The 5 Best Order Tracking App for Shopify 

The fact that you are looking for the best order tracking app for Shopify means that you are struggling to keep up with order tracking and update your customers proactively. Order tracking is a legit curveball, as most ecommerce brands would agree.

You can never be too sure of how a package gets stuck or at what stage it goes missing. Each delay will amplify the pressure on your support team. Order tracking apps can be a lifesaver. These apps give you real-time information (almost) on your orders and allow you to stay one step ahead of potential delays. 

That said, there are so many tracking apps in the Shopify marketplace that brands are often confused. The Sourcingbro team has selected the top 5 order tracking apps for you. Let’s dive in. 

What is the Best Shopify Order Tracking App?

#1 – Rush


Rush is a result-oriented order tracking app that comes with a suite of powerful features. It offers an all-round solution for online retailers and helps them keep track of their packages in real-time. With Rush, you can create custom tracking pages, use them for upselling and use timely communication to maintain customer satisfaction.

There’s a lot that Rush can do for you. Here’s a look at the top features.

Top Features:

Create custom order tracking pages – Order tracking pages are not merely a landing page where the customer can find information about their order. With Rush, you can create custom pages that not only look great but also serve as a powerful marketing tool. You can use these pages to upsell products, offer coupons and increase the average order value.

The pages will be seamlessly integrated into your shop and are easy to create and manage.

Use timely communication – Communication is key to maintaining customer satisfaction. With Rush, you can send automated emails to your customers as soon as their order is shipped. Did you know that the average opening rate for order delivery emails is a whopping 58%?

This means that it’s an underrated way to keep your customers in the loop and increase customer loyalty. Not to mention that it’s a great promotional tool in your arsenal as well. Rush integrates with Klaviyo and Omnisend to send out proactive updates maintaining customer satisfaction.

Real-time order tracking – With Rush, you can track your orders in real-time. This gives you an accurate overview of where your package is and when it is likely to reach its destination. Each parcel is segregated on the basis of its current status, like out for delivery, attempted delivery, failed attempt, exception and so on. It’s like taking a bird’s eye view at your entire shipping operation.

More than 600 Carriers supported – Rush is a fully automated solution that syncs with more than 600 carriers around the world. This means that you do not have to manually enter tracking information. It will automatically be updated as soon as the carrier updates their system.

Schedule review emails – As soon as the order is delivered, Rush automatically sends out an email to the customer to request a review. This timely request helps you get valuable feedback and improve your service.

Also, the customer never has to leave your shop to leave a review since Rush integrates automatically with top review apps like, Okendo, Yotpo and Junip.

Our thoughts

Rush is the perfect example of multifunctional order tracking app. It does more than just track orders – it helps you keep track of your customer communication, automate reviews and increase your average order value.

The pricing starts at just $10/month which makes it an affordable option for small eCommerce brands as well. They also have a free plan by the way, as well as a fully functional 30-day trial plan in case you want to wet your toes before subscribing.


The amazing 5.0 star rating on the Shopify store is not without reason after all. Give Rush a shot. We are sure you wont be disappointed.

#2 – Parcel Panel


Parcel Panel is one of the most popular order tracking apps, especially for ecommerce businesses that dropship from China. It integrates with 800+ carriers around the world. Some of these are dropshipping-specific ones like AliExpress tracking & YunExpress.

It automatically integrates with your store creating a branded tracking page. One of the added perks is that businesses can hide the Chinese origin for the shipment, which might be a much-needed feature for some customers.

Key Features:

Custom Tracking page with drag and drop builder – Parcel Panel automatically creates a branded tracking page. The default elements include your logo and store branding. But there’s a drag & drop interface allowing you to add as many elements as you want to. This is a great way to bring back the customer for tracking and throw a targeted upsell or a cross sell. It helps to increase the average order value for each customer.

SEO Optimized – Drag and drop builders are generally a coding mess, which makes them difficult to rank in the search engines. Parcel Panel has overcome this hurdle and created an SEO Optimized tracking page builder. This ensures that your tracking page is compatible with Google’s set of best practices and recommendations. If you optimize it well enough, it can be a standalone source of organic traffic.

ETA – Rather than showing ad-hoc, cookie-cutter status messages, Parcel Panel shows them the exact remaining time for delivery. Rather than showing ‘In Transit’, it will show ‘Expected in 6-days’. This soothes frayed nerves and keeps the customer updated about the status of their order.

Shipping Progress Bar – The progress bar is another neat feature. It eases customer anxiety and gives them a fair idea of where the shipment is. In the backend, you can get map coordinates for the exact location of the parcel. These may not seem like a huge deal. But often, its features like these that improve customer experience.

8 Order statuses – Parcel Panel offers 8 standard order statuses. You can add custom ones too. Setting automated alerts for any status lets you deal with potential delayed shipments before the customers complain. 

Our Thoughts

Parcel Panel is completely free for small brands generating up to 20 orders a month. They have three other volume-based plans at $9/month, $19/month & $99/month.

That’s a fair pricing for a feature-rich order tracking app that integrates with 800+ carriers. With Parcel Panel, you’re guaranteed to have a smooth and frustration-free dropshipping experience.

#3 – TrackingMore

TrackingMore offers integration with a whopping 1057 carriers around the globe. That separates it instantly from the competition. It also ticks most of the other boxes like order tracking, shipping notifications, and custom tracking pages.

One of the standout features is the Order Tracking Dashboard. This gives you an overview of all your shipments in one place. It also lets you track your shipping performance and take result oriented actions.

Key Features:

Order Tracking Dashboard – The Order Tracking Dashboard is the first thing you see when you login to the app. It gives you an overview of all your shipments in one place with custom statuses based on your preferences. You can also see the destination country and the shipping service provider that’s delivering the package. It’s all the important bits of data at one glance.

Order status notifications – Each time the order status changes, TrackingMore can be customized to send out email notifications. This way, you’re always in the loop about your shipments even if you’re not constantly checking the app. Also, these emails are customizable from head to toe. This means that you can use it for crosssells and upselling, as well as alert customers about upcoming promotions.

Custom tracking pages – TrackingMore lets you create custom tracking pages for your store. While that’s not novel, what is important is the ease of use. You will not struggle with the drag and drop builder. The WYSIWYG interface gives you a live preview of how the tracking page will look. You can also use this to embed order tracking on your website or blog.

Multiple Integrations – As the eCommerce universe expands with more tools and apps, cross compatibility is the key to success. That’s why TrackingMore integrates with multiple tools, platforms and sales channels giving you a plethora of tools at your disposal.

You are not shoehorned into using a single platform. If you want to use Shopify, then you can use TrackingMore with Shopify. Same for BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento and so on.

API – TrackingMore is one of the few order tracking apps that has an API. This means that if you want to develop your own custom integrations, you can do so without any issues.

Our Thoughts

TrackingMore starts at $9/month for 250 orders which is a great price point for the features it offers. If you have more than 250 orders, then you will be billed at $0.3 per shipment.

The price increases to $39/month for 1600 shipments a month, and then keeps increasing based on the volume. They also have a completely free plan by the way, which gives you access to 50 shipments. It’s a great choice for small brands and businesses.

Overall, TrackingMore is an excellent order tracking app with a wide range of features. It integrates seamlessly with many sales channels and platforms, has an API for custom integrations and offers email notifications for order status changes.

#4 – Aftership


Aftership Order Tracking boasts of the highest reviews on the Shopify Store amongst order tracking apps. This means that it is also one of the oldest services in the business. It’s tried, tested and has consistently managed to garner positive reviews. 

It has a loaded feature-set that clubs automation and reliability to keep you updated about the packages after they leave the warehouse. One of the standout features that we like is the branded tracking page. But there’s more. 

Key Features:

Single dashboard for effortless tracking – Aftership’s dashboard allows you to track all your shipments using a single dashboard. You can look up for orders by carrier, the customer’s email or by delivery status. This dashboard also gives you a one-glance update about all the shipments. We like the tabbed interface where the shipments are segregated according to their updated status in a tabbed format. Just select ‘Failed Attempt’ for all shipments that have delivery attempted and failed.

Branded Tracking Page – Aftership lets you brand the tracking page using the drag and drop designer. Its not just the logo either. You can add your products and social media links too. Upsells and cross sells are common across apps now. But the Social Media Widget gets a thumbs up from us. It’s a great way to stay connected with customers. You can drive them to your social media pages and further the engagement. The widget is customizable to a great extent.

Multiple notification channels – Aftership offers up to 7 notification triggers for potential delays. You can automate email notifications for each stage, send SMS messages or contact the customer on Facebook. It integrates with Klaviyo emails and you can embed the track button directly into the mail. That’s not all. They replicate the drag and drop designer over here allowing you to customize each email that’s sent to the customer. There’s so many ways to amplify the effectiveness of this email with this feature.

Great Analytics – Every single action taken by the courier or the customer is logged. Aftership ensures that you can use the granular data to make decisions about your business. The insights that you gain from the data can help you make better decisions about your shipping and fulfillment process.

Our Thoughts:

Aftership is free for up to 50 shipments a month. In addition to this, they have three plans with dynamic pricing based on the number of shipments. It starts from $9/month for the Essentials Plan and goes to $999/month for Pro. They also have a custom quote-based enterprise plan for large brands.

As one of the top rated apps on Shopify, Aftership is a tried and tested order tracking app. The feature set is top notch and there’s tons of customization on offer.

#5 – Tracktor

Aftership connects you with 848 carriers across the world. Tracktor integrates with more than 1000. So, if you have a global ecommerce store, Tracktor might be a better pick purely because of the increased carrier integrations. 

Other than this, it has all the standard features one expects with a top-notch order tracking service. It is fast, easy, customizable and reliable. While it is not as old as Aftership, it has some great reviews already. A majority of these are about the terrific customer service. 

Key Features:

Map View – Tracktor tracks your packages even when they are in transit. This information is not broad strokes either. You get to track the exact location on a map. You can also set alerts for packages that are delayed. Map tracking somehow seems to work better with anxious people. It gives them a sense of control and lets them know where their package is at all times.

Real Time Tracking – A lot of brands use the term ‘Real Time’ loosely. But Tracktor with its 1000+ carrier integrations is as close to being real time tracking as it can get. The best part is the automation. There’s very little manual input required on your part. Once you have set it up, it just runs in the background.

Order stage customization – Often, the customer can get anxious to know when an order will be shipped after they place it. Tracktor lets you customize and add multiple stages in between order placement and shipping. For example, you can add a stage for ‘Picked from Warehouse’, and many more. This is a great way to keep the customer engaged and reduce the number of support queries that you might have to answer.

Reduce support requests – Tracktor lets you embed the tracking button in automated emails, as well as the account dashboard. Self-help reduces support requests. This is a tried and tested method that works well.

Our Thoughts

Tracktor has 4 pricing plans at $8.99/month, $36/month, $99/month & $249/month. Dedicated support is only available in the final one. All plans have a 14-day trial option that lets you test the service levels. 

A fully free plan would have been nice. But, considering the number of integrations that they have, and the sheer power of the app, $8.99 is a small price to pay.

Moreover, their feature set is staggering. If you are looking for a real-time order tracking app with excellent support, Tracktor is one of the best options out there.


When it comes to order tracking, Rush is the clear winner. It has a ton of features, great customer service and integrations with over 600 carriers. It is reliable, fast and easy to use.

If you are looking for a more global solution, Parcel Panel, Traktor and Aftership are excellent options.

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