodies in an extensive range of categories that covers the entire gamut of products for pets. From clothing to grooming to everything in between, you can get it here at wholesale prices.

They offer both branded as well as unbranded products that you can pick and resell. Here’s a look at their key features.

Key Features:

Beyond dogs & cats – Pet Dropshipper offers a wide range of products for dogs, cats, fishes, small animals, reptiles, farm pets & wildlife and wild birds. That’s a massive catalog. In addition to this, they also offer pond supplies such as lights and decor as well as maintenance goods.

If there is something under the sun, in the pet industry, you can probably source it here.

Easy Dashboard – The dashboard and navigation are perfectly laid out. You can easily browse through the vast catalog and browse by pet type, or other selection parameters.

Each product detail is displayed along with the current inventory levels. This avoids discrepancies and listing products that may go out of stock soon.

Top Brands – You can shop from over 200 brands including Cesar, Four Paws, Earth Animal, Burt’s Bees and many more. Once again, if you are looking to tap into the massive advantage that comes with brand recognition, look no further.


Pet Dropshipper offers two different options. These are not pricing tiers. Instead, they are completely different services. There’s a File Share Plan which is a one-time charge of $1000, that gives you access to a CSV file with full product data including images and descriptions.

You can just import and start working. Oh, you get automatic updates for this.

Then there’s a fully integrated dropshipping automation service priced at $1000 + Additional monthly charges. This gives you inventory control and order fulfillment.

Our thoughts:

Pet Dropshipper offers a unique single-point solution that addresses all your needs. They have a huge catalog that covers thousands of pet products. Their pricing is reasonable and they have a good support team too.

What are the Benefits of using US Dropshipping Suppliers

If you are new to dropshipping, then you might wonder what advantage sourcing and fulfilling orders from the US offers as opposed to sourcing internationally, from say, China.

Well, there are many advantages. Here’s a look.

1. Shorter Shipping Times

When you source from US dropshipping suppliers, the inventory is stored in US warehouses and shipped from there using domestic shipping carriers. The average delivery time is 2-5 days.

But it’s quite possible to get 1-day delivery in many parts of the United States. In comparison, you are looking at 8-10 days minimum while shipping from China. It can be much more during peak season.

Fast shipping is a huge advantage in dropshipping now. Customers expect even smaller brands to match up with Amazon and other top retailers who now offer 1-day delivery as standard.

2. Cheaper Shipping Price for Larger Items

If your winning product is a big one, we mean in dimensions and weight, then shipping domestically from the US might be much cheaper than shipping the same product from China.

We conducted a study about this. You will be amazed at the difference in shipping costs while shipping domestically and internationally, when the package weighs more than 1 kilos.

3. Easier Returns Process

Returns are a big headache, especially when you source internationally.

When one of your customers is not satisfied with the product they receive, they expect an easy returns process, which either refunds or replaces the product. Imagine having to return a product to China.

The product will pass numerous touchpoints. It may be restocked in a warehouse and charges may apply. You may even have to pay to discard the product, which in many cases will be cheaper than returning.

In comparison, domestic returns are fast and hassle free.

4. Better for Customer Service

Working with an American dropshipping company will generally be easier than working with an internationally located seller. For the sake of argument, let’s consider the seller is in China.

There may be linguistic and cultural differences. Communication may be a hit or a miss.

The US dropshipping business model eliminates all these issues since you are dealing with suppliers that are not only nearby, but also speak your language and share your culture too. They understand the market, the nuances and the people, as much as you do.

How do You Choose the best US Dropshipping Supplier

Regardless of whether you source from the US or from China, it is crucial that you are able to weed out the unreliable suppliers and narrow down on a trustworthy one.

Here’s a small guide that will help you understand the various parameters to look for while selecting a dropshipping supplier.

1. Transparent Pricing

Look for clear and transparent product pricing. What is the maximum purchase price? Is there an MOQ? You don’t want to deal with sellers who will jack up the prices during peak season, or hold you ransom by asking for higher prices.

2. Simple Fulfillment Process

Ask the seller the average time it takes to process an order. You ideally want to work with sellers who process your order the same day or on the next day at the most. Also, how easy is it to integrate the seller’s inventory software with your store? Can you import complete product details with one-click?

Are orders processed automatically? How soon do they upload the tracking details?

3 Clear Inventory Level

Every dropshipping supplier promises real time inventory updates until you realize that the product you sourced after days of research, is suddenly out of stock.

Look for sellers who update inventory levels clearly and on time. This will save you a lot of hassles down the road. If inventory levels for a particular product are low, the suppliers should update this well in advance.

4. Dedicated Customer Support

A reputed dropshipping supplier will have a dedicated customer support team to address queries and provide resolutions. If you come across a supplier that takes ages to respond to queries, working with them might not be a pleasant experience.

You need a team that sends out prompt and accurate responses. Time is money in business.


That sums up our list of the top 13 dropshipping suppliers for the US. We hope that this helps you narrow down on the right supplier for your dropshipping business. Remember, it’s important that you know how to find the right dropshipping supplier. Read the various parameters that we use as a checklist before you reach out to one of them.

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If you need any further assistance, reach out to us anytime. We are all ears. Good luck.

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