Supercharge your supply chain

Streamline your eCommerce operations with Sourcingbro's comprehensive purchasing and direct from China fulfillment solutions, designed to empower Shopify merchants to scale with confidence.

Trusted and loved by 100+ Shopify businesses.

We're paying for the actual chargeable weight.

“Before, we were overcharged based on estimates, not the actual weight of our packages. Plus, for orders with multiple SKUs, the cost would simply be doubled or even tripled. Now, we pay only for the actual chargeable weight. Knowing we’re not overpaying a single penny gives us immense relief.”

Alex Bennett

Logistics manager, Diverse brand portfolio

Shipping times cut from 2-3 months to just 2 days!

“We used to wait ages, even months, for our goods to be shipped by sea from China to Canada. It really hurt our sales and new product rollouts. But now, things have changed. Our stuff gets to Sourcingbro’s warehouse from the supplier in just 2 days. It’s totally changed how we run our business.”

Ben Harper

Founder, Apparel brand

My chargeback ratio fell from 10% to nearly zero.

“The slow processing from my old dropshipping supplier was a real problem. But since I started with Sourcingbro, things have really turned around. My chargeback ratio dropped from 10% to almost zero, and my customer return ratio shot up to nearly 30%.”

Michael Katz

CEO, Lifestyle brand

Grow faster, worry Less

Feeling overwhelmed with supplier issues, inventory management challenges, and long shipping times? We're here to make things easier.


We'll be your eyes and ears on the ground, from supplier sourcing to order placement, quality inspection, and logistics.


Delivering your products from our warehouse to customers all around the globe within 4-8 days.


Air, sea, rail, and truck options for bulk shipments, all with hassle-free Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) customs clearance.​

Done for you, all under one roof​

From factory to porch, experience a seamless operation with our end-to-end solutions that include:

Better inventory management

Optimize stock levels to prevent overstocking or running out of stock with customized strategies for your business so you can keep maximize customer satisfaction and Lifetime Value (LTV).

Global fulfillment, local speed

Experience global scale combined with local efficiency. Our strategic partnerships and optimized shipping routes result in fast and affordable international deliveries from China, often leading to up to 30% savings on shipping costs compared to traditional 3PLs.

Your journey with Sourcingbro

Day 1-3
Supplier sourcing

We identify potential high-quality suppliers for your products, conduct thorough screenings, and provide a detailed quote.

Day 5-7
Inventory planning

Next up, we put together a custom inventory purchase plan that aligns with your sales volume and promotional schedule.


Day 10-15
Inbound receiving

Once your order is placed with the supplier, we take over the receiving, warehousing, and inspection of products.

Day 15 -17
Start fulfilling

As soon as products arrive at our warehouse, we begin fulfillment, ensuring quick and dependable delivery for your customers.

What our client says​

Highly recommend Sourcingbro for these 3 things; responsiblity, integrity and trustworthiness. It’s hard to find an agent with these qualities and Jack has been able to accomplish this.

Edward Fuller

CEO of

Get $50 for Free!

We’ll add a $50 fulfillment credit to your account once we begin fulfilling your first order.