5 Best Discount App for Shopify in 2022(Ranked & Reviewed)

Discounts are a proven way to increase the average order value in an ecommerce store.

But they are cumbersome to set up and tricky to manage. That’s where the best discount apps for Shopify come into the picture.

These apps are designed to simplify discount management.

Be it tiered pricing or bundle discounts, you can set it up in a jiffy and make tweaks when required without ripping your hair out.

We analyzed the average customer rating, the feature set and the pricing to come up with this list.

So, let’s dive in.

What are the Best Discount apps for Shopify?

Here are the top 5 discount apps for Shopify to try this year.

1. Bold Discounts

Top Rated Discount App from a trusted brand


Bold Discounts from Bold Commerce is one of the oldest and most trusted apps in the Shopify marketplace. The app has more than 1000 reviews and most of them positive, which is an indicator that the features work and the support is responsive.

Bold discounts simplifies some of the most cumbersome tasks associated with discount set up and management, even for large stores. For instance, you can set up store wide discounts, flash sales and urgency tickers, all without having to deal with messy code.

Bold Discounts can also auto detect Shopify tags, which makes it easier for businesses that prefer a hands-off approach to business. Let’s take a closer look at their key features.

Key Features:

1. Discounts without Codes

Any ecommerce brand with thousands of products and variants will tell you that setting up discount codes is time consuming and labor intensive.

Bold Discount allows you to run site wide discounts without dealing with coupon set up. You just need to set up the discount percentage, and select the categories where the discount applies.

That’s it. The sales prices will be displayed on all the products in one go.

2. Creating Urgency

Bold Discount lets you create a sense of urgency in different ways. There’s the conventional way of running a fully customizable countdown timer on the product page. This works great in most cases. But here’s another option.

You can run a descending sale. Start with a 50% discount for a product at 9 am. And then as the day progresses, the discount percentage keeps reducing.

This is a unique way to create urgency, which we think works great too.

3. Scheduled Sales and Flash Sales

You can set scheduled time for running sales customizing it with different categories at different times. For instance, shoes at 10 am, gloves at 12 and so on. You can also run random (planned) flash sales across the site.

4. Price Comparison

The price comparison, that shows both, the actual price and the discounted price side by side is a small, but nice feature. There’s nothing more effective than telling the customer how much he’s saving by hitting that checkout button right now. Add a ticker and you up the chances of conversion even more.



Bold Discounts is priced at $19.99 /month. It’s not too expensive. You also get a 14-day trial to try the product out before you subscribe.

Our thoughts about Bold

Bold Discounts is a very easy app to use. It has almost all the features that small and medium sized ecommerce stores look for, in discount management. That said, there are some limitations too.

You cannot set a discount for a specific product variant, unless you do it manually. Also, you cannot offer discounts on product bundles. So, we recommend that you dig in a little deeper, especially if you have a store with thousands of products and variants.

If you have a small or medium sized store though, you’d be hard pressed to find a cheaper option with as many features.

2. Revy Bundles

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts – Top Rated Discount Bundle Creator


Since bundles were a limitation in Bold Discount, we thought we’d pick the best product for that specific purpose. Here’s Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy. The name’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? You can create as many bundles and offer discounts on them.

That doesn’t seem like much to offer. But the permutations and combinations are endless. Revy Bundles is one of the top rated discount apps for Shopify with a stellar 4.8 rating from 1273 reviews at the time we are creating this.

Let’s take a look at the key features.

Key Features:

1. No Code Discount Set Up

Revy Bundles allows even a novice to set up discount bundles with zero knowledge of coding required. You can install the app and start to create bundles and set preset discounts, all with simple clicks.

This is as good as automating the entire discount workflow. Set it up once and it runs until you stop it.

2. Endless Variations

The amount of variations and bundles that you can create with this is virtually endless. For instance, Buy a Tee & Get 5% off on a cap. Buy two tees and get 10% off on the cap. Buy 5 tees and get the cap free. The more they buy, the cheaper it gets. This is just one way to create a discount bundle.

You can even create a simple tiered discount plan. For instance, get 5% off when you buy one. Get 10% off when you buy two and so on.

3. Dedicated Bundle Page

Revy Bundles lets you display all your product bundles on a dedicated bundle page. Think of it like a ‘On sale today’ page where customers can browse and select the best offers and deals.

4. Multiple Display Options

You can display a discount bundle on any page by the way. You are not shoehorned into displaying it only on the product page. You can add it to collections, cart page and Shopify page to name a few.

5. Flexible and Adaptable

The last thing you need is an app that appears jumbled on your Shopify store interface. Revy bundles automatically integrates with your store theme. There’s no need to code or hire a developer. It’s 100% mobile-friendly too.


Revy Bundles has a tiered pricing plan that’s connected to your Shopify plan. If you have a store on the basic plan, it’s $13.99/month. If you have a Shopify or Professional Plan, it’s priced at $21.99/month.

If you have an Advanced or Unlimited Plan, it’s priced at $29.99/month. Lastly, if you are using Shopify Plus or Enterprise Plan, it’s $38.99/month.

So, it’s not as cheap as some of the other best quantity breaks Shopify apps are. That said, there’s no other app that specializes in product bundles and discounts like this.

Our thoughts on Revy Bundle

Revy Bundle has an exclusive feature set with an enviable customer rating. That for us, screams reliability. If you plan to use product bundles to offer customers with the incentive to spend more, there’s no better choice.

3. Bulk Discount Code Generator

Best App for Creating Unique Discount Codes


One of the challenges that ecommerce stores face while creating discount coupons, is abuse. By abuse, we mean unscrupulous shoppers who might share a limited use on a coupon site. While you expected the coupon code to be used by 1-10 shoppers, it can quickly run into 1000s.

Bulk Discount Code Generator prevents this by generating unique, one-time use codes that cannot be reused or shared. What’s more is that it eliminates some of the common problems that arise while creating codes.

This is not a discount management suite, as some of the other options here are. But it’s a very useful product, for large sites that have to spend hours creating unique coupons.

Key Features:

1. Automatically Generate Coupon Codes

The Discount creator automatically generates discount codes for you in just a few clicks.

The codes are unique and do not contain special characters, which make it confusing for customers. If the code has special characters, customers might mistype them and then contact support, increasing the workload for your support team.

You also have the option to import coupon codes in bulk, if you wish to create them outside of the app and just use the app to manage them better.

2. Easy Integrations

The codes that you create with the app can then be exported in csv files, or directly into your marketing software.

For instance, the best upsell app for Shopify, or an email marketing campaign software. You can then assign a unique coupon code to each email recipient, which eliminates the risk of coupon sharing.


Here’s the kicker. Bulk Discount Code Generator is 100% free to use. Just install it and start generating coupons. This app is probably a cross sell for Seguno’s (The Developer’s) flagship product, the email marketing platform.

But it’s not tied to it. You are free to use it with any other software that you wish.

Our thoughts on the Bulk Discount Code Generator

It’s a no-brainer choice if you use coupon codes on your ecommerce store. This takes guesswork out of coupon code generation, by creating unique, error free codes. What’s more is that it allows you to use it seamlessly with other promotional apps.

4. Nudgify

App with Targeted Discount Nudge Banners


Nudgify is primarily a social proof app that also has a stellar discount management interface. It lets stores display sales pops, social proof and lastly, one-click nudges. Nudges are discount announcement banners that can be displayed to fulfil various goals.

Nudgify is one of the newer additions to the marketplace, that competes with the big guns to be the best discount app for Shopify. To be fair, it manages to stand out from the competition instantly with a unique feature set.

Here’s a look at some of the primary ones.

Key Features:

1. One Click Nudges

Nudgify’s big draw is the one-click nudge feature. A one-click nudge is like a discount/sales banner that flashes on the cart page or basket page by default. You can however, configure it to display on any page on the site. It can display a preset discount percentage that the customer can apply to the cart with a single click.

The discount is automatically applied without the need for copy pasting a code.

Statistics suggest that 59% of online shoppers wait for a sale to complete a purchase. If a customer is showing interest by adding a product to the cart, the nudge banner with a sales announcement can be the much-needed incentive to complete the sale and prevent a cart abandonment.

2. Show Recent Sales

Nudgify lets you show off your most recent sales to bolster confidence in customers who are on the fence. This is a proven technique to increase trust.

Sort of like an in-store social proof. Besides, you can combine this with other strategies to increase conversions. For instance, run a countdown timer for the discount and display a nudge to create the urgency.

3. In-built Nudge Gallery

Nudgify comes with a gallery of beautifully designed nudge templates with perfect colors and CTA buttons. Free delivery nudges, selling out fast nudges and low stock nudges are some of the presets.

All you need to do is select one that matches your theme’s design. Alternatively, you have the option to create your own nudge from scratch.

4. Multi Language Support

Nudges or banners can have interactive clickable elements. For instance, a link to the product reviews, social sharing buttons and so on. It supports 29 languages currently. So even if you have an international store, you don’t need to rely on translators.

5. Use Behavior Based Triggers

One of the best features is the option to use customer behavior to trigger nudges. Do you have customer segments? Or the best crm for Shopify that uses AI algorithms to predict customer behavior patterns? Integrate Nudgify with it to create triggers that will display the nudge to precision.



Nudgify has four tiered pricing plans that you can choose from. The Lite Plan is priced at $0.99 per month and is for sites with up to 2000 visitors. The Plus plan is priced at $9/month and is for sites with up to 10000 visitors. Both these plans will feature the Nudgify logo on the Nudge banners.

The Genius Plan is priced at $29/month per website and is compatible for up to 100000 visitors. The Agency plan is priced at $89/month and allows up to 1 Million visitors. The features keep adding as you go up the pricing tier. You can try all plans for free by the way.

Our thoughts about Nudgify

Nudgify is one of the best discount apps for Shopify. It has an excellent feature set, multiple automation features and one-click applications which take guesswork out of the process.

5. VolumeBoost

Best App for Volume and Tiered Discounts


VolumeBoost is a feature-rich app that allows brands to set up easy, tiered discounts and volume discounts. You can set up multiple types of discount on the entire store, offer fixed discounts, and quantity breaks and a lot more.

This is one of the only apps that allows seamless migration from other discount apps, without breaking your website functionality. They also offer three setup options. An automated one which they claim is accurate up to 80% of the time, a manual set up where you can choose to install the app manually and a paid setup with one of their experts.

Here’s a look at some of their key features.

Key Features:

1. Customizations Galore

VolumeBoost is a versatile app that can work for both, retail as well as B2B businesses. You can use this to launch a wholesaler program, where you reward customers for shopping in bulk. You can also use it to create a simple tiered discount pricing where the price drops as the quantity increases.

While discount bundles are not advertised as a service, there’s a way to make that possible too, since you can apply dynamic discounts on just about any number and types of products.

2. Top Rated Support

One of the things that we noticed is that every review for VolumeBoost is responded to. That’s regardless of whether it’s a positive review or not. Also, every review speaks about how the customer service team promptly solved the problem.

A lot of the best quantity breaks Shopify apps might have overlapping features. It is the quality of their support team that separates them from each other. With VolumeBoost, you have Hulk Apps’ top rated support team to back you up with.

3. Assign Special Discounts

If you use customer segmentation to prioritize your high value customers, then you can assign them a tag, which lets you offer a special discount. This can be set to automatically apply when they fulfill a specific rule.

4. Alerts and Messages

VolumeBoost has a bunch of features that create urgency as well as motivate the customer by displaying the amount of money they can save by buying more. This is another tested way to increase the Average Order Value.



VolumeBoost’s pricing tier is connected to your Shopify Plan. The Basic plan is priced at $9.99/month and is ideal for small brands and startups. You get unlimited discounts even with this plan. The Pro Plan is priced at $14.99/month. The Advanced Plan is priced at $24.99/month. Lastly, they have the Shopify Plus plan at $39.99/month.

Our thoughts about VolumeBoost

VolumeBoost is an excellent app with ample customization and unlimited discount rules. They have a trustworthy support team who are responsive and based on the ratings, go the extra mile to help their customers out.

How to Select the Best Discount App for Shopify

Like we just said, its overlapping features that make it difficult to navigate through the Shopify store while looking for the best discount apps. That’s why we have created this brief buying guide to share with you, the checklist that we use to find the apps that are best suited for our clients.

1. What kind of discounts do you want to offer?

The biggest differentiator is the type of discounts you want to offer on your store. Some stores want to offer volume discounts, while others prefer just discount bundles. Small stores on the other hand, may just need a cost effective app that lets them generate coupon codes.

Pick an app that makes it easy to set up the exact kind of discounts you usually run.

Do you offer bulk discounts for wholesale buyers? Try VolumeBoost.

Do you wish to use social proof and targeted banners? How about Nudgify? Quantity breaks, tiered discount plans, dynamic discounts, narrow it down.

We have tried to break it down to simple concepts that make it easy to select the right app.

2. Codes or No Codes

Do you wish to use discount codes? Discount codes are tried and tested. But they can be riddled with problems that you can avoid if you select apps that let you run promotions without codes. Most top rated apps these days let you create discount offers that the customer can apply to the cart without copy-pasting code.

Bold Discounts and Nudgify are prime examples. If you hate copy pasting codes, probably your customers do too. This is one way to avoid this.

3. Design

We prefer apps that automatically integrate with the theme design without having to fiddle around with code or designers. Most of the apps in this list will adapt to your theme design. But some large brands prefer designing everything from scratch to suit their branding kit.

If that’s the case, then it’s important that the app you select offers that level of customization.

4. Customization and Rules

Where do you wish to display the discount messages? Some apps offer limited customization in this regard. You can for instance, display the discount messages on the product page only. But not on any other page without dealing with code.

We prefer flexibility when it comes to displaying promotional messages. Revy Bundles for instance, lets you display all your discount bundles in one ‘Bundle Page’.

To Sum it up

The best discount app for Shopify offers you with multiple ways to increase spending on your ecommerce stores. You can offer bulk discounts, clear underperforming products with discounts, encourage spending on bundles and run flash sales.

It’s a tested, rewarding strategy. We hope that we just made it easier for you to select the right app. As always, take your time with the research. Try out the free trial offers before you make the final plunge.

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