10 Best Order Tracking Apps for Shopify In 2021

The fact that you are looking for the best order tracking app for Shopify means that you are regularly hitting hurdles, or possibly even hit a roadblock while sending tracking details.

Order tracking is a legit curveball, as most ecommerce brands would agree.

You can never be too sure of how a package gets stuck or at what stage it goes missing. Order tracking apps give you real time information (almost) and allow you to stay one step ahead of potential delays.

That said, there are so many tracking apps in the Shopify marketplace that brands are often confused.

The Sourcingbro team has selected the top 10 order tracking apps for you.

Let’s dive in.

What are the Best Order Tracking Apps for Shopify?

Here are our top picks of the best order tracking apps for Shopify to try this year.

1. Aftership Order Tracking


Aftership Order Tracking boasts of the highest reviews on the Shopify Store amongst order tracking apps. This means that it is also one of the oldest services in the business. It’s tried, tested and has consistently managed to garner positive reviews.

It has a loaded feature-set that clubs automation and reliability to keep you updated about the packages after they leave the warehouse. One of the standout features that we like is the branded tracking page. But there’s more.

Key Features:

Single dashboard for effortless tracking – Aftership’s dashboard allows you to track all your shipments using a single dashboard. You can look up for orders by carrier, the customer’s email or by delivery status.

Branded Tracking Page – Aftership lets you brand the tracking page using the drag and drop designer. Its not just the logo either. You can add your products and social media links too.

Multiple notification channels – Aftership offers up to 7 notification triggers for potential delays. You can automate email notifications for each stage. It integrates with Klaviyo emails and you can embed the track button directly into the mail.

Great Analytics – Every single action taken by the courier or the customer is logged. Aftership ensures that you can use the data to improvise on the service.


Aftership is free for up to 50 shipments a month. In addition to this, they have three plans with dynamic pricing based on the number of shipments. It starts from $9/month for the Essentials Plan and goes to $999/month for Pro. They also have a custom quote-based enterprise plan for large brands.

2. Tracktor


Aftership connects you with 848 carriers across the world. Tracktor integrates with more than 1000. So, if you have a global ecommerce store, Tracktor might be a better pick purely because of the increased carrier integrations.

Other than this, it has all the standard features one expects with a top-notch order tracking service. It is fast, easy, customizable and reliable. While it is not as old as Aftership, it has some great reviews already. A majority of these are about the terrific customer service.

Key Features:

Map View – Tracktor tracks your packages even when they are in transit. This information is not broad strokes either. You get to track the exact location on a map. You can also set alerts for packages that are delayed.

Real Time Tracking – A lot of brands use the term ‘Real Time’ loosely. But Tracktor with its 1000+ carrier integrations is as close to being real time tracking as it can get.

Order stage customization – Often, the customer can get anxious to know when an order will be shipped after they place it. Tracktor lets you customize and add multiple stages in between order placement and shipping. For example, you can add a stage for ‘Picked from Warehouse’, and many more.

Reduce support requests – Tracktor lets you embed the tracking button in automated emails, as well as the account dashboard. Self-help reduces support requests.


Tracktor has 4 pricing plans at $8.99/month, $36/month, $99/month & $249/month. Dedicated support is only available in the final one. All plans have a 14-day trial option that lets you test the service levels.

3. Parcel Panel

Parcel Panel is one of the most popular order tracking apps, especially for ecommerce businesses who dropship from China. It integrates with 800+ carriers around the world. Some of these are dropshipping-specific ones like AliExpress tracking & YunExpress.

It automatically integrates with your store creating a branded tracking page. One of the added perks is that businesses can hide the Chinese origin for the shipment.

Key Features:

SEO Optimized Tracking Page – Parcel Panel automatically creates a branded tracking page. The default elements include your logo and store branding. But there’s a drag & drop interface allowing you to add as many elements as you want to. This is a great way to bring back the customer for tracking and throw a targeted upsell. Also, the tracking page is completely SEO optimized.

ETA – Rather than showing ad-hoc, cookie-cutter status messages, Parcel Panel shows them the exact remaining time for delivery. Rather than showing ‘In Transit’, it will show ‘Expected in 6-days’.

Shipping Progress Bar – The progress bar is another neat feature. It eases customer anxiety and gives them a fair idea of where the shipment is. In the backend, you can get map coordinates for the exact location.

8 Order statuses – Parcel Panel offers 8 standard order statuses. You can add custom ones too. Setting automated alerts for any status lets you deal with potential delayed shipments before the customers complain.


Parcel Panel is completely free for small brands generating up to 20 orders a month. They have three other volume based plants at $9/month, $19/month & $99/month. The platinum plan gives you a dedicated account manager. The number of shipments tracked is capped at 5000 for the top plan though. For more, you need to contact them for a custom quote.

4. Track Order by Shipway

This is where it gets really tricky. The top 3 order tracking services at least have some USP that allows them to stand out. But after this, almost every brand starts to look like a mirror replica of the other. But Track Order by Shipway offers multiple communication channels for order alerts.

Think about it. How many customers would regularly check their emails to stay updated? Not many. If they miss a status email, it will result in a customer support request. By alerting them through Whatsapp and other communication channels, Track Order ensures that they stay updated.

Key Features:

Branded Tracking – Track Order can be integrated into your store using a simple widget. The actual tracking page is completely customizable, with header, footer and even products.

Hide Chinese Origin – Aliexpress dropshipping brands can hide the Chinese origin. The tracking page can be displayed in any language of your choice and the origin as well as location scan can be hidden.

Automated Review requests – Track order allows you to send out automated review requests after the shipment is delivered. This can be set on a custom rule. For instance, a request will be sent 4 days after delivery and so on.

CSAT Score – Track Order allows you to gauge customer satisfaction using Net Promoter Score. This data can be invaluable when integrated into the best CRM for shopify.


Shipway offer a free plan with 500 shipments for 7-days, after which you will be billed $9.99 per month. After this, they have a custom pricing model depending on the volume of sales your business generates.

5. Shipping Tracker by Devcloud

Small, niche ecommerce businesses are often stuck with the short end of the stick while selecting services. They may be forced to choose big ticket services with steep minimums, for services that they may not need. For instance, an ecommerce brand that only works with two carriers and ships to one country only may not need 800+ carrier integrations.

Instead, they may be looking to save the additional cost. That’s why we like Shipping Tracker. It has a small-brand-focused pricing plan. The services are basic, but tick the important boxes. Most importantly, small brands will be able to find a plan that does not create a dent in their budget.

Key features:

Centralized tracking dashboard – Shipping Tracker gives you a centralized tracking dashboard to track all shipments. For the customers, tracking is integrated into the store, which limits the dissatisfaction that comes with redirecting them to third party tracking sites.

Custom Tracking Page – Shipping Tracker lets you choose from 3 premade templates for tracking page customization. Additional customization is available on request.

Timely Updates – Shipping Tracker sends out timely updates to the customer whenever the package’s shipping status changes. This reduces support requests by almost 50% according to them. Alerts are only available on email and SMS though.

Integration – Although basic, Shipping Tracker offers 3 integrations. There’s Mailchimp, Klaviyo & Custom Webhooks. Like we said earlier, this is a service designed for small brands. But there’s ample room to scale if your business grows.


The basic plan is priced at just $2.99/month and it includes all the important features for up to 100 shipments. That’s incredible value for one-man shops and small stores. In addition to this, they have three other plans at $9.99/month, $29.99/month & $99.99/month. The premium plan gives you access to their developer API as well.

6. Order Tracking in 60 Seconds


For a new brand, QuickShip surely packs a punch with its offerings. While there are no bells and whistles, there’s one very important feature. One that’s commonly seen on the wish list for many small ecommerce stores. We will get to that in a bit.

QuickShip connects with 300+ carriers and has one of the easiest integrations with Shopify. Adding this to the store and setting up a branded tracking page is a no-brainer. If you prefer an easy-setup app (who doesn’t?) then this is definitely worth considering.

Key Features:

Tracking Number in 60-Seconds – If you dropship from Aliexpress or eBay, there’s a significant time gap between the order placement and the tracking number generation. This results in flagging customer motivation.

QuickShip has a unique solution to this. It generates a dummy tracking number in 60-seconds after the order is placed. It also lets you create as many stages for this interim time period.

For example, if it takes 7-days for the seller to provide you the tracking number, you can create 7 stages for each day. Order packed, order received in warehouse, order under quality check and so on.

Uncluttered Tracking Interface – QuickShip has a clean, uncluttered tracking interface that integrates directly with your store. Like most other brands, you can customize the page as well.

Free Installation – QuickShip is extremely easy to install. But some businessmen prefer a hands-off approach to technical things. In case you are unable to install it yourself, the customer service will install and configure it for free.


QuickShip has four pricing plans. The free plan lets you track up to 20 orders as many times as required. The starter plan is priced at $17/month, the Pro plan at $37/month and the Platinum at $97/month.

7. Easyship Order Tracking


Easyship is one of those bundled-apps that club two closely-linked services. For example, many of the best Shopify analytics apps also boast of robust reporting features. Similarly, this one clubs order management with order tracking.

Its an end to end solution for getting the best shipping prices, comparing quotes, sourcing discounts and expanding to international markets. It connects with 250+ carriers, instantly sources the best prices and displays it on one centralized dashboard. Since this review article is primarily about tracking, it also offers a reliable and fast tracking interface.

Key Features:

Simplified Order Management – Easyship is a very powerful order management tool. It offers a streamlined dashboard with an easy UX. There are tons of features on offer.

For instance, you can generate labels, create new shipments and even create custom paperwork as needed. When the order is shipped, you can automate sending the customer the updated tracking number.

No Surprise Charges – Easyship displays the prices based on the items in the customer’s cart. The prices that you see are all-inclusive. This means that they include courier fees, duty and taxes if any.

Get pre-negotiated rates – Easyship ties up with 250+ carriers from all around the world. This allows them to get pre-negotiated shipping prices, which are up to 70% lesser than what businesses normally get. However, if you are able to source better prices, you can always login with your own courier account.

Automated workflows – You can create automated workflows that help reduce the time spent on mundane, repetitive tasks. For instance, if there’s a specific courier you prefer for a product type or a destination, you can set rules and this entire workflow can be automated.

Branded Tracking – Easyship offers branded tracking both on the store as well as through emails.


The App is free to install. You only pay for the shipping, which earns Easyship a small commission.

8. Order Lookup by Venntov

Order Lookup is a no-frills attached tracking service that helps you get real time tracking updates. It connects with 400+ carriers and allows customers multiple choices to track their shipments by themselves.

This reduces support requests and saves you time. At the same time, regular updates ensure that customer motivation and satisfaction levels remain intact.

Key Features:

ePacket Support – Order lookup offers seamless integration with ePacket, China EMS & China Post amongst notable carriers for businesses shipping from China. The tracking page can be custom branded and integrated into your store front. It is mobile-friendly too.

Easy Order Search – Customers can search for their orders even using email. This is a very useful feature because many a time, the customer does not have the order number handy.

Seamless Imports – When you install Order Lookup, it begins to import the order data for the past 6-months. This ensures that customers get their order tracking history in their account dashboard.

Integration with Email Marketing – Order Lookup integrates with OrderlyEmails, which allows you to send automated order status updates.


Order Lookup has a volume based pricing model. It charges you a flat rate of $10/month if your store generates 100 orders. For every additional order, you will be billed at $0.05 USD.

9. Trackable ‑ Order Status

If you are a one-man operation with limited overheads, or a small brand looking to test the waters with order tracking, then you’d love Trackable. This is one of the new order tracking services in the Shopify Marketplace.

It has some pretty large boots to fill. To that end, they offer a fully loaded free plan. This makes it one of the only order tracking services with a free plan, that’s really free. There are no upsells or add-ons. There are no hidden prices either.

Key Features:

Branding made easy – Every order tracking app in this list offers a branded tracking page. But each one of them involves some degree of elbow grease. Trackable automatically pulls in the design elements from your storefront theme. So, the header, footer, colors, navigation bar, everything is automatically downloaded for a consistent appearance.

No Coding Installation – Trackable is a one-click installation from the Shopify Merchant Dashboard. You never need to code. Not even copy paste anything.

Shopify Carriers Integrated – Trackable integrates with all of Shopify’s supported carriers. So, if the customer chooses one of those, they can be redirected seamlessly to the Shopify tracking page instead of the custom branded one.


Here’s the big draw. Trackable is completely free for up to 150 orders/month. There are many small ecommerce stores that generate between 50-150 orders a month. They can use the service for free. The other plans are priced at $7.99, $14.99 & $29.99. All plans are very reasonably priced.

10. Where’s My Order by Wonderment

Wonderment’s ‘Where’s my Order’ is one of the more comprehensive order tracking apps in the Shopify marketplace. It goes beyond the conventional order tracking features, and brings reporting and analytics into the mix.

Most of the budget-priced order tracking services will offer you the basics. But reporting is generally left for specialized software. Wonderment ‘Where’s My Order’ offers you beautifully designed reports that can then be used by your Support team to gain insights into shipping performance.

Key Features:

Stalled Shipment Alerts – ‘Where’s My Order’ sends you stalled shipment alerts which lets you redirect this to your support team, or proactively contact the customer and update them about the possible delay. In either case, this will help improve customer satisfaction and save you time, because Wonderment will alert you even before the carrier does.

Performance reports – ‘Where’s My Order’ lets you generate detailed reports in a single click. From monthly and daily shipping trends to carrier performance and region wise shipping performance, everything is tracked and reported. What’s more, you can send the raw data into spreadsheets or a warehouse for dialing down further.

Single Dashboard – Where’s My Order currently integrates with 20+ carriers which lets you track orders from multiple carriers in a centralized dashboard. Save time spent on tedious manual order lookups.

In Transit Reports – Which of your orders were stuck in transit for the longest time? Which orders got lost? Get all details to gauge carrier performance.


Wonderment ‘Where’s My Order’ is completely free for businesses that generate up to 500 orders a month. They have three other plans priced at $20/month, $40/month & $80/month. For a service that’s so feature rich, it’s surprising that custom-branded tracking pages is an upcoming feature.

To Sum it up

That sums up our list of the best order tracking app for Shopify.

Order Tracking is a mission critical aspect of the ecommerce supply chain. Automating workflows & reliable, real time tracking with alerts with take a huge responsibility off your shoulders.

We hope that our list guides you towards the best solution for your ecommerce business.

Off topic, did you know that we create a custom dashboard for our clients and monitor every shipment all the way until it is delivered to the customer?

For more details on our reliable order tracking, click here now to speak to us.

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