5 Best SEO Apps for Shopify to Increase Your Organic Traffic

Shopify SEO apps are designed to help businesses optimize their ecommerce stores for organic rankings in Google search.

67.60% of all clicks originating on Google search go to the first five listings in Search results pages.

So it’s imperative that you consider optimizing your business for search.

That said, optimizing a store with hundreds of categories, products and variants is not a cakewalk.

That’s where the best SEO apps for Shopify come into the picture.

These apps will help automate most SEO tasks, regardless of the number of products and pages on the store.

What are the Best SEO Apps for Shopify?

Here are our top picks for the best SEO apps for Shopify we recommend.

1. SEO Booster by Secomapp

SEO on Autopilot


SEO Booster is one of the top rated SEO apps in the Shopify Marketplace. The popularity stems from the feature set, which ticks every single box that SEO marketers generally look for.

As you would be aware, there’s no dearth of SEO apps in the marketplace now. But if you look closely at each one, you’ll find that most of them have limited features, or are for special-use situations. For instance, an app that lets you optimize ‘Image Alt’ descriptions for SEO.

In comparison, SEO booster is all-encompassing. At least the top tier plan is. You get unlimited Image Alts along with a laundry list of automation features.

Key Features:

1. Auto Scan

Entrepreneurs are not SEO professionals. But often, they have to don multiple caps due to limited overheads. The Auto Scan feature in SEO booster has you covered, if you find yourself in this situation. Think of this like an automated SEO audit of your site, where the app scans the site to detect common errors.

Is there a broken link? Do your images need compressing or Alt updates? Maybe your keyword research is thin. SEO Booster will take away the effort and time taken for a manual SEO audit.

2. Free JSON-LD

Structured data is critical in modern SEO. But it’s an uphill task for ecommerce stores because of the sheer volume of pages and media that need structured data. SEO Booster allows you to add JSON-LD for free to your store, making it effortless to add structured data that’s Google friendly.

3. Auto Add Image Alt Tags & More

SEO Booster lets you bulk edit all the images in your store and update the Alt Text, with keywords that can be detected and ranked in search. Don’t for a minute discount the importance of Image optimization in search rankings.

But here’s the kicker. You can either manually add these, or let the app do it for you automatically. That’s a massive time and effort saver.

4. Competitor Analysis

Someone rightly said that if your competitor is doing something better than you, borrow (steal) it. SEO Booster lets you compare your store with your competitors, side by side. From on-site SEO to backlinks, this is a great way to get some inspiration and ideas, on how to boost your own stores rankings.

More importantly, it will highlight the areas where your marketing efforts are lacking currently.

5. 24/7 Live Chat

One of the best features of SEO Booster is the Live Chat Support. Despite all the user-friendliness, you are bound to hit roadblocks while optimizing an ecommerce store. Support is critical to ensure that you don’t get stuck endlessly in a loop.

Also, SEO Booster’s support rating is top notch. You know that you are in safe hands.



SEO Booster has three tiered pricing plans. The Free Plan lets you optimize the alt-text for up to 50 products, but offers most of the other features including an on-site scan and broken link detection.

The Pro Plan is priced at $39.99/month and has a lot more features including duplicate content detection and JSON-LD. The top most plan is the Unlimited Plan at $79.99/month which is limitless in the features it offers.

Our thoughts about SEO Booster:

This is an amazing app for ecommerce stores, regardless of the size of the operation. The pricing plans are not obscene, and given the sheer ease with which this lets you optimize stores, it’s a no-brainer choice really.

2. SEO Optimizer by Booster Apps

All Encompassing SEO Suite


Close on the heels of SEO Booster, we have SEO Optimizer, another best SEO app for Shopify that boasts of a stellar rating & ensemble feature set.

To be fair, it was a tough call choosing between these two apps and the only reason why SEO Booster got the top position is because of better reviews on the Shopify store.

Else, you will get all the pro features of SEO booster, with SEO optimizer, at almost 50% of the price. Here’s a look at some of the key features.

Key Features:

1. Autopilot

We believe that an auto scan is a critical feature of any app that claims to help entrepreneurs optimize their stores for organic search. With SEO Optimizer, you have a comprehensive automated scan, with one-click fixes. It will generate a sitemap and submit it to Google, in one click. It detects broken links and redirects it to fix the errors.

It also adds JSON-LD to the site, automatically. What’s amazing is that you can set custom rules and run these automation tools. For instance, if you want to monitor for canonical errors and fix them, SEO optimizer can do that for you with no manual interference required.

2. Meta Tags

Meta Title and descriptions are terribly underrated for their importance in ranking and improving click through rates. But we understand why ecommerce stores often shirk this. It’s tedious! SEO Optimizer makes it easy though.

You can bulk edit both, Meta Tags and Descriptions, to ensure that they are optimized for ranking.

3. Alerts

SEO Optimizer will send out weekly SEO Health Reports on your email. Think of this like a status update of all things right, or wrong with your site’s SEO optimization. Are there broken links that need fixing? Do some of the images need compression? By the way, SEO Optimizer also compresses images on auto pilot.

4. SEO Friendly URLS

Poorly structured URLS are common in the ecommerce industry. That’s partly due to unique product names, which make it challenging to have friendly URLs. SEO Optimizer lets you bulk optimize URLs, so that they are updated according to Google’s guidelines.



Coming to the big draw, SEO Optimizer offers three tiered plans. There’s the Free Plan with limited features. There’s the Pro Plan priced at $29.88/month, which has almost all the features a small and medium sized ecommerce business needs.

Lastly, there’s a premium plan at $44.99/month.

Our thoughts about SEO Optimizer:

Just like SEO Booster, SEO Optimizer has a 24/7 US-Based Support team (not Live Chat), which has excellent ratings in the Shopify Store. The pricing is more SMB friendly. It has all the features that we would look for, if we were to pick the best SEO app for Shopify.

3. SEO Get Clicked!

Upcoming SEO App with Great features


SEO Get Clicked is a reasonably new app that has some excellent features. In fact, it has a few that the previous two apps don’t. For instance, it offers Keyword Tracking. In normal circumstances, you’d have to subscribe to a pricier app, like Moz or ahrefs to get reliable keyword tracking for an ecommerce store.

It’s just amazing to be able to track keyword rankings from within your Shopify store dashboard itself. That of course is just one of the unique additions that SEO Get Clicked brings to the table. There are more.

Here’s a look.

Key Features:

1. Structured Data & Schema

SEO Get Clicked adds JSON-LD in one-click, allowing you to tap into Google’s rich, structured data feature, including rich snippets. Reviews, ratings, questions, shopping, local businesses, there’s so many ways in which structured data can be beneficial in increasing traffic to your store.

2. Extensive Knowledgebase with videos

While a good support team is vital to ensure seamless installation and functionality, a knowledgebase is equally important, especially if you are looking to educate yourself and learn the basics of SEO yourself.

SEO Get Clicked offers an extensive collection of educational SEO Videos. When clubbed with the intuitive software interface, you can do most things yourself, without ever having to reach out to support for help.

3. Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices account for 57% of traffic already. But is your store really mobile friendly? We are sure that the theme will be mobile-responsive. But often, responsive themes can also appear jumbled when we add images and text.

SEO Get Clicked will scan for mobile optimization. Amongst other features, it also checks for mobile site load times, which is a critical ranking factor. You also get easy ways to improve your site’s mobile speed and performance, if it’s lacking in the first place.

4. Automation & Bulk Edits

SEO Get Clicked allows you to bulk optimize Meta tags, image alts, titles and descriptions, all in one click. There’s an automated site-scan feature, along with one-click changes to these.

5. Easy Monitoring

Many SEO apps discount the fact that you have to constantly monitor your site for SEO. It’s not a set and forget thing. SEO Get Clicked has tons of tools integrated into the software. You can check the Mobile Speed Test, Page Speed Insights Test & Structured Data Testing Tool. There’s also a product scanner tool that scans every product page on the site.



Now for the biggest USP of SEO Get Clicked. It has just one pricing plan. That’s $19.99/month. That’s almost 75% of the cost of the big two, without cutting corners with any features. SEO Get Clicked also have a Live Chat Support team by the way.

Our thoughts about SEO Get Clicked:

Despite being a new addition to the Shopify marketplace, we feel that SEO Get Clicked has enough features and a great pricing, to become one of the best blog apps for Shopify, for businesses of all sizes.

4. AMP by Shop Sheriff

Tap into the power of AMP Pages


AMP is an open-source project that helps webmasters to create ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’, which load in the blink of an eye on all devices. If your ecommerce business gets a lot of mobile traffic, then it’s highly recommended that you create optimized AMP Pages.

AMP by Shop Sheriff takes the guesswork out of the technology allowing you to create lightning fast web pages for mobile devices. AMP has a 5.0 rating on the Shopify Marketplace. That’s a flawless record.

If you take a closer look at the ratings, you will realize that ecommerce stores have managed to rank higher in organic search purely with AMP pages.

Key Features:

1. One Click AMP Pages

AMP allows you to convert every single page on your ecommerce store to an AMP page. This includes the Home page, all product pages, collections, blogs, and even support pages, if need be. Normally, this takes a fair bit of time. But with AMP, it’s one click. Just select and create an AMP page.

2. Dedicated Page Builder

While creating an AMP page, you’ll probably have to skip a few components on the page to make it mobile cache friendly. AMP features a dedicated AMP page builder, which takes the guesswork out of this process. Just select the best components, skip the rest and you are good to go.

3. Support for Media Rich AMP Pages

AMP Pages does not mean that you have to give up on media altogether. You can totally have media rich AMP pages too. AMP makes this possible by parsing your rich media into Accelerated Mobile Page friendly.

4. Instant Loading Pages with the Lightning Bolt Icon

Even if you have a media-rich product page, it will load in an instant with AMP. That’s the best bit. These pages are automatically cached by Google Mobile Index, making it perfect for mobile traffic.

With AMP pages, you will get the Lightning Bolt icon, which indicates that the page is cached in Google’s Mobile index for instant loading.

5. Tons of One-Click Integrations

AMP integrates with a variety of Shopify Apps, allowing webmasters to seamlessly share data, and work in synergy. For instance, you can connect it with the best Shopify analytics app to track metrics. It also integrates with enterprise software by the way.



AMP has three tiered pricing plans in addition to the Free Plan. The Hobbyist Plan is priced at $9/month. The Company Plan is priced at $29/month. The Enterprise Plan is priced at $99/month.

Our thoughts about AMP:

The pricing is not unaffordable even for small ecommerce brands. Given that AMP pages are vital to fast rankings and SEO, we feel that no price is too small for the features and ease that this app offers.

5. Plug In SEO

Guided Optimization for your Ecommerce Store


The final recommendation is Plug In SEO, which is a fully-loaded SEO suite, just like the first three apps that we recommended.

Plug In SEO is fairly new. So it does not boast of a user rating like some of the other options in this list. But it more than makes up for the lack of reviews, with an amazing feature set. One of the features that we like the most, is the SEO guidance it offers.

Many SEO apps allow you to analyze and scan websites. They also show you the potential problems with the site. But they rarely make recommendations on how to fix those problems easily. Plug In SEO does that. That’s what made us pick this app over some other worthy competitors.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Checks

Plug In SEO conducts one-click checks or audits, depending on what you want to call them. But these audits are more comprehensive than what we generally come across. It offers an audit dashboard where the software checks the store on the basis of SEO problems, Speed, Blog, Broken Links, and keywords.

Under each parameter, it will display the problem as detected in the audit.

2. Recommendations and Paid Services

Let’s say that the audit discovers that your website blog lacks the depth that it must have. But the busy entrepreneur that you are, hunting for a copywriter is probably the last thing on your mind. That’s where Plug In SEO differs from the competition.

They offer paid services that can fix the problem for you, if you cannot do it yourself. For instance, if your keyword research is poor, they can make the right recommendations. But if you do not have the time or a team, then they will do it for you. You are not stuck due to lack of options, ever.

3. Free Templates that work with Shopify’s In-Built SEO features

Shopify by default has some SEO features, which will kick-in when you import products into the store. But sometimes, adding a third party best SEO app for Shopify can cause a potential conflict, which messes up the appearance of your product pages in Search listings.

Plug In SEO has a template building service that works with Shopify’s in-built SEO features. You can use this to create templates that will appear picture perfect in search listings. What’s amazing is that this service is 100% free.



Plug In SEO has a free plan. But unlike other apps, the free plan does not limit access to a certain number of product pages. You can do unlimited site checks, each one of which comes with instructions to fix the problem.

There’s a paid edition, priced at just $20/month, which gives you a lot more features. In addition to this, there’s the paid expert service which is a custom paid, optional addition.

Our thoughts about Plug In SEO:

If you choose to do the SEO for your store by yourself, you are paying just $20/month for the top plan with Plug In SEO. That’s a no-brainer.

On the other hand, if you are a large brand with the bandwidth to hire professionals, you can avail of as many features as you need to fix problems with the site. This is a great app!

How to Select the Best SEO App for Shopify

Selecting the Best SEO app for Shopify is not difficult at all. Here are the factors to consider when you make a selection.

1. Automated Scans

This is hands down, the most important parameter for us. How do you optimize a store for organic search if you do not know what the problems are in the first place?

An automated one-click site audit will show you the existing problems. If you select an app like Plug In SEO, it will also show you how to fix it, or connect you with the professionals who can fix it for you.

2. Meta Tags Optimization

Optimizing Meta Tags is the most labor-intensive and time consuming SEO task for any ecommerce store. So it’s imperative that the app you select allows you to bulk optimize Meta Title & Description tags.

Also, we prefer apps that make recommendations on the ideal Title and Description, which takes trial and error out of the equation.

3. Image Alt Optimization

Just like Meta Tags, Image Alt Optimization will eat into your valuable time. Look for apps that let you optimize Image Alts in bulk and with just a few clicks.

4. Google Recommended Tests & Integrations

Does the App connect with the Google Search Console and Google Analytics? Does it allow you to check compatibility with Google’s Page Speed Insights, Sitemap submission and other tools? In the end, it all boils down to creating a site that’s updated as per Google’s latest recommendations.


Structured data is search engine friendly data that can increase CTR and improve traffic through multiple ways. JSON-LD allows you to add structured data to your site without having to deal with code.

It is very important to pick an app that lets you add JSON-LD in one click.

6. AMP Pages

If your ecommerce store relies primarily on mobile traffic, then AMP pages is a must-have feature for you. It will make a huge difference to your rankings and traffic. That said, not all apps offer AMP page creation. This is a specialized feature for which you will need a dedicated app like AMP.

To sum it up

SEO is an ever evolving process that takes a vigilant eye and an efficient tool, to spot errors and fix them. For an ecommerce store, the challenges get compounded due to the sheer volume of pages and data that needs to be processed.

The Best SEO Apps for Shopify will ease these bits, greatly increasing the chances of your site ranking in organic search.

We hope that our guide and our recommendation list helps you select the best option for your business.