8 Best Live Chat Apps For Shopify in 2021

Did you know that the average conversion rate for ecommerce can be as low as 1%?

Adding the best live chat app for Shopify is an effortless shortcut to boost those numbers.

Better conversions, more engagement, 24/7 automated customer service, the advantages are endless.

But so are the options. The Shopify store is teeming with Live chat apps. Don’t get swayed by fancy features. Not all of them offer the kind of customization that many businesses seek.

That’s why we have curated this list of the best options out there.

Even if this is the first time you are researching live chat for Shopify, we will grab your hands and walk you through the list.

What Are the Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify?

Here are our top picks of the best live chat app to try this year.

  • Tidio – Perfect for Small & Medium Sized Ecommerce Stores
  • Chatra – Free Chat Option & Email Integration ⁣
  • Podium Webchat – Best for Stores running Facebook Ads
  • LiveChat – Versatile Chat Platform for businesses of all sizes
  • LivePerson – AI Powered Chat Bot ⁣
  • Tawk.to – Done for you customer service
  • Chaport – Integrate seamlessly with IM Apps ⁣
  • Acquire.io – Preferred Option for Global Businesses

Are you all set? Let’s dive in.

1. Tidio

Perfect for Small & Medium Sized Ecommerce Stores


Tidio Chat earns the distinction of being the most reviewed Live Chat software on the Shopify Store. There’s good reason for that. It is used by 300000 businesses as of today. To top it off, it is loaded with features, is easy to work with and has a cloud-based, mobile-compatible platform, that’s super easy to integrate with your store.

Regardless of whether you seek better customer service or just want to provide your users with self-help options, Tidio fits the bill. Moreover, it has a free chat option that small businesses might find to be very appealing. Let’s take a look at what makes Tidio tick.

Key Features:

1. Custom Chat Box

Tidio’s chat box can be completely customized to match the design of your online store.

2. Customer Profiles

Tidio allows you to save visitor profiles which lets you offer customized solutions (marketing campaigns) to them the next time.

3. Lead Capture Form Integration

Integrate a lead capture form into the chat box, which lets you capture the email before you start the chat.

4. Ready Made Chat Bots

Automate Chat bots that keep your customer engaged and turn hesitation into motivation by offering quick responses.

5. Live Typing Preview

One of the best features is that Tidio Chat allows you to preview what the customer is typing in real time. This lets you prepare your responses a lot sooner.


Tidio has a fully functional free-chat box for up to 100 unique visitors. There’s no limit to the number of chats mind you. You can have up to 3 chat operators in this plan. If you are looking to use Chatbots, the plan is priced at 18USD/mo.

2. Chatra

Free Chat Option & Email Integration

On a shoestring budget? Skeptical about Live Chat? Try Chatra’s free live chat service to test the waters. It offers both online and offline chat widgets for use with unlimited websites. The chat widgets are fully customizable and feature SSL-encryption, which further assures your customers of their data security.

If you are willing to look beyond the free plan, Chatra’s services are feature-rich and work equally well for small and large ecommerce stores. Let’s look at some of the most impressive ones in that list.

Key Features:

1.Group Chats

Chatra allows multiple chat operators to join the same chat. This is very useful for training. But also works for escalations, where the chat does not have to be transferred ever. A senior customer support executive can just join the same chat box.

2. Consolidated Inbox

If you are using an email helpdesk service, then Chatra allows you to consolidate the messages into one inbox. Both chat messages and emails will be received here in real time.

3. Real Time View

Chatra lets you view your store in real time. If you have visitor profiles, this is a great way to engage returning customers with targeted advertisements and offers. Encourage them to spend more.

4. Chat Bots

Chatra’s chat bots will increase engagement rates by providing fast replies to commonly asked questions. These responses can be saved for future use.


Chatra offers three plans. The free one limits it to one user agent and also has fewer features. But it’s a great way to test it out, especially for one-man operations. The essential plan is priced at $19/agent & the Pro plan at $29/agent. Both are billed monthly.

3. Podium Webchat

Best for Stores running Facebook Ads

Podium is an online reputation management platform that also happens to offer one of the best live chat for Shopify. There are features galore that we like about the service. But one of the reasons that it makes it into this list is their social media customer messaging feature.

A lot of ecommerce stores, including many of our clients at Sourcingbro, run Facebook ads. Podium allows you to connect to your Facebook Ad customers through their social media inbox. That’s not all. You get a fully functional web store Chat platform too. This makes it doubly effective, particularly if you are running FB ads.

Key Features:

1. Talk to your customers all the time

Podium Webchat allows you to use automated messaging to capture leads even when your business is offline. This increases credibility & it ensures that you don’t miss out on even a single lead.

2. Automated Review Gathering

Every time your customer makes a purchase, Podium sends them a reminder requesting them to leave a review on Google, Facebook & many other review platforms. There are case studies that show how this has helped brands increase the number of reviews. You can also reply to reviews from a single dashboard.

3. Video Chat

Some businesses prefer to stay anonymous online. But sometimes, customers need to know that they are speaking with a real, live person and not a bot. Podium lets you activate video chatting on your website.

4. Personalized Messaging campaigns

Podium lets you build easy opt-in lists and then send out personalized text messages. Did you know that text has a 98% open rate? Getting paid, or gathering reviews has never been this easy.


Podium offers a custom pricing. So you will have to get in touch with them for a quote based on your business needs.

4. LiveChat

Versatile Chat Platform for businesses of all sizes

LiveChat is one of the most widely used Live Chat applications in the ecommerce industry. It offers easy integrations and almost every best in-class feature out there. Data gathering, automation, customization, marketing, conditional rules, archives, ratings, transfers, name it and you have it.

But based on the customer reviews, it is the granular reporting and analytics that make this one of the best options for medium to large sized stores that have multiple chat operators. LiveChat lets you drill down into each operator’s performance, SLAs and activities. This lets you streamline your services and improve the efficiency of your support team.

Key Features:

1. Multichannel Integration

LiveChat offers businesses the luxury of reaching out to the customer through their preferred communication channel. It allows easy, one-click integrations with Facebook, Apple Business Chat & text messaging. Everything is controlled from a centralized dashboard.

2. One License, Unlimited Websites

LiveChat has a single-license plan that allows businesses to use it on unlimited websites. Like we mentioned earlier, this makes it a cost effective choice for businesses running multiple stores.

3. Tons of Chat Tools

LiveChat has some of the best chat tools that we’ve seen. You can get a preview of what the customer’s typing, to speed up your response time. Save even more time by saving responses to frequently asked questions. Your operators can tag each chat to give it some context.

4. Over 200 Integrations

LiveChat offers almost 200 one-click integrations with sales platforms, CRMs, analytics and reporting tools, marketing tools and more. No matter what aspect of your business you wish to connect with it, it can be done.

5. Security

LiveChat has an array of security features which make it one of the best choices for business-sensitive information. Chat boxes are encrypted. But you can also mask credit card data as and when the customer enters it. They can also choose where to store their personal data. The choices are the EU & USA. If kept in the EU, their data is protected by the Data Protection Directive and the e-Privacy Directive.


LiveChat has four pricing plans. The starter plan is priced 16/mo per agent. The team plan at $33/mo per agent. The business plan at $50/mo per agent and lastly, a custom plan.

5. LivePerson

AI Powered Chat Bot

We have been increasingly witnessing AI and machine learning enabled services powering ecommerce businesses. Did you know that an ecommerce fulfilment service in Australia uses AI-powered robots for pick and pack?

LivePerson is an automated, cloud-based chat application that leverages the power of AI to create ‘meaningful’, engaging conversations with your visitors. We emphasized on ‘meaningful’ because most automated chat bots are guilty of producing monotonous responses that can be spotted from a mile away. But LivePerson has a bunch of features that make it impossible to detect that it’s not a real person at the other end.

Key Features:

1. Chat for the entire funnel

LivePerson can guide your customers from the inquisitive stage, all the way till the product is delivered, and even request them to review your service. For instance, the chat bot can help them with shopping decisions. Once the transaction is complete, the bot can send them tracking details and so on.

2. Automate Conversation Flows

LivePerson allows your customer service reps to create customized conversation flows. AI automatically detects the customer’s intent and chooses a flow of responses that best works in the situation.

3. Easy KPI Measurements

LivePerson has a bunch of analytical tools that let you measure KPIs. At the forefront is agent performance monitoring which takes into account the number of conversations handled, and closed conversations per login hour (CCPLH) other things. Talking about analytics, are you using the best analytics app for shopify yet?

4. A Massive Conversation Cloud

In case you want a hands-off customer service solution, LivePerson works well for that too. It has used a billion conversations to train the machine-learning algorithms that power the chat boxes. So, even with manual inputs, the AI can detect intent and answer queries with utmost precision.


LivePerson has a custom pricing model. To make things even more confusing, there’s no mention of Pricing on their website. But based on some third party reviews, the average price per agent is $40/month for their lowest plan. So, it’s not cheap.

6. Tawk.to

Done for You Customer Service

Tawk.to is a great option for small businesses who do not have the capital to hire fulltime, customer support staff. It’s a chat software that comes bundled with the agents to operate it. Well, not literally. But you can hire agents on an hourly rate, who will then operate the chat software for you.

The first question that a lot of people would have thought of is, ‘Wouldn’t that be pricey?’ It may not be. Would you believe it if we told you that you can hire agents for as low as $1/hour to operate your live chat support?

Tawk.to is a terrific choice for small ecommerce stores who prefer good old manual operation, rather than AI powered bots.

Key Features:

1. Free Software

The big draw of Tawk.to is that the basic software is 100% free. The company claims that it will be free forever. This means that if you can self-operate the chat windows, it’s 100% free to use with all the features. You only pay if you hire an agent or use one of the additional services on offer.

2. Easy Set Up

Time & again, we have come across Live chat platforms that claim easy integrations. But when you actually start to set it up, it turns out to be quite a chore. In many cases, businesses are forced to hire developers to set it up. Tawk.to has to be the easiest one that we have seen so far. Its essentially a simple line of Javascript. Paste it into the widget or your webpage and that’s it.

3. Automatic Language Translation

Tawk.to automatically translates chat into 45+ languages. If you have a store with global customers there’s no better way to add a dash of personalization to your customer service.

4. Mobile App

Tawk.to has apps for both Apple & Android. This is a great way to stay connected to your stores and answer customer queries at any time without logging into the system.


Tawk.to offers a fully functional 7-day trial of their ‘Agent Hire’ service. The price you pay will depend on the experience and the location of the agent you hire. Tawk.to flaunts the $1/hour price, which is true. But the average price for an agent in the US can be as much as $14/hour. That may be pricey or not, depending on your budgets. But don’t forget that you still get to use the software for free.

7. Chaport

Integrate Seamlessly with IM Apps

Surprisingly, there are very few Live Chat apps for Shopify that allow seamless integration with IM apps. Chaport manages to tap into this virgin niche by offering a live chat app that connects to Facebook, Viber, Telegram and other leading IM apps.

What’s even better is that all messages from IM apps and from your website live chat widget will come into a centralized inbox. This inbox can be managed from a mobile app. How’s that for convenience? This feature alone, helped Chaport make it to our list over many other Live Chat software.

Key Features:

1. Automatic Invitations

Chaport lets you set custom rules for visitors, based on which they receive automated chat invites.

For instance, if a visitor is visiting your ecommerce store for the first time, you can set a rule for them to receive an automated message that asks ‘What are you interested to know about?

Option A – Your Product #1, Option B – Your Product #2 Option C – I am just browsing’. Even if they click on Option C, it will open the chat box and invite them to speak to an agent.

2. Media Enabled Chats

Chaport chat widget is media enabled. This means that you and the customer can share images, videos, files and even audio within the box.

3. Completely Customizable

Chaport is completely customizable. You can modify the color, the size, agent names, avatars and position to suit your business website.

4. Multilingual Chat

Chaport allows global businesses to automatically translate chats into different languages based on the IP or a custom setting. Visitors always prefer agents who speak their native languages. This adds a touch of personalization into customer support.

5. Customer Profiling

Chaport gathers comprehensive information about visitors and their engagement with your ecommerce business.

This includes the customer name, their preferred contact channel, contact details, their behavior on your website, and much more. It allows seamless integration with CRM and marketing tools.

This means that you can easily create customer profiles to use for your marketing channels.

6. Centralized Inbox

Chaport lets you receive messages from multiple IM apps into a centralized inbox. This makes it so much easier than logging into multiple apps to answer customer queries. Besides, connecting with customers on their preferred communication channel is always more productive.


Chaport has a free plan that provides you with 1-operator access. But you get unlimited chats and a 30-day chat history to boot. The premium plan is priced at $15/per operator and the business plan is priced at $23/operator. They also have a customized plan for large enterprises.

8. Acquire.io

Preferred Option for Global Businesses

As logistics services bring international markets closer, many ecommerce businesses are choosing to venture into untapped geos. One of the challenges they face is connecting to customers who do not speak English.

Acquire’s multilingual chat software offers automated translations in 100+ languages. It takes you one step closer to your customer, even if you cannot effectively communicate in their language. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, mind you. Acquire boasts of one of the most robust feature sets that we’ve seen in Chat software for Shopify.

Key Features:

1. CoBrowse

One of the standout features of Acquire is CoBrowse. This is the digital equivalent of the ever-smiling, store attendant. Many customers land on ecommerce websites and are unable to figure out vital information, which creates hesitancy.

Eventually, they leave without purchasing anything. Acquire allows your customer service reps to co-browse with the visitor. With their permission, they can open an interactive session, where the rep can point to, or type on the customer’s browser window, or mobile app screen.

You can guide the way, point them towards the best offers, the fastest shipping method or a typo.

2. Video Chat

Acquire allows your visitors to quickly convert any chat conversation into a video chat. They do not need to download any additional software. It is completely browser-compatible. Just click on the tiny icon to launch a video chat. The video chat can also be clubbed with co-browse by the way, to create a highly personalized service session.

3. Save Time with Chat Bots

Acquire allows you to program chat bots to answer common queries, the responses to which can be found in the knowledgebase. This saves precious time and also ensures that the customer doesn’t get stuck. If the answer cannot be found easily, the bot automatically connects the chat to an agent.


Acquire is one of the most well-rounded chat services that we have seen for Shopify, especially if you have an international business. They offer three plans. But all of them have a custom pricing model. So you will have to reach out to them to get a quote.

To Sum it up

Here’s an interesting statistic to wrap this up.

‘44% of online consumers say that a live person to answer questions during an online purchase is one of the most important features a business can offer’.

There are many statistics like this which show that Live Chat is a powerful tool, and definitely a must-have in the current competitive business environment.

With this list, you now have a fair idea of your top 8 choices. Most of these offer a fully functional free trial. You might want to test the waters with more than one software before you finally decide to make a purchase.

Good luck!

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