We deliver sustainable sourcing and purchasing values for both emerging and developed markets.

Located in Shenzhen, Sourcing Bro is in the heart of the global trade and thus, provides high-volume goods to clients around the globe.


We are fully adept in sourcing variety of products, from handmade gifts to electronics.


We can help you handle all aspects of quality control and shipping.


Irrespective of what your objective is, whether to source competitively from emerging markets for export purpose or to gain international sourcing expertise to make informed decisions


Sourcing Bro will be there with you through each step of the process.


Supply Chain Manager

We can act as your Supply Chain Manager by overseeing large number of factories and assist with product design, source for raw materials and plan the production process.


We also help with export certification and documentation. Sourcing is free. We only charge our clients after they have placed their orders.

Trade Consultant

We can also act as your Trade Consultant by helping you to select and manage your Chinese supplier. Our sourcing and purchasing service takes the stress out of importing.


whether you want to purchase established products from local markets or you want to manufacture products for your own brand.

Our goal and focus is to develop long-term business relationship that is built on trust, transparency and integrity.


Small buyers that are interested in importing from China often encounter lots of challenges.


Apart from the headache encountered while trying to select the right supplier from hundreds of suppliers, language and communication problem is also one of the prominent challenges.


Knowing how genuine a particular brand is can also be a challenge to new importers.


Inspection of every single shipment is exorbitant. It often costs between $300 to above $1000. Paying several hundreds of dollars for inspection may affect your ROI (Return on Investment).


Some suppliers may also quote a very high price due to small order. Small businesses may also be unable to find a sourcing agent or company that can help them order from multiple suppliers and consolidate their orders.


These challenges are why the service of a reliable sourcing agent, like Sourcing Bro, is needed.

The working process of Sourcing Bro includes the following steps:

1. Submit Your Request

To post the products that you need, you need to send your request directly to us via our contact page.

2. Free Quote Within 48 Hours

Our team of experts will source for your goods from several suppliers and will and then provide you with the quote within 48 hours.

The quote that you will be provided with will be the supplier’s price. It will include the domestic shipping fee to our warehouse.

You can get details of the FOB price or CIF terms by contacting our customer service.

3. Choose A Supplier

You can choose the quote from the supplier that aligns with your budget and business needs from the list of suppliers that we provide you in the previous step.

4. Place Your Order

After choosing your supplier and we’ve confirmed all the details that you provide, you can then proceed to place your order.

5. Inspection And Shipping

We’ll handle all aspects of the technical processes like quality control and shipping. We will follow up production, product inspection and will also manage shipping if everything is fine.

6. Close The Order

Sourcing service is free but you will be charged a service fee once you’ve placed your order. We charge reasonable percentage of product price as service charge.

The total payment to be made is the sum of the product amount, service charge and the shipping fee.

That is,

Payment=Product Amount + Service Charge + Shipping Fee

The minimum amount of order that can be placed is $500. The service fee depends on the order amount as shown in the table below:

$500- $1,0000%
$3,001--$5,500 0%
$5,501-$8,500 0%
$8,501-$12,000 0%
$20,001 upwards0%

As a bonus, our warehouse is free for 30 days. This will enable you to take time to order from multiple suppliers and ship them together, thereby giving you lower service charge.

Focus on Your Business! Let us to Take the Stress out of the Sourcing Process for Your Business.