Top 7 Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers in US & China

The Jewelry dropshipping industry has become one of the most popular and profitable business niches in recent times.

It’s an evergreen niche with consistent demand that’s burgeoning each day.

However, dropshippers looking for reliable jewelry suppliers with favorable pricing and quality are often stuck. Unlike consumer goods suppliers, there’s very little data out there about the best jewelry dropshipping suppliers.

That’s what we are going to look at today.

What are the Best Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers?

Jewelry dropshipping suppliers are not merely limited to China. There are some great options spread across the United States as well as countries like Australia.

We are going to quickly walk you through the top suppliers in these countries.

1. The Welman Group – USA


The Welman Group is a USA based wholesale supplier of sterling silver and Stainless-steel jewelry in a wide range of categories. They have been in the business for over 35 years and are by far, one of the industry leaders in this space.

Both stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry pieces are quite popular amongst the American target audience. With the Welman group, you have a reliable and trustworthy supplier for domestic sourcing.

Key Features:

Extensive Catalog – The Welman Group offers Sterling silver jewelry in 9 product categories including rings, toe rings, hoops, pendants, lockets, gift items & necklaces to name a few. You have 9 categories in Stainless steel to choose from including bracelets, anklets, neck cords and chains. This covers the entire gamut of jewelry categories.

Discounts – You can avail of different discount slabs depending on the order value. The current discounts available are 3% off on orders of $500 to $999, 5% for an order value of $1000 to $1999 and 7% off on orders of $2000 and more. This is an excellent way to stock up on the inventory in bulk.


The Welman Group does not have a subscription tier or pricing plan. It’s a pay as you go service. Just order what you want to and pay them to get it delivered via USPS.

Final Thoughts:

The Welman group is a really good Supplier for jewelry dropshipping in USA, especially if you have the audience for the types of jewelry they offer. The only possible quibble is that you will have to handle fulfillment yourself, since they ship directly to the customer, which in this case is you.

2. JewelryMax – USA


Since we spoke about how you’d have to handle fulfillment yourself with Welman Group, here’s JewelryMax, a US supplier for a wide range of jewelry and accessories.

The difference is that JewelryMax will dropship your products directly to your customer for you.

JewelryMax is a well-known and reputed wholesale jewelry supplier in US, who has been in business since 2005, and has over 1500 unique products to offer.

Key Features:

Shop by brands – A lot of the jewelry and accessories listed on JewelryMax are in fact reputed brands like Ikon, Kora & Da Vinci, which have great brand recognition. So, if there’s a particular brand that you want, just select the ‘by brand’ option and you will get all of their products listed.

This is a great way to get started with trusted products that have an established market already, rather than trying out untested and unproven products.

Discounts – JewelryMax has many different product categories in terms of wholesale jewelry and other accessories. But they also have different discount structures depending on the order value.

You get a 3% discount when the order value is more than $300. A 5% discount is applicable when the order value is more than $500. Similarly, you get discounts based on the number of items in an order. 6 pieces or more will get you a 2% discount, while orders with more than a dozen products will get you a 3% discount.


Just like Welman group, they do not have a pricing tier or structure, on a subscription basis. Just place your order and they fulfill it for you. Alternatively, you can bulk buy say, 100-500 pieces at a time and fulfill those before restocking.

Final Thoughts:

JewelryMax is a great dropshipping supplier for the US, especially if you sell jewelry and accessories. The fact that they dropship with no MOQs makes it an appealing option even for beginner dropshippers.

3. Silver Stars Collection – USA


MMA international, (Strange name for a jewelry brand, we know), is one of the oldest and most reputed suppliers of wholesale jewelry in the USA. They offer their wide range of jewelry under the brand name ‘Silver Stars Collection’

So, if you’ve never heard of MMA International, don’t get thrown off. They are better known by the brand name instead.

With 40-years of experience in the business, they are one of your top options if you seek credibility and repute.

Key Features:

More than 4000 products – Silver Star Collection has over 4000 jewelry products to offer, across the range of different categories. This is one of the biggest ranges available on any jewelry dropshipping supplier in USA.

This includes both antique and modern jewelry, which covers just about every category that you need for dropshipping.

Extensive Marketing tools – While most jewelry supplier brands allow you to use their images for your website and social media feeds, Silver Star is one of the only brands that offers you legitimate marketing packs.

They offer complete unbranded catalogs, which you can download and republish with your own logos on your store. Images have to be purchased though, which might be an added expense. However, it should still be cheaper than custom product photography charges.


Silver Star offers some great volume discounts. Orders over $500 get a 10% discount, and orders over $1000 get a 15% discount. Both these order values also quality for 2-3 days shipping across US.

Final Thoughts:

Silver Stars collection is a reputed brand name that has been around since 1980. It’s a trusted supplier with great pricing and now, some bulk discounts too.

Best Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers in China

Now, let’s move on to the Chinese dropshipping marketplace for Jewelry.

China is a great sourcing point when it comes to wholesale jewelry and accessories. But the only problem with dropshipping suppliers in China is you will have to navigate and filter out a lot of them, to find the right option for yourself. Many suppliers may have a MOQ requirement which means bigger upfront investments.

Hopefully, this list will cut down that time and effort for you.

4. Aliexpress – China


Aliexpress is probably the biggest dropshipping marketplace in the world, and certainly one of the easiest ones to navigate through. But it carries a lot more than just jewelry and accessories for dropshipping. This is not a dedicated wholesale supplier website.

This has its own pros and cons. Let’s look at the key features for Aliexpress from a jewelry sourcing perspective.

Key Features:

Huge Database of Suppliers – Aliexpress is teeming with suppliers for niche jewelry and accessories. This means that regardless of the type of jewelry, or how rare it is, you should be able to find hundreds of dropshipping suppliers on this website.

This allows you to compare and shop, as well as narrow down based on more specific criteria.

Free Shipping – Some suppliers offer free shipping on specific jewelry pieces. Now, we all know that Aliexpress free shipping takes forever. But if you are a new dropshipper, this allows you to get some leverage over the competition.


The pricing for jewelry on Aliexpress will vary extensively depending on the seller, the volume and the type of jewelry. What you need to keep in mind is that not all suppliers on Aliexpress are wholesalers.

Many are dropshippers themselves, so the pricing may not be as good as what you get directly from wholesalers. That said, there’s no MOQ on Aliexpress.

Final Thoughts:

Aliexpress is a no-brainer choice for dropshipping jewelry and accessories especially if you are a beginner or a newbie. The huge database allows you to find suppliers easily even for very specific niche products.

Setting up a store with Aliexpress and Oberlo is easier than working with other suppliers as well. It’s easy syncing and automated fulfillment. Hard to beat that.

5. JewelryBund – China


JewelryBund is one of the largest wholesalers for jewelry and accessories in China. They offer a huge range of products which, if we are not mistaken, exceeds 20000+ pieces currently.

That’s not all. These guys actually manage 3 manufacturing units in China. So, the pricing is generally better than what you get from Aliexpress, and the quality is definitely good.

Key Features:

US Safety Compliant – JewelryBund is one of the few suppliers that ensures and offers 100% compliance with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendations for heavy metals like Lead and cadmium. If you are selling exclusively in the United States on ecommerce platforms that require compliance certificates, then this is the supplier for you.

Boutique collections – This is one of the biggest advantages of JewelryBund. They frequently release new collections and offer an extensive range of Korean Jewelry items, as well as western designs. Both of these are hot selling items in this space.

Quick Shipping to 200 countries – Jewelrybund ships to over 200 countries through shipping carriers like DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, Aramex and USPS. This allows you to target customers from all parts of the world, and not just those with free shipping options. Also, they guarantee 3–6-day deliveries in most parts of the world, which is not bad at all.


JewelryBund offers discounts for both, single orders as well as repeated purchases. If you are a regular customer, you qualify for their VIP pricing tiers.

Total lifetime order value exceeding $2000, gets Silver VIP discount of 3%. Total order value exceeding $5000, gets Gold VIP discount of 6%. For order values exceeding $10000 or more, you get Platinum VIP discounts of 8%. Lastly, Diamond VIP level receives discounts of 10%. To qualify for this tier, your total lifetime order value must exceed $20000.

These are pretty generous discounts which you will not get on traditional wholesale suppliers.

They also offer discounts on one-time orders. $800 and more gets you 5% discount. $2000 and more gets you 6% discount. $3500 and more gets you an 8% discount, while $8000 and more gets you 10% on one-time wholesale orders.

Final Thoughts:

JewelryBund is a great option for dropshippers looking to source jewelry and accessories in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. With its extensive product line, fast shipping and excellent discounts, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option.

6. Nihaojewelry – China


Nihaojewelry is a custom jewelry brand that offers you a great opportunity to get started with branded dropshipping. This means that they can custom design a product for you and allow you to resell this with your own branding.

If you have a dropshipping store that’s been making steady sales, then it’s a great time to expand into white label or private label dropshipping. Of course, they also have a regular dropshipping supply store with more than 100000 jewelry pieces to choose from. You can just pick from these and start selling straight away too.

Key Features:

Custom Designing – Not many jewelry suppliers offer custom jewelry design and branding. Nihao is one of the only ones. Branding your dropshipping products has many advantages. For one, you get to control the pricing. Secondly, it also allows you to stand out in an overcrowded market and build a reputation.

P.S. The MOQ for branded products may be different though.

Distributors & Agents – Nihao offers two different partnership plans. Distributors are dropshippers who will sell their products with no MOQ, while they handle fulfillment. Agents are companies who will exclusively deal in Nihao products in a country. There’s only one agent in one country.


Nihao also incentivizes bulk purchases with a loyalty discount program. The tier is as follows.

97 VIP

95 VIP

92 VIP

90 VIP

87 VIP

85 VIP













If you are a one-time shopper, the discount slabs are based on order value.

  • More than 800 – 5%
  • More than 2000 – 8%
  • More than 3500 – 11%
  • More than 8000 – 15%

Only one of these discount plans will be available at one time. You cannot use both of these at the same time.

Final Thoughts:

Nihao is a great option for dropshippers who want to build their own jewelry brand and offer unique products to their customers. They also have some of the best discounts on bulk orders which are hard for any jewelry supplier to match.

Best Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

The Australian Jewelry Ecommerce marketplace is worth $4 billion. So, a lot of dropshippers target ‘Down Under’ for their business.

But if you want to save on shipping time and get better customer service, then here’s a dropshipping supplier that we recommend from Australia itself.

7. Bella Boutique – AUS

Bella Boutique is one of Australia’s leading online sellers of fashion jewelry. They have a large selection of products including necklaces, earrings and bracelets to choose from, with an exclusive range featuring Swarovski Crystals.

Bella Boutique dropships thousands of pieces to their customers each month. And they’re particularly famous for the quality and value for money that they offer.

Key Features:

Free Membership – Bella Boutique makes it easy for newbies to get started with dropshipping. They offer a free membership. So, you can build your brand before you pay any fees. The membership gives you access to wholesale pricing as well as other features like Client support over email and phone.

Brand & Credibility – Bella Boutique is one of Australia’s most trusted names in online jewelry and accessories. They’ve been around for more than 11 years which has helped them build a strong brand image with their clients. It’s a women-only organization that’s run by women.

This makes it easier for you to tap into the marketplace.


Membership is 100% free. They do not have a pricing tier displayed on the website for discounts as of today. If we do get some information on this, we will post an update here.

Final Thoughts:

Bella Boutique is a great option for beginners to the jewelry dropshipping industry. They offer high quality products, both luxury and fashion items, at wholesale prices. They invite dropshipping enquiries and do not charge any membership fees.

What Are the Benefits of Dropshipping Jewelry

As we said at the onset, Jewelry is one of the most popular online selling products with virtually endless product choices. So, getting into this niche is a great decision if you want to start an ecommerce business.

It’s one of the highest grossing industries today and is expected to triple in the next few years.

So, if you are skeptical about starting a jewelry dropshipping store, then here’s some motivation to charge your batteries.

1. Smaller Items, Fewer Hassles

The average size of a jewelry item is much smaller than most other consumer goods. This includes both dimensions and weight, making the package a lot easier to handle.

This translates into fewer chances of damages, returns and refunds. Also, shipping costs tend to be lower for smaller packages. So, if you are looking at an industry with low rate of returns or losses due to damages, you’ve just found it.

2. Scalability

Jewelry is a great niche for dropshippers who have aspirations of growing their empire exponentially. You can start off by selecting a few jewelry products that you will sell on your website. Once you have a steady volume of sales, you can start scaling by adding more and more products.

In fact, the sheer size of the industry means that you can expand your product portfolio endlessly. The choices in jewelry are endless and there are newer designs being added every day as we speak.

3. Lower Costs & Higher Margins

Most dropshipping industries have an average profit margin of 15-20% generally. That said, product costs can also be high. But jewelry differs. Fashion jewelry in particular have a wide range of low-cost products.

To add to this, the products are much smaller in size. This means less storage space for inventory, which translates into more savings. When your overall procurement cost is low, there’s ample scope for you to test your advertising combos without pinching pennies.

Also, if you expand into private label jewelry dropshipping, you can increase the margins even more and control the price since you have exclusivity.

4. Huge potential for cross selling and upselling

Jewelry is a highly emotional consumer product. This means that you can use clever marketing tactics to drive sales and increase revenue.

You can upsell by offering buyers more expensive purchases. Also, think about the categories that you can cross sell with jewelry. For example, you can sell accessories such as purses along with your jewelry products.

This will not only increase the average sale value of each order, but also help you boost the credibility of your brand in one go.

5. Easy to stay updated with trends

Jewelry is such a dynamic niche with fast moving products and fluctuating trends that manufacturers and suppliers do the bulk of the lifting for you. They keep adding new products to their catalogs depending on the changing demand.

This in turn makes it easier for you to keep updating your website with new products without much effort. In other niches, staying on top of trends itself is a challenge for dropshippers.


Jewelry is one of the most beginner-friendly dropshipping niches with low costs and low rate of returns. The only caveat is that you work with the right suppliers that offer a wide range of products, best pricing and fast shipping.

We have listed the best options for you regardless of whether you are looking to source domestically or internationally. We hope that this guide makes life easier for you during your quest for a better jewelry dropshipping supplier.

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