4 Best Shopify App for Abandoned Cart [2021 Reviewed]

Did you know that the cart abandonment rate for mobile shoppers in the ecommerce industry is a whopping 85.65%?

Imagine the number of visitors that you have drawn in, nurtured through the sales cycle and then lose, just before the conversion.

It’s frustrating. That’s why we have the best Shopify app for abandoned cart.

These apps are designed with one sole purpose.

To help complete the conversion that was left midway for reasons unknown to you.

Maybe the page was too slow to load. Maybe the coupon didn’t work in the first attempt. Rather than losing sleep over the why, let’s focus on the how.

How to get the customer to come back and complete the sales that is.

Today, we are going to look at these apps for you.

What are the Best Shopify App for Abandoned Cart?

1. Consistent Kart

Top Rated App for Cart Abandonment


Consistent Kart is one of the most feature rich applications for Cart Abandonment Recovery. It’s a fully-loaded software suite that goes beyond ordinary cart abandonment. There are so many other features that this software offers.

It’s no wonder that it has 3534 customer reviews on the Shopify Marketplace with an average rating of 4.8. More than 2981 reviews are five stars. Many software look at cart abandonment as a one-dimension step of the conversion funnel.

But Consistent Kart looks at it like an entire funnel by itself. So, it offers all the tracking, monitoring, promotions and other tools applicable to a normal sales funnel.

Key Features:

1. Real Time Activity

Generally, you expect the best analytics app for Shopify to help track real time activity on your store. Even those have a slight delay on most occasions. But Consistent Kart has a real time monitoring module that allows you to watch the sales funnel in real time.

If you use paid aids, you can watch and track the visitor throughout the funnel, as they progress through the store. Many visitors may add a product to the cart and then abandon it. You can even watch all carts with products added to them at one time.

2. Lead/Subscriber Capturing

As the visitor progresses through the sales funnel, Consistent Kart will show timed pop-ups for gathering their email and phone number, adding them to your subscriber list, even before they abandon the cart.

This is an excellent way to gather relevant data from a visitor before they leave and disappear into the abyss called the internet forever. You can use it for sending abandoned cart recovery marketing messages for sure. But you can also add these details to your marketing campaigns for sending out highly-personalized marketing mailers.

3. Three-Channel Recovery

Consistent Cart automates abandoned cart recovery messages. You can choose beautiful email templates and customize them. You can choose SMS messages and customize those too. You can club this with the best discount app for Shopify, to send them enticing offers to complete the sale.

Then there are push messages or notifications, which are more effective than emails, because app notifications are impossible to miss. You can use these too for recovering abandoned carts.

4. The Cart Abandonment Funnel

Once you have everything automated and set up, you can sit back and track the performance of each email template or marketing message. Which one leads the customer back to the store? Which one results in the most cart recoveries?

Which push notification message converts best? How does the visitor behave on the store when they return, after clicking on one of these targeted messages? You get tons of actionable data, never being in the dark about any important metric.



Consistent Cart has three tiered pricing plans in addition to a free plan. The Free Plan has limited features, but can be a great choice for small stores with limited sales. The Standard Plan is priced at $29/month. The Pro Plan is priced at $99/month. The Enterprise Plan is priced at $299/month.

Our thoughts about Consistent Cart:

Consistent Cart offers some great features. The pricing is pretty reasonable too, considering that you have a plethora of tools and features on offer. If your ecommerce store is struggling with a high cart abandonment rate, then you should definitely try Consistent Cart.

You can try the Pro and Standard Plans for 7-days for free.

2. Recover My Cart by Foursquare

More Channels for Reminders


Recover My Cart is a fully-stacked cart recovery app from Four Square, one of the biggest Software as a service companies in the digital space. Four Sqaure’s other software are renowned for their ease of use.

Recover My Cart is no different. This is one of the easiest apps to use, that we’ve ever come across in all aspects of ecommerce. It offers tons of premade templates, is as easy as drag and drop to set up, and can be completely automated, making it effortless to increase your revenue from Cart recoveries.

They claim that there can be an average increase of 50% in conversions if you deploy their software. Given the features and their elite clientele, we have no reason to doubt that claim.

Key Features:

1. Automated Cart Abandonment Emails

Every time a visitor abandons a cart, Recover My Cart will automatically detect this, pull in the product images from your store and send out an automated email reminding them of the abandoned cart.

These emails are based on tested templates, which you can choose from. They offer a whole bunch of these mind you. Also, you can customize the app to send out, up to 3 email reminders for each abandoned cart, which greatly increases the chances of conversion without you having to do anything manually.

2. Exit Intent Pop Ups

Timed Pop Ups are critical to retain customers as well as increase conversions. Recover My Cart has inbuilt algorithms that automatically detects intent. If the shopper is about to exit the store, it will show a pop up with a discount coupon which will motivate them to complete the sale.

You can customize the display trigger by the way. It need not always be the exit button. You can even set to display this when they veer away from the cart page.

3. Seamless Cart Tracking

If you have multiple sales channels, then it can often be tricky to track cart abandonment across these channels. But Recover My Cart calls this ‘Persistent Cart’. Regardless of whether a customer lands on a website on their desktop computer and adds a product to the cart, or whether they land on an app, the cart is synced seamlessly.

This also makes it easier for the customer to complete the sale, by the way. They can use the method that’s most convenient for them.

4. Reminders on Facebook Messenger

This best Shopify app for abandoned cart allows visitors to send the product listing to their Facebook Messenger for checking it out later. Sort of like a bookmark on a web browser.

A lot of people are constantly logged into Social media platforms. They might miss an email from time to time, but they’d rarely miss a notification on messenger. Recover My Cart allows brands to send abandoned cart recovery messages on Facebook Messenger too, with direct links to the checkout page that makes it easier to complete the order.



Recover My Cart has just two tiered pricing plans. Well, the fewer the better it is to understand. The Standard Plan is priced at $19/month and gives you abandoned cart emails, Exit Pop Ups & Seamless cart syncing.

The Pro Plan is priced at $29/month and gives you Facebook Messenger reminders & Priority support, in addition to the features in the Standard Plan.

Our thoughts about Recover My Cart:

Recover My Cart is a modern, cart recovery app that eliminates the common hassles associated with software like this. There’s no code. There are no complex workflows to deal with. It’s as good as an automated software can be, and it is very effective too.

3. Push Owl

Doubling down on web push notifications


If you look at it closely, Push Owl is the most basic of all these apps. Yet, it is one of the most effective ones in the marketplace currently for cart recovery. That’s because it does not attempt to present itself as a fully-loaded software suite.

Instead, it takes what works and amplifies the effectiveness, by offering you multiple ways to use it. In case you are wondering what that is, its push notifications in the browser. That is the big draw of Push Owl.

But they make it more effective than other apps that use the same tool. That explains why they have a 100% positive customer rating that is 5.0 from 1824 reviews on the marketplace.

Key Features:

1. Phone Notifications without an app

Push Notifications are so effective because they allow you to send targeted cart recovery messages to the customer’s mobile phone. It’s like showing someone a personalized advertisement, or reminder 24/7. But the general consensus is that notifications can be shown on the phone only if the brand offers a mobile app.

But with Push Owl, you can send phone push notifications even if you do not have a mobile app. The push notification consent is mobile friendly.

2. Track Every notification

Every push notification can be customized and tracked. This is a fool-proof way to track the performance of every sales campaign and message that you create. You have a clear idea of what’s working and what’s a waste of resources.

Maybe mobile notifications work better than desktop browser notifications, or vice-a-versa. This is also an insight into customer behaviour by the way. You will discover that customers interact differently with notifications. Some are treated as invasive, while others attract more engagement. When you want to quickly get a summarized view of everything, you just need to click on generate reports and you will get all details about every notification’s performance.

3. Granular Analytics

Most brands are highly impressed with the analytical tools that Push Owl brings to the table. Right from tracking performance to tracking subscribers and revenue, every action generated by a push notification can be tracked down.

Whenever you make a change to a notification or an opt-in, you can immediately track the effect of those changes to your campaign’s success rate. There’s no room for guesswork in business and Push Owl ensures that you are not left looking for answers, to other apps within Shopify. You get all the information and actionable data within Push Owl itself. In case you are looking for integrations, some of the most important ones are covered. For instance, the best review apps for Shopify, which allows you to show product reviews also, in the notifications.

4. Custom Notifications

Push Owl ensures that the cart details are automatically synced with the push notification. The image, the product quantity, everything is updated, so that it looks like a personalized message. You can schedule the notification template and timelines for days in advance. For instance, if a visitor abandons a cart, how many times do you want the notification to be sent out? What will the message be in each notification and so on.

This is precisely the kind of automation we seek from Shopify software.

5. Conversion-Friendly CTAs

From attractive widgets, using images and emojis, to using the brand logo in the push notification widget, there are many ways to make the message sound tailored, and hyped. Like the golden rule in sales, the message evokes an emotion and that’s what drives the sale.



Push Owl has two tiered pricing plans in addition to a Free Plan. The Free Plan offers some great features by the way. It’s only limited by the number of push notification impressions, which are 500. The Business Plan is priced at $19/month and increases this to 10000 impressions with many advanced features. This is best suited for most small and medium sized businesses.

The Enterprise Plan is their top tier plan, which has a custom quote. Taking a look at the feature set, this is the best option for large brands.

Our thoughts about Push Owl:

Push notifications get 5x more visibility than cart recovery emails. Push Owl helps you make the most of this. It’s hands down, one of the best Shopify apps for abandoned cart that’s currently used by 20000 stores.

Try the free plan to get an idea of how this app works and then decide.

4. Recart FB Messenger Marketing

High Conversion FB Messenger Marketing


There are an increasing number of apps that allow you to use alternative messaging channels with a higher opening rate and visibility than email, for sending abandoned cart recovery messages.

Whatsapp Chat+ is one app that has reasonably good reviews and taps into Whatsapp messaging to send cart recovery messages. But Recart uses Facebook Messenger marketing instead. It has better reviews and a well-rounded feature set which makes it out #4 recommendation in this list.

Recart taps into the one social media platform where most people are logged in 24/7 on their mobile devices, Facebook.

Key Features:

1. Higher Visibility

Email marketing is effective, and definitely has its place in generating sales and gathering subscribers. But let’s face it. Customers are probably flooded with hundreds of promotional emails each day, which greatly increases the chances of your email getting lost amidst the crowd.

Perhaps it triggers a spam filter. Maybe the open rate is dismal. With Recart, you send highly-targeted messages on Facebook Messenger. The visibility problem is definitely solved. Messenger messages have a 90%+ open rate, which is much higher than emails too.

2. Subscription with incentives

The question that many brands have is, how do you capture a person’s Facebook id? Recart makes it easy with the ‘Sticky Discount’ box. Essentially, you offer a discount to the visitor for subscribing to the store on Facebook messenger. The ‘Sticky Discount’ box can be triggered at different stages too.

It can be done pre-order, it can be done when the person is browsing the store, or even post-checkout. By the way, you can integrate Recart with your email marketing and SMS marketing apps for lead sharing, thus allowing you to send targeted messages on multiple communication channels at one go.

3. Talk to your customers

Emails, despite all the personalization is a one-way communication channel. But messenger is a two-way, dynamic communication channel. Your customers can respond to you and you can talk/nurture them through the funnel.

Recart also lets you automate, the initial bit. If a subscribed visitor is browsing a particular product page, the software can send a hint message like, ‘Thinking about this product? Here’s what other customers feel about this.’ This is a great motivator that will nudge them ahead through the funnel.

4. Premade Templates

Don’t have the bandwidth to hire a pricey copywriter? Recart has you covered with its premade marketing message templates. From 4th of July to Halloween, and messages from commonly used ecommerce industries, these messages are tested for conversions. Recart does the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to lose sleep over what to send and when.

5. Integrations

From the live chat to the product review apps, Recart offers integrations that are purposeful and seamless. It’s an effortless way to increase the effectiveness of your entire ecommerce marketing and sales suite.



Recart has two tiered pricing plans in addition to a free plan. The best part is that the free plan has all their features with basic customer support. You can try it only for 28-days though. Wont be free forever.

The Pro plan is priced at $29/month and adds customer segmentation for targeting, in addition to the features in the free plan. Lastly, there’s the Scale Plan which is priced at $499/month and is designed for apps that generate $1m in annual revenue and guarantees an 8x ROI.

Our thoughts about Recart:

With a 28-day free trial, we feel that you should definitely try out Recart, especially if your existing Shopify cart abandonment recovery campaigns are not yielding the kind of results that they should.

Maybe it is the communication channels or the poor open rates for emails. Multi-channel communications are the future and Recart is a great example of that.

How To Select The Best Shopify App For Abandoned Cart

Every ecommerce entrepreneur deals with the nightmare that’s cart abandonment and will at some point, consider using the best Shopify app for abandoned cart to motivate those visitors back to complete the sale.

However, it is important that you select an app that’s a close match to your businesses marketing channels. Here’s some help.

1. What communication channels do your customers prefer to use?

If you read our review and recommendation list, you’d be aware by now that a lot depends on the communication channel that you use to send the cart recovery messages. Emails are the gold standard. There are tons of templates that you can use. They are a tested marketing tool with ample resources to tweak. But open rates are a hit or a miss.

Push Notifications are a newer but promising communication channel that might eliminate a lot of the niggles associated with emails. So are Facebook Messaging and Whatsapp messaging. Some apps also allow you to seamlessly send messages on multiple communication channels at the same time. It all depends on what channels work best for your business and customers.

2. What integrations do you wish to use?

Do you wish to display product reviews for the products added to the cart, in your marketing messages? Maybe you want to integrate messenger pop ups with your live chat support team. Your marketing team can use with more granular details about each message and conversion campaign. We are talking about integrations and inbuilt capabilities.

Pick an app that offers the kind of flexibility and customization you seek. Many of these apps have excellent inbuilt features. But if there is something specific you need, then ensure that it is offered, or they have an API that lets you customize it.

To Sum it up

The Best Shopify app for abandoned cart is in essence a standalone extension of a marketing app. If you are careful about selecting the right one, you should be able to notice a visible improvement in your conversion rate.

We hope that our reviews and recommendations make it easier for you to find the app that’s the best match for your business.