How To Get To Shenzhen
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How to Get to Shenzhen

In our previous article, we treated the major information about shenzhen. If you’re planning to go to Shenzhen for your importation business, it is important to know how to navigate through the city.

The best time to visit Shenzhen (in terms of climate) is October to December. During these periods, the weather is pleasantly cool. The climate in Shenzhen is sub-tropical with high humidity and soaring temperatures in the summer.

The purpose of this article is to explain how you can get to Shenzhen from other major cities like Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

How to Get to Shenzhen From Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong To Shenzhen By Port

Before heading to any port you need know that there are 2 custom checkpoints between the port: one is Hongkong custom and the other one is Shenzhen custom.

The major ports in Shenzhen include:


1.Luohu Port


The service time for this port is 06:30–24:00. Passengers can take MTR East Rail line to Lo Wo Station and pass through the custom to Luohu Port.

2.Futian Port


The service time for this port is 06:30 – 22:30. Passengers can take MTR East Rail line to Lok Ma ChauStation and pass through the custom to Futian Port. Note that this line has two different directions to Lo Wo or Lok Ma Chau Station. It’s therefore important to ensure that you are in the right direction.

3.Huanggang Port


It is the only port that operates 24 hours a day. Most of the buses and cars pass through in this port. Note that after passing through the Hongkong custom, you need to hop on the bus again to get to Shenzhen custom. You also need to keep your bus ticket and remember the plate number when taking a bus from down town city in Hongkong.

4.Shenzhen Bay


The service time for this port is 06:30 – 24:00. If you are in Tuen Mun or Yuen Long District in Hongkong, then you could take a bus to Shenzhen bay port. You can take B2 at Yuen Long Station and take B3 and B3X at Tuen Mun Town Plaza Stop.

  • Hong Kong To Shenzhen By Bus

In this section, we will foucs on two stops where you can take bus from downtown to Huanggang Port directly.


1.Kwun Tong To Huanggang Port


This route is a very straight forward bus crossing. It is organized by the company that offers 24 hour border crossing service from different destinations in Hong Kong to China. There’s no need to buy ticket in advance (unless it’s really busy) since it’s a 24 hour route.

It takes you from Lam Tin main bus station to the border. Turn up at Lam Tin bus station and find the 24 hour cross-border express. It is an orange and blue single decker bus and has an ample underneath luggage storage. After the bus leaves Lam Tin, it will stop in Kwun Tong, on the Kwun Tong Road.

2.Prince Edward To Huanggang Port


After you walk out for few minutes from Prince Edward station exit D, you will see the ticket booth. The price ranges between are HK$38 to 45.

There are no passport or ID checks on the bus. This is because it is not the company’s responsibility to ensure that the passengers have valid visas. Ensure that you have not overstayed your time in Hong Kong. Also, ensure that you have a valid China visa and you’ll have no issues.

The border crossing is at Huanggang. It straddles the Hong Kong to China border. The Kwun Tong to Huanggang bus takes approximately 45 minutes. This, however, varies with traffic. When you arrive at Hong Kong side of the border, your passport will be checked and stamped. You will then walk to the bus on the other side which then drives you across to the China entry border checkpoint.

The border crossings between Hong Kong and China are amongst the busiest. During the rush hour, it took me one and a half hour to pass the border (maximum in the daytime). It’s usually about 15-30 minutes in the night.

  • Hong Kong Airport To Huanggang Port
Hongkong Airport Terminal


There are three coach operators at Hong Kong Airport that provide mainland China coach service. The ticketing counters of these coach operators are located at the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 1 (facing Exit A) and the Coach Station Terminal 2. The service hours range from 7am to 11pm. The frequency is every 10 minutes during peak hours. Terminal

The three bus operators at the airport are:

All these three bus operators go to Shenzhen. You can buy the bus tickets at the Arrival Hall in Terminal 1 and the Coach Station in Terminal 2. After buying the tickets, you can proceed to the Coach Station in Terminal 2 to board your bus.

How To Get To Shenzhen From Guangzhou

  • Guangzhou To Shenzhen By Railway

Guangzhou south railway station

The easiest (and most popular) option of going to Shenzhen from Guangzhou is the regular train service between Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The train services between these two areas run as often as every 10 minutes during peak times.

They run from around 6am to 11pm. The journey time is usually an hour or less. Quite a number of bullet like trains plying this route will also run further south and stop in Hong Kong.

You can buy tickets at the station before departure from ticket booths. You can also ask your supplier to help you to arrange the travel schedule. A standard ticket is priced at 74.5 RMB.

Due to the frequency of the service, there is no need to buy the tickets in advance. However, you need to note that there can be long queues while buying the ticket during rush hour, usually between 7 – 9am and 3 – 7pm.

  • Guangzhou To Shenzhen By Bus

This isn’t a good choice for foreign visitors because not only does it require more travel time than railway, some of the bus stations are far away from subway. If you are in the downtown of Guangzhou, you can go to Guangzhou Railway Station.

The railway station has two bus stations: Guangzhou Bus station and Liuhua Bus Station. It’s across the street from Exit D or F. I recommend the Futian station (it has an underground subway with tickets priced around 60 RMB).

Make sure there is someone to pick you up in the station or you know where to head after arrival.

How To Get To Shenzhen From Shanghai

  • Shanghai To Shenzhen By Air

Shanghai houses two major airports- Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Note that there are two terminals of Hongqiao Airport.

You can take Line 2 and line 10 to Hongqiao Terminal 2 while you can take line 1 to Hongqiao Terminal 1.


Make sure you’ve chosen the right location and don’t go in the wrong direction as this happens every time

  • Shanghai To Shenzhen By Railway

There are a total of 12 pairs of train that are in operation between Shanghai and Shenzhen. 10 pairs are bullet trains and run for 10.5 to 12 hours. They cover a distance of 1,623 km. the other 2 pairs are normal trains and cover a total distance of 1,684 km and duration of about 18.5 to 19 hours.

Most of the high speed trains end in or originate from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shenzhen North Railway Station.


High speed overnight sleeper trains are numbered as D905/D941/D931/D935. They are only available every Friday to next Monday.

The normal trains are cheaper but the environment is not as good as it is in bullet type trains. Also, they are not as punctual as the bullet types. If you are planning to travel in any of them, a sleeper is advisable because the hard seats are uncomfortable. Also, the carriages for hard seats are crowded. The carriages for sleepers, on the other hand, are quieter.

Where to find hotels in shenzhen


You can use to easily find hotels in Shenzhen. Choose the location and budget that you prefer.


Traveling to a different country could be a big challenge. However, by adhering to the tips contained in this article, your trip to and around Shenzhen will be hassle-free. Drop your questions in the comment section below.

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